Upcoming Agenda


September 18, 2018



Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Agenda approved.


Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting; Selectmen Stacey-Horn seconded. No discussion. All in favor; minutes approved.


Scott Mooney approached the Board to update them that he spoke to Frankie Carroll and is waiting for quotes on particular roads.


A. Road Association Funds

Selectmen Miller updated that the Road Association Funds application has hyper link issues and will be up the next day for use.

B. Personnel Policy

The Town Administrator updated the Board on policy edits and sought their signatures on the final version of the Personnel Policy. Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to sign the Personnel Policy; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Policy approved and signed.

C. Generator / Truck Specs

The Town Administrator updated the Board that the Truck bid was out and has received a few inquiry calls to date; the generator bid package is close to be going out.

D. Canal Bridge

The Town Administrator informed the Board that Jill at Bourque and Clegg was pretty certain that Acton did not own half of the Canal Bridge. She will have more information in writing for the Board next week.

Selectmen Miller asked that Mrs. Cindy Hart update them on the Wakefield meeting findings. Mrs. Hart announced that Wakefield was doing legal work (title search) and a survey. Mrs. Hart suggested the Board hold off their legal work; however, the Board should address the liability issues with the railing and runoff issues; it should be cleaned up.

While at the podium, Mrs. Hart brought up the subject of Rowe Bridge's clean up problems. The two trees impacting work to be done needs to be removed. The landowner is willing to assist in seeing that this work is completed. Mrs. Hart volunteered to make sure that the landowner is still on board with the work. The Town Administrator reminded the Board that they had told the Road Commissioners the bridges were their responsibility. The Board agreed but however don't feel the work on said bridge is being done in a timely fashion. The Board asked the Town Administrator to email District 2 regarding Rowe Bridge work.

Mrs. Hart also commented that clean up projects may qualify for grant money.

E. ACO Position

The Town Administrator sent out a plea for an Animal Control Officer. Mr. Wayne Ham will only be available until the end of the month. Review of surrounding area towns indicated Acton's stipend is on track for this position. Discussions followed on requirements of job. The Town Administrator's office will accept position applications.

F. Propane Bids

The Town Administrator informed the Board that the propane bids were out; sent to 7 or 8 companies. Waiting for returns on those bids. Co-oping with the Church was included but did not impact Town's bid.

G. Coats/Boot Drive

The Town Administrator introduced the Coats/Boots Drive and urged everyone to get the word out to those in need. If you want to take something and can offer up a donation, the donation will go to Neighbor Helping Neighbors.

The Town Administrator also reported that 2 families that were helped last year through Neighbors Helping Neighbors who received coats brought those coats back this year to help others as they had outgrown them.

Selectmen Walsh reminded everyone about the Iron Tails Neighbor Helping Neighbor fundraiser. Tickets were on sale for $10.00 at the Town Hall and 100 % of the proceeds of the ticket sales would go to Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

H. Road Commissioners

The Town Administrator indicated this agenda item was in regards to Road Commissioners being permitted to conduct their duties as their own businesses; not Town employees. Legal opinion was read by Town Administrator recommending no changes during the current budget year but change was doable the following year with work. The Town Administrator also read out the Treasurer's opinion to also wait until the new year.

Mr. Scott Mooney approached the Board, he agreed that there is a lot of work be done if this structure was going to be put in place for next year. Mr. Mooney had one concern whereas the vote would be taken away from the residences on where projects and money would be appropriated. Selectmen Walsh did not agree.

Selectmen Walsh commented that he would take the recommendation of both the Attorney and the Treasurer and the Board will consider it for next year. The Town Administrator will table until winter.

I. Town Report Reminders

Deadline is Friday at 4 pm. Selectmen Miller recapped that the reports are to be a summary of each department from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. The reports are historical documents and are used to go back and are referenced as to what has taken place.


A. 13th Street Concerns

The Town Administrator has reported that the Code Enforcement Officer has been out there and found no code violation. The residents from 13th Street reached out to Town Administrator looking for further assistance and where they could go from where. Mr. William Gannon, a representative of the residents approached the Board to present a major problem with 13th Street. Mr. Gannon not only summarized the issue, but brought letters from other concerned residents regarding same issue. Mr. Gannon listed the points of the concern regarding Cove Edge Farm (which is in a Shoreland District):

  • Strong odors emanating from property which keeps people indoors.

  • Potential water quality issues.

  • Noise from the goats.

  • Commercial use in a prohibited Shoreland zone.

  • Loss of property values and lost income from properties which can not be rented.

  • Smoke from fire on property on Labor Day that occurred for hours which kept everyone inside.

  • Rodent sightings (not personally experienced).

Mr. Gannon’s offered to the Board his personal thoughts after a review of Cove Farm website. This website includes kidding schedules, goat sale prices, listing of goats sold, egg sale prices, chicken sale prices, etc. Seeing this information, it confirms that this is a commercial property. Mr. Gannon stated that regarding the Town's zoning guidelines, this can not be. Mr. Gannon recommended that Code Enforcement attend to this matter immediately and since the smell and water quality are huge issues (especially high chloroform numbers), the farm should be shut down.

Selectmen Walsh agreed that the website indicated that this was a business for profit and the Town Administrator indicated that the Code Enforcement Officer has been notified. CEO is at training today, however, she believed a letter was sent out and would follow through to verify.

Mr. Jim Murray approached the Board to comment on knowing the current codes and did not complain, but once he saw the website he had to comment because this is not personal use. He agreed it should be shut down.

Mr. Jack Kelly approached the Board on behalf of the Mousam Valley Lake Association but his main reason to come forward was the water quality. Their coalition will initiate and work on a water testing program over the winter but training needs to be done first.

A 13th Street resident approached the Board because she owned rental property across from the goats on the Lake. She had received comments from the vacationers she rented her property to this past summer. She read aloud their comments. In the comments, they hoped the stench issue would be resolved before they rented next year. Copy of letter was given to the Board.

Tim Cournoyer and Michele MacInnis approached the Board as residents who border the property. Cookouts are not possible. Mr. Cournoyer indicated that he had videos which show both fire and smoke from his front door and the Board were welcome to review the footage. There was also a sighting of 2 rats 25 feet from his property and well water. Mr. Cournoyer commented that when it gets cold, where will these rats go? Mr. Cournoyer also stated that Cove Farm is clearly over a level 2 in odor limits. There are so many things wrong with the situation on a lake front property community and it needs addressed. Rotten chicken eggs have been found on property; now they realized that it is due to the rats. Windows can not be opened. The goat population increased from 2 goats to over 12 goats. E-coli and phosphorous chemical from goat feces feeds into these issues.

Selectmen Walsh will look into whether farm owner owns a burning permit and have it shutoff.

Mr. Spencer White, owner of property on the Lake which a butts the property of issue. The urine smell is incredibly strong constantly. The smoke is also a problem to where they place wet towels under their doors to keep invasive smell and smoke out. He has personally seen the rats. He has also had potential buyers walk away from purchasing his property that is currently up for sale.

Mrs. Sharron Murray approached the Board asking where the burning of manure was permitted (farm land, residential, etc.)? The Town Administrator responded that the Fire Chief indicated that the residents need to call, if it is offensive, so that he can shut it down. The more complaints received through that channel will assist in making it stopped. The number is on the website or call 911.

Selectmen Walsh and the Town Administrator will work together to follow up with the Fire Chief and Code Enforcement on this issue and this agenda item will stay on the agenda with a follow up next week.

B. Warrant and Finance Meeting

The Town Administrator received a date from the liaison of the Warrant and Finance Committee to schedule the first meeting on Tuesday, October 2 at 6 pm. The first order of business will be to designate a Chair and Vice Chair.

C. Road Committee Expenditures

The Town Administrator received 2 bills from the Road Committee and she needs instruction of whether they are to be paid and from which account. Selectmen Walsh recommended that it be taken from the Municipal Account. Mrs. Hart was also informed that a mileage form needed filled out before mileage could be reimbursed. Selectmen Miller thought that is cam out of the Road Commissioner budget. Selectmen Walsh asked that the Road Committee consider a budget moving forward for next year.

6. Public Comment

Mrs. Cindy Hart approached the Board to comment on the Rowe Bridge. There are a couple of items to discuss. Article 43 covers small repairs. The Road Committee is willing to help do the clean up on the Rowe Bridge. Mrs. Hart also indicated that the same group of volunteers who cleaned up the Rec Fields and any liability used for that group would cover this group who wants to assist in the Rowe Bridge cleanup. We only have 6 weeks before it will snow here and work needs to be completed. The Board agreed.

Rollin Waterhouse approached the Board to acquire who owns Lincoln School. The Town owns the school. Mr. Waterhouse indicated that this area needs to be cleaned up. MR. Waterhouse also noted there is a post in the back corner that needs to be repaired.

Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board:

  • The 13th Street issue is a huge issue for the Town in regards to water quality and health issues (especially with the rats). He is asking that this be addressed prior to the next Selectmen's meeting.

Mrs. Joyce Bakshi approached the Board to inform that West Shore Drive has been cleaned up and cut back and looking good. However, the guard rails still are looking bad. Selectmen Stacey-Horn indicated that the guard rails were brought to the Road Commissioners attention and was not sure timing of actions to be taken.

Mrs. Bakshi's also asked about the speed limits and actions being taken at the Acton Trading Post bridge. The Town Administrator responded that a survey is being conducted. The DEP has not moved this item up on their list but tasks are being done on the Shapleigh side toward improvements. Selectmen Walsh spoke to Sheriff King at the Acton Fair to increase speed enforcement at this bridge. Mr. Gannon approached the Board with a suggestion to make that store entrance one way in and one way out. The Town Administrator will approach the owner for their comments and insight.


09/21/18 Maine Health Care Flu Shorts, 10 am – 11 am

09/22/18 to 9/23/18 Apple Fest

9/22/18 Bean Supper at the Church, 4:30 – 6:30 pm

9/22/18 Iron Tail's Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fundraiser, 7 pm

9/25/18 OWL's Luncheon

11/3/18 Library Chili Cook-off


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Joyce Bakshi, Elaine Beck, Peter Beck, Leslie Berlan, Karol Clayton, Richard Clayton, Stephanie Cournoyer, Tim Cournoyer, Donna Davidson, Mary Gannon, William Garrison, Cindy Hart, Richard Hart, Jack Kelley, Linda Lambert, Dennis Long, Charles MacInnis, Michelle MacInnis, Michael McManos, Karen McManus, Scott Mooney, James Murray, Sharron Murray, Norine Purcell, David Rose, Paula Rose, Greg Vermette, Rollin Waterhouse, Spencer White,