Upcoming Agenda


October 2, 2018



Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Agenda approved.


Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting; Selectmen Stacey-Horn seconded. No discussion. All in favor; minutes approved.


Lois Michaud, Cemetery Committee updated the Board that the committee met and was starting up again. She also notified the Board that there next meeting was going to be on October 25, 2018 at 5 pm at the Town Hall.


A. Road Association Funds

The Town Administrator reported that the forms were on the website and available for use to apply for funds. As applications are received, they will be forwarded to the Board of Selectmen for review and Road Committee input and assistance. This item will now be removed from the agenda.

B. Generator Bids

The Generator bidding process has not received any bids through advertisement of bids; calls will be made to companies directly.

C. Utility Box Bids

The Fire Chief did seek out bids and received 4 bids to be reviewed. The Town Administrator is checking to make sure the bids are still valid and is seeking legal counsel on appropriateness of receiving bids. However, until a truck is awarded, bids will not be sought out. The generator bid process has moved up in priority.

D. Canal Bridge

Letters have come in in response to bridge ownership. This item will be tabled until further word is received from Wakefield. Selectmen Miller asked that it also be placed on the budget agenda.

E. Rowe Bridge

The Town Administrator updated the Board that the Comprehensive Plan did not state anywhere within it that the Road Committee has any responsibility for the bridges.

Mr. David Winchell approached the Board to update them on the work that has been happening:

  • Trees which were close enough to be an issue were cut back.

  • Guardrails – waiting for a quote from guardrail company. At this point in the season no one is available to respond quickly. He thought about tearing them out and using barriers but decided to keep guardrails until they can be replaced.

  • Cauldron area needs to be dug up near Hopper Road where it dumps the overflow.

  • Flat Ground project has started, and 80 feet of 120 feet of cauldrons have been replaced. Goal is to have area pre-graded in time for receipt of gravel.

  • East Shore Drive, tree cutters are starting to do their work.

  • White Bridge on Sanborn Road is fixed.

F. ACO Position

The Town Administrator updated the Board that the town was in desperate need for an Animal Control Officer. Resumes are being accepted until position is filled. Meanwhile, telephone responsibilities are being shared until ACO is found. Former ACO paid for telephone and requested the Town take the phone line and costs over. The Town Administrator will look into this with Verizon and present to the Board next week.

G. 13th Street Concerns

The Town Administrator followed up with the Board’s request to Code Enforcement Officer. A letter was sent to the property owner within 24 hours of request. Property owner received letter and came in with building permits. A couple of buildings have come down. Permits were dropped off. Website has come down. Owner is being cooperative. Code Enforcement Officer will review all requests asap as his schedule deems appropriate. There are other violations and issues also being handled and priorities are sorted as deemed necessary. It is an ongoing process.

H. Town Report

The Town Administrator is waiting on 2 reports but expects to start working on the report soon.

I. Acton Trading Post

The Town Administrator reached out to the owner of the Trading Post and they are happy to assist with anything needed to ease situation. All are still waiting on DOT before anything further can be done. Selectman Walsh asked regarding speed trailer use. The trailer was waiting on registration which has been completed and will be placed tomorrow at requested location. Town Administrator will work with Selectmen on location after meeting.

J. N'H'N Fundraiser

The Town Administrator updated the Board that the Neighbor Helping Neighbor fundraiser thrown by Iron Tails was a huge success. Pre-ticket sales raised $400 – 500. Sales the night of fundraiser raised $500. Iron Tails held car shows all summer with 50/50 raffle sales; their portion of these sales (approximately $1,000) was donated to Neighbor's Helping Neighbors bringing event total to over $2,000.

The Town Administrator also mentioned that the Coat Drive was also a huge success and that some of the Neighbor Helping Neighbor funds will be used to purchase new coats and ski pants for 6 or 7 kids in need.

K. Lincoln School

The Town Administrator updated the Board a handyman was hired to clean up Lincoln School and cut an 8-foot area of Bamboo away from around the school building. This plant is very invasive and the job is quite extensive, but will be done in the next 2 weeks.

L. West Shore Guardrails

West Shore Guardrails: The Town Administrator informed the Board that the District 1 Road Commissioner will be meeting with Mainline (Guardrail vendor) the very next day to receive a quote.


A. Rec Committee

The Town Administrator following up from a request from the Board informed all that each week 1 department will update the Board on what’s happening in that department. This week, the Recreation Department needed to ask the Board for some items, so they are also going to be first up to present an update.

The Recreation Department approached the Board to say all was going very well with soccer, volleyball, and the addition of girls' softball to the recreational program. They are also looking towards putting in an Ice Rink for the winter as well as being a part of the Christmas Tree Lighting.

The electrician is working on putting electricity in the snack shack and adding lighting capability at the rink.

Mr. Whitman also wanted to seek permission from the Board to have a warming fire pit at the skating rink. The Board approved on the condition that the Town not be responsible for holding the permit. Permit would be granted to an individual and that individual would be responsible to make sure all remain safe and the fire was out at the conclusion of the evening, every evening.

The Selectmen asked if Christmas tree lighting was in conjunction of Town tree lighting. Discussion ensued on tree location and number of trees to be lit. More details to come when all is figured out.

B. Mary Grant – Pumpkin Carving

The Town Administrator also asked the Recreational Department Head if they would be interested in assisting with the Mary Grant Pumpkin Carving Event. Lack of support from Mary Grant this year; would be a great project for the Rec Dept. All could collaborate and have it in conjunction with School’s Trunk or Treat Event. The Rec Dept. Head will make some phone calls to get it started. Pumpkins have been donated in the past. The Town Administrator will work on that piece of this event.

C. Propane Bids - Open

Propane bid were received. The Selectmen open and read out all the Oil/Propane bids received:

  • Dead River - $2.799 oil/$1.659 propane (fixed rate)

  • Champagne Oil - $2.899 oil/$1.899 propane (fixed rate)

  • Downeast - $2.8068 oil/$1.655 Propane

The Downeast company not only is our current provider but also came in as the lowest bid. The Town Administrator informed the Board that once the church’s numbers were added into the mix these bid prices may come down a bit more.

Selectmen miller made a motion to accept Downeast's bid of $2.8068 for oil and $1.655 for propane. Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded it. All in favor; motion passed.

D. Truck Bids

Truck bids were received. The Selectmen opened and read out all the truck bids received. The Town Administrator asked the Board to please not decide on the truck tonight. The Fire Chief was going to recap that bids, compare them to make sure the Town was looking at all the same features during comparison. Once review is done, it will be presented next week and a decision can be made at that time. Bids were as follows:

  • Southern Maine Chevy Dodge Jeep - $56,348

  • Arundel Ford - $48,637

  • Rochester Ford - $54,975

  • First Chevrolet - $51,500

E. Sand Bids

Sand bids – The Town Administrator asked the Board for approval to seek out Salt and Sand bids next week. Permission granted.

F. Credit Card Use

Credit card use by the Recreational Department for the skating rink. The 3 bids for skating rink materials was presented to the Board. The Board authorized the Recreational Department up to $4,000 use of credit card for rink and accessories to the rink to be purchased. Monies will be coming from Recreational Department account. Selectmen Miller made a motion to permit the Recreational Department authorization to use the credit card up to $4.000 for ice skating rink purchases. Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor. Motion approved.

G. Miscellaneous Business

The Town Administrator updated the Board on a few miscellaneous items:

  • Saturday, October 13 – AppleCycle Charity Bike ride

  • Sunday, October 14 - Sanford Armory Open House

  • November 11 – North Berwick Rabies Clinic, cost $15

  • Scarecrow Contest with prizes for Acton Residences

  • Basketball Sign ups for Recreational Department at the Town Hall

  • Absentee Ballots are now available at the Town Hall


  • Lois Michaud – Clean up of cemetery.

  • 13 Street Resident, asked for a copy of letter sent by Code Enforcement Officer, a copy of resolutions and reiterated that a major concern was for water quality.

  • Jack Kelly, Road Association wanted to inform the Board that Water quality and Water Testing of Mousam Lake was done correctly and professionally handled. If abnormalities in readings appeared, they were handled through appropriate channels and marked for attention.

  • 13 Street Resident (Copely) - Very concerned. Used Neighbors Helping Neighbors as a platform to express time and effort put into protecting areas state of health and that this one resident was a blatant offense to the community and should pay to bring area back into a state of good health.

  • 13th Street Resident (Bill Gannon) informed the Board that historically this property in question was for residential use only, not cultural. It started out as 936 ft and grew to 1216.8 feet within the scope of laws regarding structures. He reiterated that the new structures were not done according to state shoreline zoning and /or codes.

  • Selectmen Walsh spoke up regarding 13th Street. He indicated that the Code Enforcement Officer was the first step to resolution. Next step was DEP. Only then should the residents reach out to the Board of Selectmen. These are all good questions being posed tonight but the Code Enforcement Officers needs time to work on them.

  • Resident 13 Street (Michele) - Approached the Board and asked, “When will we have a final decision?” Selectmen Miller responded that the Board would try to get an update from the Code Enforcement Officer but that he had many deadlines, prior violations and a workload that was in front of this issue.

  • 13 Street Resident (Mrs. Davidson) - Approached the Board and stated she was under the impression that there would be an answer this week. Again, the Town Administrator and board replied that the Code Enforcement Officer moved up the priority on the property, sent the letter the very next day and time frames were given. Code Enforcement Officer determined it was not a commercial site and he is still working on it.

  • 13 Street Resident (Mary Gannon) - Approached the Board to complain about the burn permits given and stated that health issues (allergies, etc.) When asked if she called the Fire Department during an event, she could not say she did. Selectmen Walsh indicated that the Fire Department can’t put a stop to the burn unless it is reported during the burn event.

  • 13 Street Resident (Mr. White) - Approached the Board to state that this issue has ruined the quality of life at the lake. That there is bullying going on and that he has sought out legal counsel and the Board will be hearing from said counsel in the near future. He related his issue with stakes being moved and properties posted. When he approached the property owner he was bullied, and it is embarrassing to have these things occur.

  • The Town Administrator stepped out to make copies of the letter sent by Code Enforcement Officer for each of the residents to have and read.

  • 13th Street Resident stood and asked who was making decision that property just because they took down website was no longer commercial. Again, reply was all of this is in the Code Enforcers hands and they must wait on his opportunity to work all of this out.

  • Carol Komezubumwe informed the Board that Girl Scouts restarting. Kindergarten through 3rd grade will meet at the school on Thursdays at 6 pm. She thanked everyone for their generous donations. The Town Administrator asked if there was anything else needed. She said yes, construction paper, glue, markers, binders, etc.


October 16 - Taxes Due

October 21 - Lebanon, Maine Rabies Clinic, $15.00/shot

November 3 - Library Chili Cook-off

Library is hosting a Chili/Chowder Cook-off. Cost is $20 to participate and $5 to eat/judge. A $15 cap will be put in place for a family to eat/judge. Winner of last 3 years wil1 not be participating. There will be a local band and a fun night out for all.

November 6 - Election Day, no Selectmen's Meeting that night

November 11 - 100th Anniversary Celebration for the end of WWI Memorial Dedication Event


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


Jim Murray, Sharon Murray, Paul Baker, Carol Baker, Donna Davidson, Paul Poyant, Tim Cournoyer, Stephanie Cournoyer, Helen Valliere, Jack Kelley, Richard Clayton, Spencer White, Jamie A. Purcell, Linda Lamberts, Peter Beck, Elaine Beck, Paula Rose, Michelle Woodsome, Charlie McInnis, Joyce Bakshi, Lois Michaud, Charlye Watson, Rollin Waterhouse, Dennis Long, Mr. Copley, Mary Gannon, Bill Gannon, Michelle MacInnis, David Winchell, and Carol Komezubumwe.