Upcoming Agenda


November 27, 2018



Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Agenda approved.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the minutes for November 13, 2018; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Minutes approved.




A. ACO Position

At the Special Town Meeting on November 26, 2018, the Town approved an increase in pay for the ACO. The Town Administrator will reopen the hiring post. One resume has been received.

B. D6 Dozer

Selectmen Walsh had no update at this time; he is still working on this item.

C. Security of Sand/Salt Shed

District 1 Road Commissioner indicated there was no security issue for the Sand/Salt Shed. Selectmen Miller responded that when Mr. Letourneau starts that the Board will sit down and speak with him regarding procedures. The Board asked that Authorized Personnel Only signs be placed on the premises. The Town Administrator will acquire.

D. Lebanon Road – Acton Side

The Shapleigh Contractor is not permitted to pick up additional work until all of Shapleigh's Roads are taken care of. This may possibly be reconsidered when his contract is renegotiated in 1 year. Selectmen Miller and Cindy Hart, Road Commissioner asked the Town Administrator to look into whether Sanford can pick it up. Selectmen Walsh asked if the Town of Shapleigh would consider placing an amendment to their contractors contract. The Town Administrator will reach out for a response.

E. Outstanding District 2 Equipment

The Town Administrator spoke with Mr. Winchell regarding the Road Grate's return to Acton. Mr. Winchell will get it back to the Town. The Town Administrator asked if there was any other equipment she should request. Selectmen Miller indicated a road temperature gun. The Town Administrator will request this Temperature Gun as well.


A. Purchasing Order

Selectmen Walsh presented an idea to reestablish the use of purchase orders. He provided an example packet. This is to straighten out some of the current issues and alleviate others that may occur instead of signing off on post work. The Treasurer does a great job in monitoring the funds available and notifying the Board when funds are low. However, overage have been occurring. Every department does a line item detailed budget whereas this department does not. Selectmen Stacey-Horn indicated this would be a better method of book keeping. This will allow the Board know exactly what they have in relationship to the roads. Selectmen Walsh can not see where a purchase order will be refused unless project is running out of funds. The Town Administrator does not disagree with a purchase order however most departments are already doing line items and this will put a lot more work on these departments. Can you make a policy forcing this department starting January 1, 2019 into a line item budget? The Town has to pay the bills. These are elected positions and can not be disciplined for not participating. If the Board can make a policy that no projects will be approved unless a request is presented to the Board for financing. Purchase orders are the vehicle by which these requests can be made. A cap of $500 can be placed on amount needing approvals. A purchase order can be presented as late the day of the Selectmen's meeting for approval. A standing copy of budget finances will be available to the Board for every meeting to refer to. Discussion ensued on how to implement this change.

Mr. Dennis Long related to the Board his experience on the use of purchase orders when running a department. Once this is established and the responsibilities lie with the Department Heads, it is a very effective clean system of managing funds.

The Board is working to set up a line item policy whereas a purchase order process will be used for those items that fall over the $500 limit to go into effect January 1, 2019. The Town Administrator will provide more information for the next meeting.

B. Time Sheet

Selectmen Miller reviewed the current time sheets in place and presented a new Time Sheet form that the Board would like to see implemented. Discussion ensued on how to best use the forms. The Town Administrator pointed out the need to reflect multiple roads worked on per day and will modify form to present back to the Board next week. Selectmen Miller also indicated that the Board would like the Road Commissioner's input on form once a draft is ready.

C. Inspections Policy
The CEO asked the Board to approve that if a school is closed due to inclement weather, no inspections will be done that day. Staff will come in to work as long as the Town Hall is open, but will keep them off the road. The Board agreed.

D. Miscellaneous

Selectmen Miller asked about Engineering proposals for work on the bridges. The Town Administrator responded she received one today.




None. However, there were some comments/updates:

  • The Library Novel Writing Club – 50,000 words need to be done and submitted by Thursday night as this is the last night they will be meeting.

  • Selectmen Miller and the Town Administrator thanked those who stepped up, volunteered and help out with the Tree Lighting event.

  • The Town Administrator thanked the Fire Department and Officer Shaw for delivering 14 Thanksgiving Baskets.


    Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


    Cindy Hart, Dennis Long, Nancy Ruma and Greg Vermette.