Upcoming Agenda


December 4, 2018


A moment of Silence to Honor Former President Bush.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Agenda approved.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the minutes for November 27, 2018; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Minutes approved.


A. Langley Final Update - District 2

Old Business:

          • Trees removed on Hopper Road and New Bridge Road

          • Garage roof will be transferred to Mr. Letourneau.

          • County Road - plugged culverts: Spoke with Mr. Ness who has a truck that can handle the work. Information will be transferred to Mr. Letourneau.

New Business

          • Plowing had to be done 3 times during month of November. On East Shore Drive, a snow

plowing turnaround area needs to be designated.

          • Lebanon Road: Reached out to Shapleigh for assistance. Mr. Langley reached out to

Sanford. Mr. Langley indicated Mr. Mooney assisted in keeping the roads clear. Mr. Letourneau is set up and should be able to handle all of the Town's plowing needs.

The Selectmen thanked Mr. Langley for all his hard work and time spent as Interim Road Commissioner.

B. Lois Michaud, Cemetery Committee

Mrs. Michaud approached the Board to request key access to the facilities. The Town Administrator replied that she just asked this earlier and needs 24 – 48 hours to get that key to her. Mrs. Michaud also asked when the Budget percentage numbers will be provided because the Cemetery Committee only has only 3 more meetings before that will need to be provided. The time line went out. The Board will sit with the Treasurer and put a letter out before the next Cemetery Committee meeting.

C. Chuck Gregory, Road Committee: What is the procedure for placing meetings on the website? The Town Administrator replied agreement with APAT Director is 3 business days. The Road Committee also reiterated their thanks to Mr. Langley for his work as Interim Road Commissioner.


A. ACO Position

The Town Administrator has received 2 applications and would like the Board to sit in on the interviews. Mrs. Roux will be setting those up this week. Selectmen Miller can sit on those interview December 5th at 2 pm.

B. D6 Dozer

Selectmen Walsh updated the Board and Public that Mr. Ridley from the Acton Fair was thrilled to have this item on permanent display at the fair grounds. There are some housing requirements – especially covering /roof covering. Mr. Ridley will speak with his Board and get back to Mr. Walsh. Selectmen Walsh will also work on getting the figures for the cost of the permanent display. Ownership will stay with Town of Acton.

C. Security of Sand/Salt Shed

The Town Administrator updated the Board that she ordered 2 Authorized Personnel signs to be posted in the Salt/Sand shed area.

D. Lebanon Road – Acton Side and E. Outstanding District 2 Equipment
Town Administrator asked to combine both line items for her response. The Town Administrator approached Mr. Winchell about items still in his possession that were question. Mr. Winchell responded that other than the rake which will be moved when weather cooperates he has nothing that belongs to the Town of Acton. He also responded for the Town not to seek him out for any assistance and to please stop discussing him at the Board of Selectmen meetings and on TV. If the Board needs to ask anything of Mr. Winchell would they please do so on an individual bases.

F. Purchase Order and G. Time-Sheets

Town Administrator indicated these two items also go together. Follow up was discussed with the Town Treasurer who indicated that Trio has an easy way to produce purchase orders; Selectmen Miller is also working with the Treasurer on the new time sheets forms. However, the Town Administrator added under “New Business” a Road Commission/Board of Selectmen workshop on the agenda because her understanding was that the Board wanted to meet with the Road Commissioners prior to finalizing these two items.

H. Inspections Policy

The Town Administrator drafted an inspection policy to state, “If the Town of Acton Elementary School is closed due to inclement weather and the Town Hall remains open, there will be no Code Enforcement Inspections on that day. The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to allow the Town Administrator in conjunction with the Code Enforcement Office to make this decision on other weather related days in such cases as early release or vacations when he or she feels it is in the best safety of the Town Employee traveling.” This was done due to the department does have trouble traversing the associated roads when they are not cleared for school and are unsafe to travel.

Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to adopt the Town of Acton Inspection policy; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Approved and Signed.

I. Bridge Report

The Town Administrator received one report from Calderwood Engineering. Deadline has come and gone. Mrs. Roux will send to the Board to review.


A. Jeff Donahue

Mr. Donahue requested to be on the agenda tonight but failed to appear.

B. Rec. Field

The Rec. Field has established an ice rink program this year and is looking for some plowing assistance to help set the rink up. The Town Administrator asked for permission to reach out to the Road Commissioner for that work to be done. Discussions ensued to provide a key to plow driver to open the gate when area is closed. The Town Administrator will talk with Road Commissioner Mooney and touch base back with Chris Whitman.

C. Road Commissioner Workshop

The Town Administrator suggested a Tuesday at 4 pm meeting before Board meeting to review all these new items. The Board agreed to hold the workshop for an hour on Tuesday, December 11th at 4 pm. Open Public.

D. Neighbors Helping Neighbors Christmas Tree

The Town Administrator updated the Board that the Town will be assisting 11 children this year with 2 outfits, slippers and 3 toys.

E. Day of Mourning

The Town of Acton will remain open during this time. The Post Office is closed and some banks may be closed.

F. Staff Christmas Party

The Town Hall and Transfer Station will be closed from 1 to 4 pm to have a small Christmas Party on December 19th.

G. Alzheimer Presentation

Selectmen Miller updated the Board that she received confirmation that there will be an Alzheimer Presentation on Dec. 18th at 1; snow date will be Dec. 19 at 1 pm.


Dennis Long approached the Board to state that there was a car inside the Town Sand/Shed building. In his opinion, it is the Selectmen's responsible not the Road Commissioner's for the safety and security of this property. The Selectmen will review at the Workshop. Next, Mr. Long assumed that the Town Sander will be used by the new Road Commissioner instead of paying for personal equipment. This item will be discussed at the Workshop. Then, in response to Town Equipment and where it is located Mr. Long commented that he will continue to ask until all his questions are answered. Lastly, Mr. Long asked why the public was unable to attend the Fire Department meetings. The Board responded that the Fire Chief has information (names, addresses, call details) discussed at those meetings that is not for the public to be privileged to because of HIPPA laws.

Lois Michaud approached the Board as a tax payer to remind the Board that they should have all speed meters pulled back in case it snows and they end up in a field or get hit by a plow truck. Secondly she commented on the Fire Department meetings and how valuable they are to the public. Even if a half of their meetings was open so that we, the public, can know where our tax dollars are being spent is expected. The Town Administrator will speak with the Fire Department to set up meetings to be half and half – open and closed.

Nancy Ruma approached the Board to inform them that the Special town meeting was not currently televised on the web site. The Town Administrator responded that this was due to issues with the web site and a communication error and that she would review with the Director of APAT and get it posted.

D. Rollin Waterhouse, Head of Warrant Finance Committee requested a key for the premise so that he does not have to sit outside awaiting the meeting start time. The person with key access did not show up at the last meeting and the Town Administrator, Jennifer Roux was very kind to find another meeting place. Mrs. Roux commented that both Mr. Waterhouse and Mrs. Michaud will receive a key by the end of the week.


A. ZBA Hearing Dec 12th at 4 pm.


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


Dave Langley, Dennis Long, Chuck Gregory, Lois Michaud, Nancy Ruma and Rollin Waterhouse, Gregory Vermette, Robin Ham, Karen McManus, Paul Poyant, Cindy Hart, Brendan Meehan, Susan Meehan