Upcoming Agenda


December 11, 2018



Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Agenda approved.


Selectmen Elise Miller asked to table minutes of last meeting.


Lois Michaud, Cemetery Committee approached the Board to update them that the meeting time for the Cemetery Committee meeting has been changed for the month of December. The new date is December 20th at 5:30 pm. Secondly, she asked about finances. The Town Administrator responded that was on the agenda under new business.


A. ACO Position

Selectmen Miller and the Town Administrator interviewed two candidates today, December 11th. There is one more candidate to be interviewed and then Selectmen Miller will make a recommendation to the Board next week.

B. D6 Dozer

Selectmen Walsh is waiting for the Fair Organization to get back to him with their interest in housing the D6 Dozer.

C. Security of Sand/Salt Shed

Based on the workshop the Selectmen held with the Road Commissioners, the Town now has the “Authorized Personnel Only” signs posted in the area and the decision for the gates to remain locked was made except during a storm. Mr. Letourneau will check on the locks and new one will be provided if necessary.

Selectmen Walsh stated, authorized personnel permitted in the large Sand/Salt shed are Town Employees; the smaller building is for the public's use.

D. Purchase Order

The Town Administrator understood the Board was interested in moving forward with this and is waiting on an amount to implement. Discussion ensued to clarify what the Board understood and wanted with respect to a purchase order. The budget is recorded as line items. The Town Administrator recommended that this remain as line item budgets per project and if any project was to exceed $5,000, it would require presentation to the Board in advance for approval. The Town Administrator also recommended the Board has a scheduled meeting with the Treasurer and this be added onto that agenda.

E. Time-Sheets

The Town Administrator stated the form was ready and the modifications will be made and sent out for review.

F. Bridge Report

The Town Administrator stated the Town received 1 Bridge report and expects another by the end of the week. The Town Administrator also recommended that the Board reach out to Milton and Wakefield administrators to make sure the Towns are on the same page as to what is happening.

G. Town Sander

The Town Administrator received information on the condition of the Sander. It is quite rusty and neither Road Commissioner wants to use it. The Board decided to hold on to it until further notice when they decide what to do with it. In the meantime, it should be covered. This item will be removed from the agenda.

H. Fire Dept Meetings

Selectmen Stacey-Horn had a conversion with the Fire Chief regarding public comment of being permitted to attend Fire Department meetings and making Department more open to the public. He will meet with the full Board and in the interim if there are any questions the public can reach out to him to discuss. He will be available.


A. Legal Fees CEO

Code Enforcement has a $1,000 Legal line. This line is getting overdrawn even though the Treasurer manages this effectively. Code Enforcement is commenting that they have no control over the number of issues requiring legal fees and there are 3 current cases being handled. The Town Administrator is recommending that there be an all encompassing legal line under Municipal Management instead of a break out line. The Board still approves when Legal is used. The Board agreed that the Code Enforcement Legal line be moved under Municipal Management moving forward, however, they would like to see a break down (sub line) of the Legal expenses for Code Enforcement. When the next budget is prepared, this will be formalized with all moved over.

B. Budget

The Town Administrator notified the Board that the time line for budgets puts all initial requests due February 1, 2019. A reminder letter should be sent out after the holidays and the Town Administrator recommends that if the Board wants to add any budgetary limits or other parameters it could be done in this letter. The Board will respond next week on this inquiry.


Dennis Long approached the Board regarding comments on Purchase Orders. The Town Administrator explained how the line item budget worked. Selectman Stacey-Horn asked how Mr. Long expected the Purchase Order worked? Mr. Long expected a purchase order be done on everything done or expensed against each line item to have the monies be approved and use and taken from each account.


A. ZBA Hearing, December 12th at 4 pm. (Downstairs)

B. Owls Luncheon, December 28th at 12 pm

C. Alzheimer Presentation, December 18th at 1pm (Hosted by Library)

D. Staff Christmas Party, December 19th at 1pm

(Town Hall, Transfer Station and Library will all close at 1 pm for event.)


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


Dennis Long, Lois Michaud