Upcoming Agenda





JULY 29, 2008



1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:   Approved with the addition of (H) and New Business before   Old Business so that Steve Ledoux would be first as he had to leave.




2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Approved as written.




3.         WARRANT:  Approved and signed




4.         OLD BUSINESS:


            a. ASSESSING:  Nancy announced that the Selectmen were to meet with Joe Lessard August 8th but Tony had a conflict so it has been rescheduled for on August 15th.




            b. OIL BID:  Nancy said that there is a credit application from Irving Oil which Vicki partially completed and needed to be signed off by the selectmen.  The quote was $4.64 but since the prices have lowered a little the Town may receive a lower rate when the application is sent in. It was decided not to include Social Security numbers of the Selectmen but only the Town TaxID number.  A motion made by Nancy to approve and sign off on a credit application from Irving Oil, Tony seconded.  The current quote is $4.64.




c.33rd STREET LAND:  Bids to be opened August 5th.  Minimum bid of $1000 covers back taxes, deed transfer and publishing the ad.  The taxes are $700; we made it $1000 to cover ourselves.


5.         NEW BUSINESS:



            (A) STEVE LEDOUX: Nancy announced there was a personnel change at the Transfer Station.  Steve gave us wording for advertisement to replace the Transfer Station Supervisor which will run for two weeks in The Sanford News, Observer, Smart Shopper and on our  Website.  Brian McGlincey gave his resignation on Friday, July 25th effective immediately.     Steve was looking for pay for working Saturday, July 26th above and beyond his Manager’s  salary.  Tony confirmed that Steve was not eligible as it is part of his job description.  In the future, he said that it is something the selectman would need to approve ahead of time.  After discussion with regard to keeping the Transfer Station running smoothly, a motion was made by Nancy to appoint Steve as Interim Attendant with Attendant’s pay for the month of August (6  hours on Saturdays) or until a replacement can be hired; Tony second the motion.  Nancy thanked Steve for working last Saturday to keep things running smoothly.  Steve requested that former employee Roger Lewis be reinstated as an employee and be put back on the payroll as he also is helping at the Transfer Station.  Steve added that the he spoke with Carol Large at the   Court House who is working with the young man that vandalized the oil tank at the TS.  He will be repaying the Town of Acton $1,000 to cover the deductible of the insurance claim.   Brian had reported that some gas grills and parts were taken from the TS.  She said Brian figured they got away with about a pickup trucks worth of broken down grills.




            (B) TOWN CLERK/TAX COLLECTOR & REGISTRAR OF VOTERS JOB    DESCRIPTION:  Nancy advises that the Selectmen have reviewed Jennifer’s JD and Tony made the motion to adopt the Town Clerk/Tax Collector and Registrar of Voters Job   Description.  Mike seconded.  All selectmen signed off on Jennifer’s JD.




            (C)POVERTY ABATEMENTS:  Nancy informed when liens are sent out, there is a line on   that is required by the State saying that should you be unable to pay your taxes due to Poverty or Infirmary then you can apply to the Board of Selectmen.   As far as we, know there has never been an application in Acton, or any kind of criteria to setup.   We were given some background    information and a copy of an article from MMA that were put together.  You need to investigate the people’s circumstances, financial circumstances similar to a General Assistance application. MMA suggests you follow those GA guidelines.  The person needs to be below the poverty line and of course is all confidential.  Granting or not granting is done by the Selectmen in an Executive Session and is very confidential because you are discussing someone’s finances.     



            (D) DRUG TESTING:  Mike spoke about his research with Outsource Works, a Drug Testing Program for all CDL drivers working/driving in the Town of Acton in which funds were approved at Town Meeting in June.  Mike would like Nancy and Tony to review the material from Outsource Works and revisit next week.  Basically, two employees will be selected each month from a pool and will be required to go to Goodall Hospital for a drug test within 48 hours of request.  If the test is positive the individual, per Federal Guidelines the individual to be retested and offered counseling/treatment or they will lose their job. 


            (E) HEALTH INSURANCE:  Vicki met with Bank North Insurance regard possible options for new Health Insurance at a lower rate.




            (F) POLE PERMIT:  Pole permit approved and signed for Little Round Pond Road.




            (G) SIGN INSURANCE ENDORSEMENT:   Property Insurance for the Salt Shed on  





            (H) CABLE UPDATE:  Mike announced that Metrocast Cable should be installed in the Town  House within the next two months.   




6.         ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at




7.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Mike Conway, Tony Cogliandro




8.         OTHERS PRESENT: Steve Ledoux, Linda Capristo, Karl Hodgdon, Roger Lewis, Celeste   Lewis, John Moore, Dean Knight, Chip Venell, Dennis Long, Barbara Seckar









Sanborn Road
has been excluded from our current policy.  The Town still maintains Liability coverage on the building but not replacement.  Motion made by Tony to Exclude the Salt Shed   Insurance, Mike seconded.