Upcoming Agenda


January 22, 2019



Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Elise Miller. No discussion. All in favor. Approved.




A. Treasurer - Michele Rumney

Mrs. Rumney updated the Board with the following information:

· Budgets are due Friday, February 1, 2019. Things to consider are:

º Wages - The State minimum wage is going up next January (mid fiscal year) to $12 per hour. There are employees who have been just over minimum wage which will need to be adjusted accordingly. One as long as 11 years.

º Postage - Postage rate has increased 10% as of January 27, 2019. If you have a line item for postage cost it will need to be adjusted.

· February 16, 2019 is forecloser day on unpaid 2016 taxes. Payments will be accepted through the end of the day; after that, the Town will own the property. Then from there if the taxes are unpaid, the Board will typically offer a 30 day redemption period for the total amount of taxes due for all 3 years to be paid. This means chasing returns that have been sent out. Mrs. Rumney thanked Mr. Jim Murray for his assistance in tracking many of the addresses and persons who have moved out of Town and did not update the Town.

· The Town has completed their 3 year contract with their Auditing Company. The Board will need to consider the renewal of that contract or going out for bids. Mrs. Rumney did not yet reach out to the company to see if they would maintain their contract rate and specifications as she is awaiting the Boards direction. When asked by the Town Administrator if Mrs. Rumney had a recommendation, Mrs. Rumney stated it was good practice to go out to bid. She further commented that there have been no issues with the Auditing Company, however the representative the Town has dealt with over the past 8 years has left the company and it is Mrs. Rumney's understanding that the replacement Auditor is also considering leaving the company. Mrs. Rumney is certainly happy to go out to bid and she has a RSP ready. Selectmen Miller asked if there was deadline for this or could they wait for Selectmen Walsh to decide. Tabled to next week.

· No further information to report. Once budgets start coming in it will be a different story.

· Winter numbers update:

· Just over 50% expended on plowing budget

· Stockpile budget has a total of $9,800 left in it for salt and sand. Unless weather drastically changes Mrs. Rumney expects that the Town will be looking at an over draft on this line.

B. Transfer Station Superintendent

Mr. Bob Mann updated the Board with the following information:

· Plastic Recycling – Mr. Mann indicated to the Board that he has been asked why the Transfer Station is throwing some of the plastic away. His response was, it is costing the Town $220/ton to get rid of it. The plastic can be thrown in the hopper for $75.50. Mr. Mann also told the Board that he had contacted MMRA (a company who assists towns with recycling) and they told him to throw it in the hopper because there is no market for it. However, Mr. Mann still would like people to separate their plastics and bring them into the Transfer Station. That way, the Transfer Station can pick it. After picking, only 1/3 of what comes in goes into the hopper. Items picked are #2 plastic which pays them $210 per ton and returnables. So, if anyone does see plastic in the hopper, remember it is not all going there and please continue to bring it in for the picking.

· Mr. Mann then thanked all who do recycle and relayed the following statistics of what was brought in over the last year:

º Cardboard – 64 tons

º Magazines – 9 tons

º Newspaper – 9 tons

º #2 Plastic – 4 tons

º Total of 87.22 tons – a 36% recycling rate.

If that 87.22 tons had not been recycled but gone into household trash, it would have cost the Town $6,585. From the cardboard and magazines alone, the Town received about $4,300 for returns. All very helpful!

º Household trash has increased a considerable amount this year. The Town is at 918 tons right now and that is a 22 ton increase over last year. This is a problem state and country wide, some places have even stopped recycling everything except cardboard due the costs of getting rid of the materials, but revenues from July 1st until now from recycling is $19,000.

· Mr. Mann reminded everyone not to forget to get their dump permits.

· Mr. Mann reminded all that the Transfer Station is always open to questions.

Selectmen Miller thanked Mr. Mann and indicated these were all good numbers and that it was sad that the process was so costly and hoped that would change in the future. She encouraged all to continue to recycle, bring it into the Transfer Station and let them pick it for you.


A. Bridge Proposals

Selectmen Miller stated that the Road Committee met last week and made a recommendation. Two proposal engineer reports received were from Calderwold, Richmond, ME and HEB Engineers, Bridgton, ME.. The Road Committees recommendation was to go with HEB Engineers. Not only were they located closer, the costs were $8,000 less than the other proposal.$10,600 as a lump some whereas Calderwold was $18,380 with stipulations.

Selectmen Kimberley Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept HEB Engineers at $10,600; seconded by Selectmen Miller. All in favor.

Selectmen Miller reminded the public that this was on the warrant at the last Town meeting to cover this up to $20,000.

B. Conduct for Elected and Appointed Officials

Tabled until next meeting as Selectmen Walsh was not available.

C. Action Plan Maine Municipal Association

The Town Administrator spoke with the Fire Chief who was aware of most of the items that came up in the inspection and had finished most of them already. Mrs. Roux asked him to let her know when complete so that they could be reviewed before the insurance company was brought back out. Mr. Mann and Mrs. Roux are scheduled to sit down at the end of the week to go over items to be incorporated into the Transfer Station budget.

D. Sand at Salt Public Shed

Availability of sand at the Sanborn Public Shed: Mr. Letourneau is keeping on top of it. When called he goes right out to make sure there is sand available, but if out, please call. In response to some other issues pertaining to the public's access and use, the Town Administrator is working on appropriate signage.

E. Road Commissioner/Public Works Director Public Hearing

Selectmen Miller indicated that with the transition and loss of former Road Commissioners, the Board thought it would be a good time to ask the Town if they would like to switch it over to a department. The Road Committee and Warrant & Finance Committee met to bring some suggestions and questions for the Board to work into further details of the presentation that will be done on Thursday night at 7 pm.

The Town Administrator notified the Board that she only received questions from 1 member of the Warrant & Finance Committee.

A couple of things going to be reiterated regarding the presentation are:

· The word Road Commissioner is required by law. Because there is no charter, the Town is required by law to have certain positions, i.e., Tax Collector, Treasurer, etc and Road Commissioner is one of them. Even though it is going to be a Public Works Director we have to leave the work Road Commissioner in there for clarity of the statue.

· Why? The Board keeps hearing why are we doing this now? Why are you pushing it through? Why don't you put it in in June? This type of change actually has to happen 90 days before an Annual Town Meeting. So it is not something that can be put on in June by law.

· Good points from watching the meetings. The Road Committee had some good points, they focused on what the best qualifications of this person should be and this will be helpful when/if the Board gets to a point to advertise a position. It all depends on what passes.

· For the most part, trying to get as much information out there ahead of time. So again, if there are specific questions not sent, you have a little time before Thursday. Special Town Meeting will be held Wednesday, February 5, 2019.

Selectmen Miller mentioned that this position is not going to start February 6th. It will start July 1st. So, if it does pass, the Board of Selectmen and the Committees will have time to work through the process to come up with the right person for the position.


A. Conservation/Forest Committee Notice

The Town Administrator announced that for personal reasons Mr. Carl Davis is going to step back as Chairman of the Conservation/Forest Committee. Not leaving the committee just stepping back The Committee hopes are for the Forester, Steve Bodkin to step up and fill in for a little while. The Town Administrator met with Mr. Bodkin and they are looking to have a public input meeting on Tuesday at 7pm. This not a public hearing or required by law but they are working on a Town Forest Plan. Notice reads, The Town of Acton's Conservation/Forest Committee is seeking public input regarding the goals and potential management of the Town's Farm Road Lot Forest found on Map 245 Lot 2.


Lois Michaud approached the Board to comment she has not been able to discuss with the Conservation/Forest Committee that there is a cemetery on the piece of property in review by that committee. They have been looking for it because it is field stones.


· Meetings are on the website.

· There is a Community Dinner on Saturday, January 26, 2019.

· Superbowl/Sledding Party Sunday of Superbowl.


Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.


Michele Rumney, Bob Mann, Rollin Waterhouse, and Lois Michaud