Upcoming Agenda


March 5, 2019


Moment of Silence for Fallen Firefighter Captain Joel Barnes.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to amend the agenda to add to the Department Head/Committee Chair Updates, E. Recreation Committee; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Approved.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the minutes February 26, 2019; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. Two in favor, 1 Abstention. Approved.


(Animal Control Pending)

A. Forest/Conservation

Steve Bodkin approached the Board to update the Board that Carl Davis had stepped down as Chair and he has been voted to be the new Chair. Progression of the Forestry Plan for the property out on Town Farm Road. Research has been conducted to conclude what the capabilities of the property are and what the Townspeople want done with the property. There will be an open forum at the next meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend at 7 pm on March 19, 2019 to hear information discovered and assist in goals to be set.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn questioned about a possibility of an old burial plot in the area. Mr. Bodkin (who has covered the area very well) nor Mr. Wes Ham (who has been searching extensively) have located any cemetery on the property. If anything of significance that is found will be added to the plan document and managed accordingly.

B. Road Committee

Chuck Gregory approached the Board to update them that there are 2 State Training Sessions (Northern Maine and Falmouth) on April 4th regarding Water Crossing/Certification. If anyone is interested in it they are welcome to attend.

Mr. Gregory talked with HEB and scheduled a meeting with the Road Committee (at no cost) on Thursday to look at culverts and getting an idea of costs to get an Engineering Report done. These culverts are H Road, Hopper Road, Goosepond and West Shore Roads.

Mr. Gregory then informed the Board that he has been talking to sealing companies about crack and sealing to get preliminary quotes. Two companies toured H Road, Hopper Road and Goosepond Road. One company cited $4,250/day and would handle 1.5 to 2 miles per day while the other company cited $6,000/day without including amount of road surfaces done.

There is a State report floating around about the amount of work they have planned to be done in Acton. A lot of the work is related to RT109, Milton Mills Road and Bridge over $1 million dollars the State plans to put into Acton.

The Committee has been discussing the need for Road Commissioner job descriptions but have not received anything yet. Mr. Gregory knew there was talk about a Public Works Director or single Road Commissioner and there were points around that but never received anything formal.

The Town Administrator asked Mr. Gregory regarding the culvert inspections and whether the Road Commissioners were notified or invited to be a part of the inspections. Mr. Gregory responded, “No”. He further commented that the meeting was only set up on Friday and he had not yet reached out to the Road Commissioners about attending. The Selectmen and Town Administrator all in accord said that was something that falls under the Road Commissioners and they should have been taken into consideration before scheduling. It is part of their duties. Mr. Gregory stated the meeting was to be held Thursday at 1 pm and all are welcome to join. The Town Administrator stated that this was during working hours and short notice and they may not be able to attend.

The Town Administrator then continued to ask Mr. Gregory if the Road Commissioners were involved in the culvert inspections and getting prices. Mr. Gregory stated the companies were not giving prices, only and idea of how much money and time should be placed into the budget. Roads are not quite clear yet due to snow and sand to receive a complete quote.

The Town Administrator next stated regarding the Job Descriptions from an Administrative perspective, her directions from the Board were clear to wait until after the Special Town Meeting to determine what direction the Town wanted to go in. If the Town decides it wants to leave it elected, then the most that can be done is to put an Ordinance together for the meeting in June.

Selectmen Walsh with support of the other Selectmen stated there was no sense to do the amount of work needed to work on one choice and getting it done only to find out the other choice was selected. If it is elected, the job description is then different. Mr. Gregory asked, “Was there that much of a difference between appointed versus elected? Selectmen Walsh and the Board responded yes there was definitely a difference.

Selectmen Miller spoke to clarify that regarding the discussions around HEB regarding estimates on culvert work to be done for the Article, she thought the Road Committee had already presented to her an amount of $10,000 and that was why the Warrant Article was sent. So, the number will need to be removed until HEB comes out.

In summary, the Town Administrator indicated that even if the Road Commission position remains elected, the Road Committee still needs to work with the Road Commissioners. Selectmen Walsh agreed and recapped that the BOS appreciated the work being done by the Road Committee but the first steps are always to involve the Road Commissioners.

C. District 2

Joe Letourneau approached the Board to update them that this winter has been interesting but could be handled. As of December 2 storm patterns were hitting every 3 days and a lot of time was spent in the plows. January brought rain storms and wash outs. The DOT patched shoulders and will be back once the snow banks are thawed out. Other projects dealt with were County Road culvert and the Bridge on Milton Mills over Heath Brook which will be down to one lane soon. Road postings will be done next week with Mr. Dave Langley. Next week will also bring pot hole fixing and patching.

The Town Administrator asked that she be notified when the road posting will be taking place so that notification can be put on the website. 100 signs were ordered and will be here tomorrow.

D. EMA/911 – OPEN

Tabled. Still looking to fill this position.

E. Recreation Committee

Johnathan Bowtell, Chairman of the Recreation Committee approached the Board to sing the praises of the Committee and what they have accomplished over the last 8 months, plans for the next year and further while seeking advise from the Board regarding future plans. Improvements made:

  • Flag pole was put in place

  • Electric has been put to the snack shack

  • The skating rink was built and installed and is a great success

  • What is budget approved for and will be done in the Spring is the flood lighting.

The plans for 2020 are:

  • Required perimeter work.

  • Put in batting cages and pitching machines.

  • Expand ice rink.

  • Digging of a well and installing a free standpipe.

  • Seal coating and relining the basketball court; rehang nets and painting backboards.

  • New equipment for snack stand like a hot dog steamer, refrigerator, popcorn machine and grill.

Longer term plans are to have a Community Recreation Center. These plans will require the Board and Town's support. Research is being done on where to place or using buildings already available to the Town. Other areas looked at where access points and parking. By having this facility it would lighten the burden placed on the school and offer room for a multiple of programs as well as event and meeting space. The Town Gym could even be relocated.


A. Action Plan Maine Municipal Association

The Town Administrator said there was nothing new to report. The Fire Department is still waiting for 1 item to complete testing the Cascade system. The Town Administrator will ask for something in writing from the Fire Chief to move forward. A walk through will be scheduled for Selectmen Stacey-Horn.

B. 19-20 Proposed Budget

The Town Administrator responded that there was only a couple of numbers still to be provided. One such number is the Town of Sanford on which the Town is waiting.

C. EMA Director/E911 Operator Job Descriptions

The Town Administrator provided the BOS hard copies of the job descriptions and stated these can be worked on during the next workshop on Monday as well as the inclusion of Code Enforcement into the conversations.

D. District 1 Equipment

Pending; waiting on the snow pack to melt as some equipment is buried.

E. Liquor on Sundays

The Town Administrator reviewed a letter received from the State in October regarding the Town of Acton never voted to allow spirits and hard liquor to be consumed on Sundays. The State is currently not acting on this but eventually they will. There is a process for the Town of Acton to approve drinking on Sundays at establishments but this can only be done by petition by a voter. Initially there was a couple of individuals interested in gathering a petition but the Town Administrator never heard back from them; she has all the paper work on this if anyone is interested to pursue. It really needs to be on the June Town Meeting, but it has to be a warrant. There has to be signatures from 110 people that will support it and then essentially it will go on the Town Meeting in June. The Town Administrator then reminded everyone that with the upcoming liquor licenses to be renewed, both establishments are going to take a hard hit should this not be moved upon and the State decides to buckle down.

F. Fitness Center

The Town Administrator reviewed an email receive from Maine Municipal regarding the use of the Fitness Center. Items cited on list required are: orientation, followup on keys, yearly equipment inspection, etc. The Town will need to address the concerns and decide how to move forward.

Selectmen Walsh commented it might be a good time to turn the facilities over to the Recreation Department. The Town Administrator said no matter what party was responsible, these concerns would still need to be addressed unless the Selectmen wanted to relinquish the equipment back to the Fire Department and let them continue to use it for their Fire Rescue related training and the Recreation Department use the building.

Selectmen Miller asked if this was being prompted because of the teenager's request to use the gym because the facility has been inspected before. The Town Administrator stated that Maine Municipal's understanding was that the facility was staffed. But now that Maine Municipal knows that it is a free for all after paying a fee. Discussed before were spot checks, not so much to make sure that there might be people sneaking in to use the gym for free but that there may be persons using the gym who have not signed a release, and that is a concern. A concern we are not taking the steps we should be

taking. The Town has to do something and buckle down on this gym or shut it down. It is a huge liability.

Selectmen Miller suggested to get random checks going. It is easy to put signs up on how to use the equipment. The Town Administrator interjected that Maine Municipal requires a trained professional instructing all members on the proper use of the equipment (orientation). The insurance company also wants signs posted on what to do if the equipment goes out of service what to do if someone gets hurt, etc.

The Town Administrator will continue to work on these items as time permits.

G. Special Town Meeting

Special Town Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 7 pm at the Acton Elementary School. This meeting is on the agenda because the BOS reviewed the Warrant/Finance Committee and the Road Committee recommendations and had some concerns.

Selectmen Ed Walsh spoke stating that the BOS had been looking, watching, talking and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of support. He further commented that he was disappointed in a couple of the Boards in Town; one being the Warrant/Finance Board for not supporting it. It was not supported because of things that need to come along (job descriptions), yes, things that need to get done for it, but not things that are financial, not things that are...I don't know...just disappointing.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn stated that when the Board of Selectmen went into this she thought they had more support, but now she didn't think they had any support. Maybe a handful but that was it.

Selectmen Walsh commented he didn't even know if the Road Committee supported it.

Selectmen Miller spoke. After watching the Road Committee meeting it sounded like the Road Committee supported the question but not the Board. Both committees took the opportunities to bad mouth the Board when they were not present. The Liaison was out due to illness and did not make the meeting. Selectmen Miller feels that at a time when the Town needs to be supporting each other, the committees (the people) are just bad mouthing each other left and right and it is getting old, divisive and going into this question, it really wasn't about separating the Town or pointing fingers, or blaming someone for doing this or not doing that.

Selectmen Miller continued that this was not an emergency and felt it was a good time to ask. The Town had 2 Road Commissioners resigned for 2 different reasons and the Board thought it was a good time to ask.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn spoke up that there were a lot of people coming forward asking for accountability and asking why the Board couldn't use their authority to make them do this. There were a lot of questions about the Board's authority and why it wasn't used. Selectmen Stacey-Horn reminded the public that the Board over and over explained why the Board couldn't. These positions were elected (not appointed) and people seemed to want that and that is why the Board started this process. But now, Selectmen Stacey-Horn did not feel like anybody wants it, so...Selectmen Walsh wasn't sure if the Board should continue to pursue the matter and the expense to have the Special Meeting or not.

Selectmen Miller stated she would like to think there were people out there to support it but they are either not paying attention or as Selectmen Walsh interjected, they are afraid. Selectmen Miller questioned whether people were uncomfortable to come forward and speak their mind because of previous incidents.

Selectmen Walsh commented the Board had heard different sides. Some discussions have been heated. There is no reason for a heated discussion, simply either you want it or you don't. There have been issues in the past with the Road Commissioners and the Board's hands had been tied. The Board was not able to protect the Town as it should have been protected. Currently there are 2 very capable people in position right now. Everything is working well. The work is being done.

No matter how things go tomorrow night, District 2 is still the way it is for another 2 – 2.5 years. District 1 will be up for grabs. If it goes as appointed, both positions will be up for grabs and a fresh slate.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn felt that the Board should call a vote tonight and make a decision.

Selectmen Walsh stated the Board put this forward because they heard from the people, but now felt that those that had spoke up are now turning their backs on the Board without any real good cause.

Selectmen Miller commented further to the Warrant/Finance Committee that even though the committee did not have a formal hard copy to describe the job, the Board however did hold two special hearings with descriptions. The first one was more directed to having a Public Works Director, but it was shaved down to just the Road Commissioner for the second Public Hearing. It was the bones of the job description. The Board wasn't going to have you vote and then say, “oops, just kidding!”. That is not what the Board talked about.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn started to make a motion when Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board to speak.

Mr. Long, as Vice Chair of the Warrant/Finance Committee, because the Chairman was not present, asked that the Board hear him out.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to cancel the Special Town Meeting on Wednesday, March 6, 2019; seconded by Selectmen Miller. Discussion ensued.

  • Selectmen Walsh spoke about how he felt through the process from its conception. He did not know if the Town really did not want this or if it was a slam towards the Board. If the Town will continue and grow all must work together. Battling back and forth between the Boards needs to cease.

  • Mr. Long was permitted to speak. Mr. Long noted that the Board had made several comments about the Warrant/Finance Committee tonight and he did not believe it was fair to paint the Warrant/Finance Committee with a broad brush. When this process started, the Board asked for an opinion from the Warrant/Finance Committee and the Road Committee. During commentary, Mr. Long expressed the following:

    • The Selectmen were sent opinions by himself and there was no response through the email process. At the two public meetings, Mr. Long said how he felt about it and what needed to be done to more forward in a positive way. There has been nothing done.

    • When the argument was (from the Board to the People and the Warrant/Finance Committee), that if you appoint them, they need to come to the meetings. The Road Committee for the most part has been sitting there without a Road Commissioner. The Warrant/Finance Committee has seen the same thing.

    • Mr. Long stated that what he said at the Warrant/Finance Committee Meeting, was basically what he said at the Public Hearings, “the Town needs a Municipal Ordinance and it does not matter if they are hired or elected. If there was an Ordinance in place then the decision is made based on how the Townspeople want this Road Department to operate. The Board would then be doing the will of the people.” Mr. Long further stated, that after talking to one of the Road Commissioners on many occasions, that he supported this and it was not due to any dislike for any one of the Board members, nor a dislike for the Road Commissioners. So, Mr. Long didn't really see why the Board held any disappointment. Personally, Mr. Long has nothing to gain nor nothing to lose, he has nothing against any of the Road Commissioners nor any of the Selectmen. Mr. Long's goal was to leave this Town better than when he came in.

    • Maybe the Board doesn't like some of the things some of the people say, or some of the things he has said, which is fine, but Mr. Long felt that things also sometimes fall on deaf ears. Mr. Long cited an example to the Board regarding the payment of Mr. Langley's chain and the involvement of the Attorney after someone else spoke up.

    • Mr. Long stated he understood the Board's frustration because he feels the same when he has to keep coming back and its like he is talking to the wall. Mr. Long again stated he is not disappointed in the Selectmen, but if these Road Commissioners want to be part of the process with the Road Committee they need to come to the meetings.

    • Lastly he commented that when Mr. Winchell quit in October/November (its been 4 months), and the Town is now 3 months from the Special Town Meting nothing has moved forward or changed in the process as a Town. Then he thanked the Board for letting him speak.

      • Selectmen Miller responded that part of changing the process was asking the Town if they wanted to go with the Public Works Director and then moving on.

  • Mr. Chuck Gregory approached the Board on behalf of the Road Committee and stated that the Road Committee at the end of their stated meeting agreed to move forward with the appointed positions. Mr. Gregory then expressed the following comments:

  • Mr. Gregory thought there were a lot of different reasons for the Road Committee's decision and noted some reasons were discussed and some were not. One reasons not discussed was the Board being able to control the Road Commissioners better and being able to control the Town and what happens within the Town and not depending on an elected position to do so. Mr. Gregory stated that the Town has been fairly lucky in not only what the Town has now but what the past Road Commissioners did. (A good job plowing in the wintertime and all the other road stuff they did.) Mr. Gregory asked, “If you have an election, what happens if you get someone who isn't so good? The Board has no control over them and it's only up to the Town and if you only have one or two streets in the Town who aren't happy, then they're certainly not going to get enough votes to get that person out.” Mr. Gregory stated the Board loses control over being able to do anything because it is an elected position versus appointed. If it is an appointed position, the Board tells the Road Commissioner what they need to do to straighten themselves out or they are going to get fired. The Board is able to do that over a period of time, whereas the Board can't do that if it is an elected position. So, from that standpoint, the Road Committee are very much in favor of the appointed.

  • Mr. Gregory also addressed one of the comments the Board made that the Road Committee was against the Selectmen from what was being asked because Selectmen Miller was absent.

    • Mr. Gregory reiterated that every one of the meetings the Road Committee has had, Selectmen Miller has been there except for this past meeting and during those meetings the Road Committee has always ask Selectmen Miller questions regarding what's going on with this and what's going on with that and Selectmen Miller has always given the Road Committee the answers, and he is not unhappy about that.

    • Last week there was no Board, representation, so rather than saying let's just skip this, the Road Committee continued. When a question for the Board arose, Mr. Gregory stated on record this is a question for the Board and the Road Committee needed to get answers from the Board.

    • There was nothing against the Board nor was anyone trying to do anything to the Board to make them look bad. The Road Committee was just expressing that answers from the board were needed and if Selectmen Miller was there and would have had them. Without representation, the Road Committee had to make it known as a committee representing the people in the Town that they had questions which they needed answers for from the Board.

  • Mr. Cashin approached the Board and asked since the Board had an interested audience tonight they take a show of hands to see if consensus was appoint for elect.

    • Selectmen Walsh took a straw pole vote.

  • Mr. Langley approached the Board and asked that the motion be rescinded to see how the taxpayers vote.

    • Selectmen Stacey-Horn rescinded the motion; Selectmen Miller seconded.


A. Carl Davis

Carl Davis, Three Rivers Land Trust gave the Board an over view of the land trust who owns property in 5 towns and pays taxes to each of those Towns. There are different arrangements in each town for paying taxes, some are in lieu of paying taxes, some are in tree growth and some is open space. The Land Trust would like to consolidate how they pay taxes into one standard method. The Land Trust would like to make a payment to the Town in lieu of taxes rather than be on the actual tax roll. What they had come up with is taking the value, the Town value of the property (by doing that, they have taken the acreage on each property) Example: Take Hobbs Farm property on Fox's Ridge, it is a 179 acres. The Trust values the acreage at $900 an acre which come to $161,100 multiply that times the Town's tax rate of 12.05 = $1941.55. The Trust would then pay 25% of that which would be $485.31. This is somewhere in the range of where tree growth would be; the Trust doesn't really want to follow it in tree growth because that is at the whims of the legislature but the do want to make a payment to all the Towns that they own property in. Mr. Davis reminded the Board that all the property is open to the public, they are all open to hunting, and some are providing agricultural opportunities to people; most are all recreational opportunities.

The Town Administrator thought it was important to mention the exemption piece, so that anyone who is listening or watching, would know that Three Rivers is exempt. This means they do not have to pay any taxes. So the fact that they are coming to the Board with a PILOT PLAN (that's how it was looked at in Shapleigh) because the Trust can be exempt from property taxes altogether. The fact that they are putting this plan together to make it easier for the themselves in all five towns is a benefit because the Trust could just claim the exemption and the Town would not get anything. An important piece to mention.

Selectmen Miller noted the Trust is offering to value the land more than what the tree growth or open space rate would be. Mr. Davis responded using the Town's assessment that the value is pretty close.

The Board thanked Mr. Davis and stated that a formula is best.

B. Atlantic Broadband Agreement

The Town Administrator told the Board that the Town Hall gets free internet (Basic Plan) from Atlantic Broadband. The Cable Room also gets that free but since the Room uses higher speeds (example: 10 up and 10 down) That department has been budgeting $207/month for the higher speeds. Atlantic Broadband has offered the Cable Room a feed of 200 down and 30 up for $147/month. Cost is already in the Cable Room budget and the cost savings is almost $60.00/month plus it will cut out the phone line that is in there.

Selectmen Miller made a motion to sign the commercial services contract with Atlantic Broadband; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Signed.

C. Rowe Bridge Damage

The Town Administrator informed the Board that there were two accidents on Rowe Bridge. Accident reports were obtained. Good news is that they were both reportable accidents; the bad news was they were both NH drivers which are not required to have insurance. The Town will handle that aspect of this behind the scenes. Mr. Letourneau was asked to update the Board on the work that will be done on this Bridge.

Mr. Letourneau reported that some cones were placed out with the State and he researched the costs for some Jersey Barriers. Quotes obtained were:

  • Pepins - $300 for a 10 foot barrier

  • Genest Precast - $368

  • George Roberts - $380

Until the snow melts, there is really no where to attach the fence to. When the guardrail was hit, the cement abutment was broken. Without actually looking at the damage until after the snow is melted an assessment can't be made. There is a possibility of 60 feet of guardrail that will need replacing and that is where the insurance companies will come in. After measurements today for a temporary fix, Mr. Letourneau thought that 2 or 3 Jersey barriers might be needed.

Selectmen Miller asked if there was a “Sharp turn” sign was in place. The Town Administrator will order a new sign. The 3 barriers will also be ordered. It will be a separate account to seek a reimbursement from the drivers.

Barriers will be set this week.

D. 7th Street

Mr. Mark Cote, Resident of 7th Street. Mr. Cote with petition is seeking to make 7th Street a Class B Road. The Board will need to move it forward if the packet meets all the criteria. It is in Legal's hands for review. The Board can review the packet as well. Once Legal responds, it will be on next week's agenda to address and move forward.

E. Abatements

The Town Administrator presented 2 Abatements from the Assessor's office. The first is for Mrs. Sandra Jones who only owns 49 acres, not 61 acres. Missing 11 acres will be researched.

Selectmen Ed Walsh read out granted Abatement on Map/Lot 232-006 for Mrs. Sandra Jones.

Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to sign the tax abatement for Map/Lot 232-006.; seconded

by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Signed.

Second property was for a piece of property which showed a small building located on the wrong piece of property.

Selectmen Ed Walsh read out granted Abatement on Map/Lot 141-034 for a building cited on this property which is actually on the adjoining property.

Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to sign the tax abatement for Map/Lot 141-034; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Signed.

F. Liquor License Renewals

The Town Administrator brought to the Board's attention a statute which permits a waiver of a liquor license hearing for establishments who in the past 5 years whereas no complaints were filed. The Board wanted to schedule public hearings for both establishments. The Town Administrator will schedule hearings.


Mr. Ham approached the Board to comment on the following:

  • Has Spectrum been approached to see what service they can provide to the Town? Selectmen Miller indicated that Spectrum does not come into small towns in order to avoid competition. Town Administrator Jennifer Roux indicated they were approached, but with looking into new services, will ask again.

  • Mr. Gregory commented that there was a chunk of cement on Rowe Bridge and an insurance inquiry would be good.

  • Mr. Gregory asked about the addition of weight limit signs for the side roads (i.e., Milton Mills Road, County Road and French Street). 10,000 lb limit sign would be advisable. Board is looking for Road Commissioner input. Road Commissioners need to order the signs. Mr. Letourneau will be asked.

Carol Komezubumwe approached the Board to ask the following:

      • Mrs. Komezubumwe asked for a 911 sign to be placed on Middle Road. The Town Administrator will ask the Road Commissioner to comply.

      • Girl Scouts are selling Girl Scout cookies. Please come support the girls. Times of cookies sales are Sunday, March 10th at the Acton Trading Post from 9 to 3pm; also March 16th and 23th at the Transfer Station from 9 to 3pm. Mrs. Komezubumwe also thanked the Town for the meeting space. Current troop size is 10 and growing.

      • Lastly, Mrs. Komezubumwe want to speak regarding the trust issue between the Board and the Committees or Tax Payers. It is disappointing as a Committee Member and Tax Payer to have requests fall on deaf ears. Mrs. Komezubumwe's example was, during candidate's night she had asked if meetings will be continued to be held at 5 pm? Her request was for a later meeting time which was trumped. She related to the Board that when meetings are scheduled for 5 pm, she has to take her limited PTO time from her job to do her duties and to her, that is not fair. Mrs. Komezubumwe commented that recently there was a Selectmen's meeting at 7 pm and attendance was greater than at 5 pm. Mrs. Komezubumwe felt that when she has respectfully asked meetings to be changed to 7 pm, Selectmen Miller's response of “duly noted” felt like a slap in the face. Mrs. Komezubumwe continued to state the Selectmen are missing an entire demographic by continuing 5pm meetings.

Susan Meehan approached the Board to ask why the Selectmen continue to pursue current auditing company when selecting a new auditor.

  • Selectmen Miller asked what if the current auditor moves to the new company selected. Bids have gone out to all auditing companies and no selection has been made. The old auditor now works for the state so no conflict should arise but one never knows who an auditor will be by the company selected. Selectmen Walsh stated the Board has heard Mrs. Meehan's concerns as this has been her 4th approach to the Board regarding this subject. Once bids are received a selection will be made. Mrs. Meehan continued that she is allowed to approach the Board and express her concerns. Board agrees. Mrs. Meehan's concerns are further related to a comment whereas the current auditing company will feel discriminated upon if not included and that should not be so. The Town Administrator replied that it was during a conversation with the Treasurer that if the company is not including in the bidding process that discrimination could be claimed. It is on the web site and the company can get one even if one is not sent. The Board will keep your comments in mind and bids will be reviewed next week.

Greg Vermette, Tax Payer – what if you are grabbing at straws? Board did not respond as they did not know whence the comment was directed and no further comment came from Mr. Vermette.


  • Meetings are on the website

  • STM Wednesday, 03/06/2019 7pm @ School

  • RFP for Auditing Services Available Until 03/12/2019

  • Jerry Douglas / Paving & Info Workshop 03/13/19 @ 6pm

  • Budget Workshop 03/16/2019 @ 9am

  • Seeking Members for Capital Improvement Committee

  • Baseball Sign ups Due 03/28/2019


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Tax Administrator Jennifer Roux


Cindy Hart, Leslie Berlin, Dennis Long, Chris Whitman, Jonathan Bowtell, Carol Komezubumwe, Susan Meehan, Jay Ward, Brendan Meehan, Robin Ham, Dave Langley, William Langley, Chuck Gregory, Tom Cashin, Joe Letourneau, Carl Davis, Steve Bodkin, Joe Ruma, Mark Cote, and Greg Vermette.