Upcoming Agenda


March 26, 2019



Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor. Approved.


Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to approve the minutes of March 19, 2019; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.


Recreational Committee:

Jonathan Bowtell was invited to come before the Board to participate in the continuing discussions regarding what is going to be done with the Gym and whether the Recreational Committee will be using the building across the street. The Town Administrator read the Fire Chief's comments, concerns and recommendation to not have the Recreation Department use the aforementioned building. The Town Administrator posed the question to the Board, “Where do you want to go from here?” Selectmen Walsh indicated that one question the Board had regarding the Gym was, “Whether the Recreational Department would want to take over the direct responsibility of the Gym?” Mr. Bowtell indicated that he is not familiar with the proposed building and would bring these thoughts to the attention of the Recreational Committee for review. Mr. Bowtell did not see any reason why the Recreational Department would not want to take over the Gym but will await Committee's input before formally responding.

The Town Administrator next asked the Board if they really wanted to keep the Gym open, even with all the requirements that are needed from Maine Municipal. The Town Administrator further asked if the Board of Selectmen wanted to establish a Gym Board? There was already 3 persons working over at the Gym in exchange for a Gym membership and would be a great choice as Gym Board Members if a Board were to be established. A Recreational Subcommittee per say. Having a Subcommittee (Gym Board) reporting to the Recreational Department would not place any extra work on the Recreational Committee but would answer to the Recreational Committee.

Discussions ensued between Mr. Bowtell and the Board of Selectmen regarding both building uses, costs and timing of work to be done. Selectmen Walsh recommended the current Gym building be taken down. The Town Administrator recommended a meeting to do a walk through and review of the proposed building to see what work was needed to be done. Mr. Bowtell suggested that Mr. Chris Whitman participate in the walk through. The Town Administrator reminded the Board that if this was to become an Article item, it would need to become a Warrant and reviewed by the Warrant & Finance Committee..

Selectmen Walsh asked Mr. David Langley to approach the Board. Selectmen Walsh asked about the location of the septic system for the Fire Rescue Building in question with building a new parking lot and driveway for the proposed Recreational buidling. Mr. Langley indicated it was all clear for driveway and fence. Mr. Langley answered further questions regarding power and water connections. Plans should have been done in conduit when building was originally built but changes are all possible.

While at the podium, Mr. Langley asked about adding the recreational area to the spring clean up of the skating rink area and baseball fields. Mr. Bowtell indicated that the rink will be drained to the back of the field and the rink will be stored in the shed.

Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board about his take on the use of the Building for the Recreational Department. After discussing this with Code Enforcement, Mr. Long learned there were no safety concerns; Ambulatory building is up to code. Upstairs use is limited and would need to be corrected. The intention Mr. Long took from the Recreational Department's request to use the Ambulatory building is to do as the Ambulance Association did and create funds through fundraisers and communal support; not tax payer dollars. Mr. Long further commented that if an office was needed to be built at the Fire Station to free up the Ambulatory building, then he would donate the lumber and materials to put an 8' x 10' addition onto the Fire Department building.


A. 19-20 Proposed Budget

The Town Administrator reported the results of public budget meeting of March 16, 2019. The budget was showing 13 to 30 cent tax increase even including the $400,000 moving forward. The Board of Selectmen took another look at the budget and made the following cuts:

    • Fire Department took the biggest cuts:

      • Fire Chief Salary - The Board removed the 3% increase. Current Fire Department Chief made known his intentions of not being reappointed. New fire Chief position will start close to $60,000 eliminating the need for 3% increase; there may be more room to adjust this amount depending on new position status of full time or part time.

      • The budget lines for Office Supplies, Training, Medical Equipment, Vehicle Repair and Computers were all flat lined by the Board. Fire Chief's initial increase of $1,000 was deemed not necessary and was removed for 1 year.

      • The Board reduced the Fire Truck Capital Improvement budget by $10,000.

    • Gravel processing was removed from the Road Budget which was $24,500.

    • The Social Service called BLIMP was flat lined; $500 increase was removed.

    • $958 from the New Hampshire Visiting Nurse budget was removed; this standardizes budget to equal amount received by the Maine Nurse.

    • Bridges and Culverts budget line was decreased from $50,000 to $25,000

    • Dam's budget line was decreased from $20,000 to $10,000. If monies are needed to fix Bridges and Dams these reduced amounts are not going to make much difference; monies will need to come from notes or bonds.

    • Cuts totaled $93,751.00 and will give the Town a flat lined budget; Town taxes will not need to go up if all are approved.

B. Warrant & Finance had other points to discuss that arose from the March 16th meeting.

    • APAT Funds – Discussion of Atlantic Broadband subscription fees and where they should be allocated. Board decided to leave APAT alone.

    • Forester Stipend – Tabled until further investigation can be completed.

    • School Gravel Pit – Mr. Long updated the Board that this was an unsafe area for children. Mr. Long's thoughts are the monies should come from the Road Department to close this gravel pit back up and make the children safe again. Parties involved will be notified and a decision will be made on whether to close or not. This is a watershed area and a DEP plan will need to be put into place to reclose this pit. The Town Administrator will follow up with all parties involved.

    • Warrant & Finance Committee Members asked the Board of Selectmen to reconsider the following budget changes:

      • To zero out the Fire Truck Reserve Account, and

      • to increase Paving and Cemetery Accounts.

B. EMA Director/E911 Operator Job Descriptions

EMA Director position is still open; the Town Administrator is waiting on an approved job description before advertising. The Code Enforcement Department will be able to absorb E911 Operator duties with training. Discussions will continue.

C. District 1 Equipment

Tabled - Waiting for snow to be gone.

D. Fitness Center

Discussed in Department Update.

E. Rowe Bridge Damage

The Town Administrator reminded the Board that the insurance company does not cover the damage done to Rowe Bridge but will pursue drivers of said damage once repairs are made and receipts are in hand.

Conversation turned to the placement of barriers at the Bridge. The Town Administrator relayed that Mr. Letourneau was spoken to and adjustments were made to the reflectors. Selectmen Walsh mentioned that Maine Turnpike Authority had barriers for sale.

Rollin Waterhouse approached the Board to add his comments regarding the barriers and the fact that 3 weeks have gone by and this work needs to be done. Discussion ensued.

Selectmen Walsh noted that since this was an elected position, the town folk need to push the Road Commissioners to get work done. The Selectmen are the end not the go between. Road Commissioners need to be called directly.

Selectmen Miller asked if the Board could look into getting some $25 barriers. Both Selectmen were in agreement that the Town should have some barriers instances as now presented. The Town Administrator asked if she should purchase some or should it be the responsibility of the Road Commissioner to do so?

David Langley approached the Board to remind everyone that liability is needed to be kept in mind when barriers are installed. Discussion continued about barriers already owned by the Town and their current condition. All agreed barriers were needed either through purchasing or renting. Mr. Langley will call the Maine Turnpike and see if there are more barriers available for purchase.

F. 7th Street

The Town Administrator is awaiting response from the Road Commissioner and receipt of the Engineering Report. Lawyers have worked out wording discrepancy on easement so this will be on the June Warrant.

G. Bonding Policy

The Town Administrator presented the Bonding Policy to the Board of Selectmen for signatures. Selectmen Elise Miller made a motion to sign the acceptance of the Payment Policy for the Town of Acton; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. All approved. Policy signed.


A. Draft Warrant

The Town Administrator asked the Board of Selectmen to review and proof the Warrant and get back to her for corrections. Some typos and changes were notated. The Board will respond with final review by Thursday or Friday.

B. Motor Vehicle Audit

A Motor Vehicle Audit was conducted by a DMV Representative from Augusta. Audit went well and Mrs. Roux was informed of changes to Cash Receipt Report. There was one write up item – the License Plates need to be placed in a Fireproof Storage Unit. Selectmen Walsh asked if a gun safe unit would be acceptable. The Town Administrator will look into matter further and report back to the Board.

C. Order for Elections

The Board of Selectmen are in the process of drafting Road Commissioner and Road Committee Ordinances to be placed on the June 18 Secret Ballot. This Order was drafted and read to meet timing requirements; Maine law states 45 days before the Election. Order was completed to instruct the Clerk to put the Questions on the Ballot.

Selectmen Walsh read out Order to be place on file.

Question 1 – Should an Ordinance titled Road Committee Ordinance be enacted?

Question 2 – Should an Ordinance titled Road Commissioner Ordinance be enacted?

Selectmen Miller made a motion to sign the order; Selectmen Walsh seconded. All approved. Signed.

D. Road Committee Ordinance

Selectmen Miller informed the Public that they are still in process of drafting the Ordinances and plan to let those interested read the Ordinances. All who need to be involved will be involved.- in the development of said Ordinances. A draft copy of the Road Ordinance was distributed.


  • Mrs. Lois Michaud approached the Board to inform them of a matching fund program she

received from the Veteran’s Association. Deadline is July 31st and match limit is $4,500. This match can be done individually or as a Town. Mrs. Michaud wanted to share at the

Board of Selectmen's Meeting to see if Acton could help out. The Board of Selectmen

thought individually was the recipient's best chance to receive funds, but she was welcome to have advertise the program through Town resources (bulletin boards and website).

  • Susan Meehan approached the Board regarding upcoming Earth Day on April 22, 2019. She told the Board that there were some Town folks who were interested in organizing a clean up day on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Mrs. Meehan asked if the Transfer Station would accept tires collected along with the trash. The Town Administrator indicated Mrs. Meehan should talk to Mr. Mann, but accommodation will likely be made since the Town's tire collection date is close to the Earth Day date. The Town Administrator will publicize if fliers are supplied; posted on the bottom of the flier for liability must be a note that this is a volunteer event, not a Town event.

Mrs. Meehan asked when Town Report will be ready. Town Administrator is hopeful it will be ready the next day.

  • Mr. Rollin Waterhouse approached the Board regarding the proposed Ordinances. If Ordinance is passed by the ballot, the Ordinance is going to supersede the creation of the Road Committee created back in 2006. The Town Administrator replied there will be a note on the bottom of the Ordinance regarding superseding of all other Ordinances. Mr. Waterhouse was also concerned that if the Ordinance did not pass, the Town goes back to 2006 Ordinance, which in turn will be the elimination of Road Committee duties.


  • Meetings are on the website

  • Baseball Sign ups Due 03/28/2019

  • “Caring for the Cashin's” Bean Supper, Friday, March 29, 2019 from 4 to 7 pm.

$8.00 adults/$6.00 for Seniors and Children. Raffle tickets are available.


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux


Mr. Jim Bowtell, Mrs. Lois Michaud, Mrs. Susan Meehan, Mr. Brendan Meehan, Mrs. Karen McManus, Mrs. Joyce Bakshi, Mr. Dave Langley, Mr. Robin Ham, Mr. Chuck Gregory, Mr. Joe Ruma, Mr. Dennis Long, and Mr. Rollin Waterhouse