Upcoming Agenda


May 28, 2019



Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the agenda; Selectmen Stacey-Horn seconded. No discussion. All in favor. Approved.




Mr. Dave Langley approached the Board to ask if he could clear of some of the underbrush that is encroaching the back area of the Town Hall. The impacts for it not to be cleared are: antenna signals can not bounce off of the repeaters properly and the moisture in the back of the building is high causing other issues. The cost for this work is $1,200/day and Mr. Langley expects 2 days of work. The Town Administrator asked if 1 day would make a difference. Mr. Langley's response was a definitive “yes”. The Board was in favor of a 1 day cleanup if the Treasurer was on board with this request.


A. Fire-Rescue Commission

The Fire Department needs to provide a list of names for commission panel. Board is ready for them. The Town Administrator will reach out to the Fire Chief to get the panelist names. Mr. Ham confirmed that this was discussed publicly in the Fire Dept. meetings. The Town Administrator suggested signs and notices be put out to garnish further interest. Mrs. Lois Michaud from Warrant & Finance and Mr. Dolan (Resident) both expressed an interest on being on the Panel. The position being filled within the Fire Department is a full time position. The Town administrator will pull information and start working on a job description.

B. Grant Updates

Leslie Berlan submitted to the Board the application for $87,500 for the culvert upgrade on H Road. Mrs. Berlan asked the Board to review, approve and sign it, as it is needed to be completed by June 31st.

Selectmen Walsh read out the cover letter for the Grant. This grant requires a 50/50 match. Mrs. Berlan did a lot of the work to complete the application; if the Town is fortunate enough to get the grant, there will be a Special Town Meeting to come up with another $87,500. If the Town does not approve to match the funds, the money will go back to the State and awarded to someone else.

The Road Commissioners are aware that the Road Committee has been working on this grant and some even contributed information to go into the application for the grant; all indications are showing that the Road Commissioners are completely on-board with this action. The Board had no further questions for Mrs. Berlan. Mrs. Berlan wanted to thank Mr. Dave Langley and the Fire Chief for their assistance in making this come to fruition.

Selectmen Miller made a motion to sign the Stream Crossing Grant; Selectmen Stacey-Horn seconded. No discussion. All in favor. Signed.

Selectmen Walsh reminded those present that the Board was signing this grant so that it could be filed and requested and that no monies will be drawn until the Town votes to expend.


A. Expense Report

The Town Administrator provided documentation to the Board for review. The Board will bring it back to the table next week after their review.

B. Langley Shore Association Request

The Langley Shore Association has made application for $3,000 under Article 43. The Town Administrator informed the Board that based on protocol, it will be given to the Road Committee to review. Mrs. Leslie Berlan, Road Committee informed the Board that she lived on this road and will have the others of the Road Committee do the work and she will abstain from any voting that is done.

C. Land Use Close 3pm - 05/29

The Town Administrator informed the Board that due to many constraints (primarily scheduling), the Code Enforcement Office will be closed tomorrow at 3 pm.

The Town Administrator informed the Board that they received 2 resignations today. One was for Whitney Baker of the Forest Conservation Committee and the other was the Animal Control Officer. The Town Administrator will draw up the papers and have them ready for the Board to sign next Tuesday. If terms do not expire, the Town Administrator will start to advertise the positions.

D. The Town Administrator brought up that the hours of 4 to 5 was not working in order to get all the items on the agenda.

E. Sheriff - Deputy Shaw

Deputy Shaw gave his 2 weeks notice with York County Sheriff 's office. This is a contracted position with both Acton and Shapleigh; there will be joint interviews tomorrow afternoon. There are 3 candidates to finish out the term of the contract until the new Warrant deems whether this contract will be renewed or not; there is no reason not to renew.

F. Executive Session.

Selectmen Miller made a motion for the Board to go into Executive Session pursuant of M.S.R.A 405-6A; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn.

Selectmen Miller made a motion for the Board to come out of Executive Session; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn.


Mr. Long approached the Board to thank Mr. Langley for what he has done for the Town of Acton. Following that up, Mr. Long also thanked, Mrs. Berlan, the Road Committee, Mr. Langley and others for doing what they do towards obtaining a common goal.


  • Paving Deadline - June 4, 2019

  • Public Hearing Notices- Planning board has 2 hearings on June 6th: Modified conditional Use Application and a Conditional Use Application for a Day Care.

  • Candidate Night - Wed night (not a town event)


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux


Mr. Dennis Long, Mrs. Joyce Bakshi, Mrs. Leslie Berlan, Mr. Rollin Waterhouse, Mr. Dave Langley, Mr. William Langley, Mrs. Mindy Spaulding, and Mr. Tucker Pearson.