Upcoming Agenda


June 4, 2019


Presentation was made to Michelle Rumney to congratulate her on becoming the first ever Acton/Shapleigh Maine State Certified Treasurer.


Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition of “G. Executive Session” under new business; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.


Selectmen Miller made a motion to approve the minutes of May 21st and May 28th; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No Discussion. All in favor.


A. Recreational Committee - Lights

Mr. Bowtell, Rec. Committee Chairman approached the Board to give an update on the light situation at the Rec. Fields. As the Board knows, the lighting work was already approved on last year's Warrant and the Committee is running pretty close to the end of the financial year to get this work done. There's about $8,000 left on that particular Warrant and the Committee got quotes in to have two poles fitted at the field. This figure came in at about $900 per pole. The Committee approached Mr. Craig Norman to have a look at the lighting situation. Reminder to the Board - This is not about having flood lights on the fields but a safety measure for getting the kids off the fields in the Fall or at the end of soccer season. The Committee determined it was also a good opportunity to get some light to shine on the parking lot for exactly the same reason; can also double for the ice rink in that season. After speaking to Mr. Norman and getting his quotes for the poles, it all seems like everything can be done within budget. The Committee is hopeful to move forward with that work as soon as possible; certainly within this fiscal period.

The Town Administrator told the Board that this groundwork was done prior to the 18/19 full Rec Committee members were in place and that not all members were privy to these discussions. Mrs. Roux further summarized that this was being drawn from the Capital Improvement Fund which was reviewed and intended to be used to cover this project. Mr. Long brought this topic up a few weeks back and asked it to be verified. Town Administrator dug in to the budget to confirm. Mrs. Roux further reiterated these poles were going to be placed both with lighting facing toward the field and the parking lot. Mr. Bowtell indicated that there will be 4 lights facing the field and 2 lights facing the parking lot. The Town Administrator spoke that she was still talking with the Contractor about that decision as the quote was a bit higher than expected. Communications with Mr. Langley regarding excavation were conducted. The push is to get this done so that the monies do not go back into the account and the work will not be delayed a year.

B. Tree Work behind Town Hall

Mr. Langley approached the Board regarding the tree limbs behind the Town Hall. Mr. Langley reached out to the Church to determined the amount of Town property this project actually entailed and what belonged to the Church. As Deputy Fire Chief, Mr. Langley was willing to sit down and discuss with the church to explain his concerns for a fire break and the thinning of the Oaks out. Next week, Mr. Langley will have had these conversations and will have a better understanding of where things stand. The Town Administrator stated that money wise, if the Church can share the cost of one day's worth of clearing work, the Town will cover the other ½ as it is all the Town can do. Mrs. Roux stated that, essentially when the generator work was completed, something happened to the box and there was rework to make CMP happy. This had nothing to do with the generator work but it increased the electrician payment which would have been the money available for the tree work. Mr. Langley understood and commented he wanted to bring it to the Board's attention and if the work was not done until the next fiscal year in July that was okay too. Mr. Langley will report back as soon as he knows and possibly of whether the work can be done before the time runs out.

C. Road Commissioner – District 2

Mr. Letourneau updated the Board that District 2 was finished with their patching as for now. Tomorrow morning Mr. Jeff Goodwin is going to go down and grade the Goding Road. From there, the crew will move over to Flat Ground Road, hopefully making that project to be underway by the end of the week. Selectmen Walsh asked Mr. Letourneau if he was aware of all the work that needed to be done on Flat Ground Road? The Town Administrator commented that there was a quote/breakdown that could be shared from the prior Road Commissioner, however, she asked Mr. Letourneau if he would be bringing in fill and gravel? Mr. Letourneau responded. Yes, that was basically what was needed and no more ditching was required. Mr. Letourneau repeated that Mr. Goodwin was going to try to get in there tomorrow and see if he has a chance to start the project. The Town Administrator asked if Mr. Goodwin provided a quote with liability insurance and the other required pieces ahead of time? A quote is needed instead of just saying you have this much money to spend. Mr. Letourneau exclaimed that he did not tell the contractor how much money there was to spend or what he had available to spend on Flat Ground Road obviously because the Goding Road grading is being done. The Town Administrator again asked if Mr. Letourneau had any numbers for the Flat Ground Road? Mr. Letourneau responded, No because he and Mr. Goodwin were going to go look at the project together to figure out the costs. Mr. Letourneau stated he knows what he has to spend but Mr. Goodwin does not. The Town Administrator asked that they touch base regarding insurances before any work is started; it might be on file, but she needed to check.

Mr. Letourneau continued his update to state that yesterday he rode around with Frank Carroll Jr. and assessed the 4 wish list roads that he would like to do when he has some budget numbers; waiting on paving bid to comes in. When asked, Mr. Letourneau stated some of the wish list items are: East Shore Drive for shim and overlay and sections of Hopper Road that needed grinding.


Mr. Michael Corey, APAT Manager approached the Board to give everyone a clarifying understanding of what has been going on with the live feed and some of the other technical issues being experienced. All issues originated when a cable running from the TV switch to the camera became faulty. The replacement cable purchased was too long which degraded the video quality and focus. Atlantic Broadband also found an issue on their end and replaced a part. Last week's issues were Mr. Corey's fault because he plugged in wrong cables during troubleshooting. Grounding out issues and playing with audio tweaks are done. Mr. Corey plans on buying some cheap equipment when budgets are unfrozen. APAT is now live, the audio quality is better and Mr. Corey will continue to tweak to enhance quality all the more. The Town Administrator asked Mr. Corey if he had the money in his budget to make the purchases that are needed so that the equipment would not go down; the Board can approve those items currently. Mr. Corey stated it was just a cable he wanted to try to see if he could get the audio quality a bit more crisp for people watching live. Selectmen Walsh asked Mr. Corey what the cost was for the cable. Mr. Corey replied around $40.00. The Selectmen agreed to permit up up to $50.00 for the cable purchase. In conclusion, Mr. Corey also informed the Board that he did an update to the production computer and in doing so, it destroyed the process of production causing all the video feeds to loop and the audio feeds to be fine. On top of all the other issues happening, Mr. Corey had to roll back that computer and reproduce the entire month of May's videos which included all the videos that were on file. All has been completed and everything's up and running and back into the production process.


A. Fire-Rescue Commission

The Town Administrator reported to the Board that even though the Fire Chief had 3 or 4 names to move forward with for the Commission, he wanted to wait until Saturday where he was having additional training and thought there would be more warm bodies to draw from. Mr. Johnson wanted to have a bigger pool for selection. The Selectmen directed the Town Administrator to get the names from the Fire Chief ASAP; Mrs. Roux will call in the morning.

B. Langley Shore Association Request

The Town Administrator notified the Board that the Road Committee was meeting tomorrow night (June 5th) and this was on their agenda. Tabled until next Board meeting for the Road Committees recommendation.


A. Resignation

The Town Administrator read the resignation of Mr. Chris Whitman Rec. Director to take place after the Spring Sport Season is over. Town Administrator sent regrets on behalf of the Board and requested a formal date. Response was June 21, 2019.

Mr. Bowtell was asked to come back up to the podium as the Chair of the Rec. Committee and with the Board's approval, where the Board has a Selectmen's Seat changing on June 18th, there was no reason that the Rec. Committee could not just continue their day-to-day operations as they are now. The Town Administrator further recommended the Board not to address this opening until after the new Selectmen Seat is filled. This recommendation is based on the fact that the Town has a member on the Rec. Committee who is running for said Selectmen Seat, so depending on what happens or doesn't happen that outcome may affect what the Town can or can not do; depends on how things shift. The Town Administrator told Mr. Bowtell that he could make the announcement at the Rec's meeting tomorrow night with Mr. Whitman in attendance.

Selectmen Miller made a motion to accept Mr. Chris Whitman's resignation as Rec. Director; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn.  The Board commented they hated to see Mr. Whitman him leave as he and his wife did great things for this community. No further discussions. All in favor. Accepted with regrets.

B. Open Paving Bids

The Town Administrator only received 2 bids; Mrs. Roux told the Board that there was an email received from Pike Industries indicating they would not be bidding. The email was read aloud. The Town Administrator made a call to Pike industries to clarify the confusion. Pike Industries still did not like the uncertainties laid out and chose to abstain from bidding.

The 2 received bids were opened by Selectmen Walsh and read out:

· Dayton Sand & Gravel

Ø 19 mm (3/4"): $85 per ton

Ø Handwork: $135 per ton

Ø Curbing:$9.00 per lineal foot

Ø Reclaiming: $2.00 per square yard

Ø Liquid Asphalt: Based on MEDOT Escalator

· All State Asphalt (formerly Carroll Materials)

Ø 3/4” Machine laid hot top: $76.40 per ton

Ø Handwork: $155 per ton

Ø Curbing:$7.00 per lineal foot

Ø Reclaiming: $1.90 per square yard

Ø Liquid Asphalt: $550 per ton

Quotes passed on to qualified personnel for review; no decision to be made tonight.

C. Sign Warrant

The Town Administrator indicated all was in order and the Warrant was ready to sign. Only adjustments were to 6A and 7 to indicate the Road Committee articles. How many were being elected and who the Warrant & Finance and Conservation Committee members that were expiring. Document was proofed and ready to sign.

Selectmen Miller made a motion to sign the Town Warrant for June 18, 2019; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Warrant signed.

D. Management Letter

The Town Administrator presented to the Board a letter received from RHR Smith & Company reviewing the upcoming audit and fees.

Selectmen Miller made a motion to sign the June 20, 2019 audit for $9,500, the School audit for $3,900 and the single audit if needed for $2,500; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.

E. Election Layout

The Town Administrator presented the Election Layout to the Board for their information. The layout is dictated by the Secretary of the State's Office with precise locations and measurements. Mr. Jim Fisk performed the layout diagram for $100 which has been submitted and accepted by the State.

F. Contract Deputy

The Town Administrator announced that Mr. Gregg Sevigny was unanimously selected; Mr. Sevigny started today. He is the Contract Deputy for both Acton and Shapleigh. Mrs. Roux wanted to clarify that both Towns are in a contract until December 31st ; no matter what happens at any Town Meeting, Acton already has this deputy through December 31st. That being said, one candidate had to be chosen to complete the contract terms; Deputy Sevigny does want to stay on. In June and November both Towns will be asking the voters if they want to continue the contract for another 3 years.


· Rollin Waterhouse approached the Board to ask if both Paving bid was quoting the same size. The second question was asking if the current Deputy will be fill out the current contract until December 31st and then continue when the contract was renewed. Answer to both questions was yes.

· Lois Michaud asked about the APAT vocals on past meetings? The Selectmen stated that when Mr. Corey spoke, that was their impression that yes those meeting vocal were cleared up.

· Rollin Waterhouse had a third question. Did the Board know there was damage down at Balch Lake whereas a post with gate attached was knocked down by someone and needs replaced. This was not done by plowing.

· The Town Administrator had an update regarding the paving bid. The Road Commissioners asked to table the decision until further information is provided; the Town Administrator will gather that information for them.

G. Executive Session

Selectmen Miller made a motion to go into Executive Session pursuant to M.R.S.A.405(6a) Personnel Matters; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.

Selectmen Miller made a motion to come out of Executive Session; seconded by Selectmen Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.


Elections – June 18th

Town Meeting – June 22nd

Library Book, Plant and Pie Sale – June 8th

Candidate's Night is on YouTube

Road Committee Meeting – June 5th Upstairs

Rec Committee – June 5th Downstairs


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux


Mr. Michael Corey, Mr. Joe Bowtell, Mr. Dennis Long, Mr. Rollin Waterhouse, Mr. Dave Langley, Mr. William Langley, Mrs. Lois Michaud, Mr. Tucker Pearson, Ms. Karla Bergeron, Sarah Hewitt, Cheryl Drisko, Mike Perro, Tom Davis, Michelle Rumney, Jerry Rumney and Samantha Rumney.