Upcoming Agenda


June 11, 2019


Presentation was made to Selectmen Elise Miller to thank her for her 3-years of service as Selectmen for the Town of Acton; this was her last meeting.


Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the agenda as written; seconded by Selectmen Miller. No discussion. All in favor.






A. Recreational Committee – Lights

The Town Administrator reported to the Board that there was a remaining amount of $8,000 appropriated for lights and electrical at the location. Currently the invoices that have come in are: $1,800 for 2 poles. Digging work at $1,600, and electrical at $5,500. This puts project costs at $1,000 over budget. The Town Administrator is working with the Electrician to review this work to bring it in under budget so that the monies do not need to go back into the Capital Improvement Fund. One option being discussed is to reduce the amou8nt of lights put on each pole and/or change the direction of lights to maximize their coverage. If work is not done now, with no Warrant Article, the work will be deferred to 2021.

B. Tree Work behind Town Hall

Mr. Dave Langley received the property line dimensions. More research to locate the pin needs to be done. The Town Administrator asked if the Church had any concerns with the Town of Acton trimming the trees. Mr. Langley reported that he had not gotten that far but will send Mrs. Wood another email. If the Church is fine with this project, then it will not be necessary to locates the pin.

C. Fire-Rescue Commission

The Town Administrator informed the Board that the Fire Chief did move 3 active department member names forward for participation on the Commission. They are: Wayne Ham, Sharon Jackson and Rob Dobson. Other Commission members will be: Selectmen liaison Kimberly Stacey-Horn; Warrant & Finance, Lois Michaud; and the Retired or Active Member of the Municipal Fire as appointed by the Selectmen is still needed. The Town Administrator reached out to Chief Steve Benotti of Sanford Fire Department but he is unable to participate. However, Chief Benotti did make a few recommendations to the Town Administrator of other Chiefs in York County that he would choose first. With the Board's approval, the Town Administrator will reach out to those recommended to see if there is an interest. Then, once these six members get together, they will select a Member of the Public to join the Commission; proposed is the same gentleman who did it last year because he has a Fire & Rescue background and is interested in joining the Commission.

The Fire Chief job is posted and 4 resumes have been received to date.

Selectmen Walsh indicated that he had a member of the Fire Department reach out to him and indicate that he was interested in being on the Commission; this individual was not one of the three names that was moved forward.

The Town Administrator explained to the Board that she was told specifically that the Fire Department selected Wayne Ham because he was an Officer; Sharon Jackson because she was a full time employee; and that the Fire Chief picked between the last two people by hat.

Selectmen Walsh agreed that it is supposed to be the members in the department that chooses. The Town Administrator was not sure what good it would do, but the Board can call on a member and ask if they were given five names and if they were able to pick three of those five or did they discuss it? Again, the Town Administrator reiterated she was not sure what good that would do. Selectmen Walsh was not 100% sure if he wanted to go with all three of the names presented from the Fire Department and whether procedure was followed properly.

Selectmen Walsh asked what the Ordinance read regarding this item under discussion. The Town Administrator read out the part of the Ordinance which pertained, “three active department members elected/appointed by the department”.

The Town Administrator did not want to put anyone on the spot but could randomly find a couple of people to ask how it was handled and get back to the Board; Selectmen Walsh agreed.

D. Langley Shore Association Request

The application was sent over to the Road Committee for review and Mrs. Cindy Hart came before the Board to make a recommendation on behalf of the Road Committee.

Mrs. Hart updated the Board that Charles Gregory, Jay Ward and herself from the Road committee went out to Langley Shore Drive last weekend and walked the road with Leslie Berlan and their Road Commissioner. Scott Mooney did a beautiful job out there; initially they had a real problem with erosion control on a banking. The rip rap is just perfect and erosion control mix above the whole road looks really good and the Road Committee recommends the Board accept it.

The Town Administrator passed the application back to the Board indicating the Road Association was looking to receive the entire $3,000.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept the Langley Shores Article 43 Section 3(106) Request; seconded by Selectmen Miller. No discussion. All in favor. Check request will go in next week and a check will be ready on Friday; application initialed as approved.

E. Paving Bid

The Road Commissioner reviewed received bids; there was no sliding scale indicated on any of the bids. The Town Administrator spoke to both Road Commissioners and both have differing opinions and both have valid points. That said, Road Commissioner Mr. Letourneau would recommend the Board accept All State Asphalt (formerly Carroll Materials) as he is the lower bid and ready to move forward; Mr. Langley recommends the Board not accept either one of the bids due to prices are a bit high and that it be reconsidered to go out as individual roads. Selectmen Walsh agrees with the thoughts of doing these bids by road but maybe next year would be the time to do it since we have already gone out to bid on these and move forward with this current bid package for the time being which is only good until end of December 2019.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept All State Asphalt's bid as recommended by Mr. Joe Letourneau; seconded by Selectmen Miller. No discussion. All in favor.


A. Purchases

The Town Administrator brought a few purchases before the Board to approve since there was a purchase freeze.

  • There is $2,500 in Computer Equipment Hardware line that would be used for these purchases:

    • Lap Top for the Town Administrator (been under discussion for a few months; Mr. Corey needs a decision and purchase details to order).

    • $1,000 – Surface Tablet for Code Enforcement (cost to fix is more than replacement cost).

  • Code Enforcement budget

    • Additional hanger rack for large map display.

Board approved.

B. Request for Information

The Town Administrator received a Freedom of Information request from Mr. Murray. Request includes:

  • Engineering study in support of Article 76 and 77 (required by Zoning Ordinance);

  • Road Commissioner's Assessment of Article 76 and 77 (nothing in application);

  • Financial Impact Study (nothing available).

For those unaware, Article 76 is the minor change to the Road Ordinance and Article 77 is asking the voters accept 7th Street.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to sign request; seconded by Selectmen Miller. No discussion. All in favor. The Town Administrator will provide any and all information available.

C. Mass Gathering Permit

Vacationland Volkswagen Association is looking to do their August 4th at the Fairgrounds. The Association has met all the requirements; general liability insurance and fliers. The Town Administrator has not yet checked with Deputy Gregg Sevigny to see if he has any concerns; none in the past have been heard.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept the mass gathering application from the Vacationland Volkswagen Association; seconded by Selectmen Miller. No discussion. All in favor.

D. Penny Rubbish

The Town Administrator presented to the Board a renewal request for Penny's Rubbish and Light Trucking (commercial hauler located in Acton) to be considered. Certification of liability insurance and list of customers were all included in the application. No concerns have risen; Town Administrator checked with Mr. Bob Mann and he has no concerns either. Application is incomplete – Tabled until next meeting.

E. Meeting/Workshop Policy

The Town Administrator brought to the Board feedback regarding implementation of the Meeting/Workshop Policy that it may be unclear in regards to the Zoning and Planning Boards. These Boards are governed to do things a certain way based on the Town Zoning, so there is nothing the Selectmen can do to trump the zoning Ordinance. What is needed, is a little blurb at the bottom of the policy to state, “exempt from this policy are any postings governed by the Town of Acton Zoning Ordinance”. If the Zoning Ordinance says you have to do it one way, you do it that way and you do not follow the policy established by the Town Selectmen.

Selectmen Stacey-Horn made a motion to sign the updated Meetings/Workshop Policy; seconded by Selectmen Miller. No discussion. All in favor.


  • Selectmen Stacey-Horn commented that she received a telephone call from Michael Long who lives on flat Ground Road. He wanted to say thank you to the Selectmen, the Town and to Mr. Letourneau because Flat Ground Road looks beautiful. In his view, its all done and he is extremely happy.

  • Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board to state what was done and review the possibility to put 3/4” gravel down over the larger rocks. On a whole, a great job was done. The Town Administrator will follow up the money tomorrow.


Elections – June 18th 8am to 8 pm

Town Meeting – June 22nd 8am at the School

Library – June 12th Water talk (last in series)


Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Elise Miller, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux


Mr. Dennis Long, Mr. Dave Langley, Mr. William Langley, Mr. Karen McManus, Mrs. Susan Meehan, Mr. Brendan Meehan, Mrs. Lois Michaud and Mrs. Cindy Hart.