Upcoming Agenda





AUGUST 12, 2008


1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.


2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.         WARRANT: Approved and signed.


4.         OLD BUSINESS:


            a.  ASSESSING: Meeting to discuss contract with Joseph Lessard on Friday at 9:30 am.


            b.  HEALTH INSURANCE: On a motion by Tony it was voted to change our plan to HMO3-08.  At this time, selectmen have not made a decision to require employees to contribute 10%.


            c. Karl Hodgdon: Karl had requested that the Town stripe a center line on H Road, Goose Pond Road and Hopper Road at the July 29 meeting. Trucks and trailers take up more than 9 ft., making it a hazard. Nancy said there is no money in the budget to do this year. Karl asked that she contact Shapleigh to see their costs.


5.         NEW BUSINESS:


            (A) Mike Peterson/Zoning: Michael stated he wants to circulate a petition to revoke the newly voted zoning. He does not feel that people understood what they were voting for. He also stated his concern that a ballot clerk had told him that if he didn't understand  what he was voting he should leave the ballot blank. He asked Selectmen for assistance in writing the article. Nancy explained that the selectmen cannot tell him what to write. He should write what he wants the petition to accomplish and they can         then check  to see if it is legal. Nancy and Tony both noted that the public had been well notified and any hearings held before the vote.


            (B) Comprehensive Plan Committee: Tom Cashin noted the need for maps of each zoning district boundary overlayed on a colored aerial map. Cost is $400. Nancy said that there is no money in the budget for this. She suggested the Planning Board, Comp Plan Committee and CEO share expenses.


            (C)  Sign Pole Permit: On a motion by Tony, a pole permit for Peck Road was signed.


            (D) Mass Gathering Permit: Saco Pathfinders submitted an application for a Mass Gathering    Permit for Friday, August 15 and every Sunday afternoon from August 31 to November. They plan to conduct riding lawn mower races at the Acton Fairgrounds. On a motion by Tony it was voted to grant the permit and to waive the fee, since they are a non-profit group.


            (E) Executive Session per  1 MRSA  405(6)(A)  Personnel Matter: Tabled


Nancy reported that at the conclusion of last weeks executive session the following statement was read: “The Selectmen find no grounds for disciplinary action to be taken in regards to the complaint read and addressed at the June 17th Selectmen's meeting regarding Town Treasurer Vicki Ridlon. A record of the complaint, her response and the Selectmen's decision will be put into her personnel file. She was reminded that everyone at the Town Hall must be respectful and polite at all times. The Selectmen strongly support her as Treasurer of the Town of Acton.”


John Moore requested that the Comp Plan and Zoning Ordinance  with the three new ordinances be placed in the Acton Public Library.


6.   ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at 8:05 pm


7.   MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Ruma, Tony Cogliandro


8    OTHERS PRESENT: Petey Smith, Chip Venell, Bob Anderson, Percy Lowell, John Moore, Patti Dutil, Richard Ham, Irene Kerrigan, Dennis Long, Tom Cashin, Barbara Seckar, Roger Roy, Jordan Landry, Vicki Ridlon, Mike Petersen, Leslie Dennis, Lorraine Yeaton