Upcoming Agenda


July 17, 2019




The Board of Selectmen reviewed with the Town Administrator the following updates:

  • Horn Pond – There have been complaints lodged regarding the condition of Horn Pond. The Town Administrator has contacted the Department of Conservation who indicated that they clean this area up once per week; they admit it is a bad area. The Department of Conservation recommends residents call the Sheriff’s Department constantly and consistently to report issues. Selectmen Walsh will reach out to Mr. Cunningham to hear his ideas. The Town Administrator will ask Deputy Sevigny to check the area when he is in the vicinity.

  • Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn reported that her meeting with Orchard Road and the Road Commissioner went well.

  • The Town Administrator received an email from HEB regarding the Engineering Plan. HEB suggested they hold a workshop to go over information in said plan. The Town Administrator responded that a workshop should be scheduled after the Road Committee reviews.

  • Live stream of Board of Selectmen Meeting: The Selectmen received multiple calls informing them that live stream cameras and sound were on during the Selectmen's retirement into Executive Session on July 9, 2019 and the conversations being broadcasted were not very nice. These were unproductive conversations that should have never been said.

    With the new format, the Board will need to decide how to proceed during Executive Sessions with whether equipment should be left on or not. A word to the wise, even when the Board is in Executive Session, the Board meeting is still in progress.

  • Mr. Letourneau, Road Commissioner informed the Town Administrator that East Shore Drive will be paved soon. Mr. Letourneau requested the Board support notice to the local residents. More information will be given after a date is received from the paving company.

  • Forrest Committee did not meet as quorum was not met. Two seats are still available on the Committee. The Committee requested the Board to support advertising these positions.

  • Mousam Lake Drawdown Letters – The letters requested by the Board are complete and ready to be picked up for distribution. Mrs. Adelle Strickland requested if something could be inserted into the Acton tax bill. The Town reviewed this with Shapleigh as well, possible the Town Administrator could put a blurb on the tax bill if the Board so wishes. Selectmen Walsh did not think this was a good idea as it does not give property owners enough of a notice before the draw down occurs. Selectmen Winchell suggested a banner at the foot of the lake as all residents must pass through that area to get to their properties. Selectmen Walsh asked if the cost could be shared with Shapleigh.

  • Rec Field Update – The excavation portion of the rec field work has been completed; the Town Administrator has released payment. The electrical work should be done this Friday.

    The Whitman's stopped in and returned the book and keys for the Rec Department; Carol K is still looking for a digital form to be returned.

  • An email was received from the Auditors reminding the town that their audit is scheduled for September 5th; a checklist was provided to help prepare for the audit.

  • Fire Department – There were some minor issues at the Fire Department when it was inspected. The Town Administrator did not have a status on the completion of those issues being address and/or if the insurance company had signed off; to be followed up.

  • The Town Administrator was able to find a 1-day training course for the new Animal Control Officer; Thursday, July 25, 2019 in Augusta.

  • O'Donnell's & Associates will be here on August 14th at 1:00 pm to discuss their recommended tax commitment figures. The Town Administrator indicated that this session will be very informative and that the plan is to present to Board that evening the options available to choose for the tax rate.

  • The Town Administrator sent an email to the Road Commissioners reminding them that they and their staff had required classes to be completed; suggestion was to do these in a group setting.

  • The Town Administrator has reviewed and recapped all the hour changes to staff in relationship to the new approvals and holiday schedules so that all are aware of what was available to them.

  • The new website can not be put into place until the current website is cleaned up of outdated pdfs. Once done, there will be training for the website maintenance and a determination of who will be responsible for pages on the website.

  • There is still addressing mapping issues between Trio and Maps online. The Town Administrator is waiting on Cardiographics before she can move forward; estimated time frame is 2-3 weeks. It will also need to be determined which staff members will keep working on this project.

  • The Town Administrator reported that the Fairground people were thankful and the Snowbirds were also thankful for the decision on their gym usage.

  • Inquiries were made regarding what was being done with the Parking Lot drop off. The Board discussed this and are considering a solution of barricading the area with fencing. The Town Administrator will have District 1 Road Commissioner look into this.

  • The Fire Extinguishers have been returned and need to be returned to their rightful place.

  • The Town Administrator in preparing the agenda asked the Board if there were any additions, deletions or changes. Selectmen Winchell asked for G. to become A. and A. to become G.



Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept the agenda as written; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No further discussion. All in favor. So moved.




  • Joyce Bakshi, Planning Board Chair updated the Board on the following activities of the Planning Board since their last update on May 14, 2019:

    • Permits and Applications processed

    • Election of Gavin Maloney as Interim Chair (until Mr. Cashin can return)

    • Planning Board Workshops have been suspended for the Summer.

    • A walk through of the Planning Board Processes time line (10 meetings = 3 months)

    • Land Use and Planning Board have generated $123,850 in revenue from the fees that the Board has approved.

    • All Planning Board meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month; the public is invited to attend.


A. Fire-Rescue Commission / Fire Chief Position

Selectmen David Winchell informed the Board that there have been 2 meetings held by the Commission so far. The first meeting was to choose the 7th member of the Commission. The second meeting the following was achieved or discussed:

  • A schedule was drawn up on what needed to be done.

  • The candidate applications were reviewed and culled from 9 to 4 applicants to interview.

  • Discussed the possibility of a new approached to this position. Items placed on the table were:

    • Making the position a part time position of 20 hours per week versus a full time position.

    • Hiring a full time EMT using the money not spent on the Fire Chief position.

    • Seeking the Board's approval to pursue this new concept before notifying candidates and conducting interviews.

    • Possibility of re-posting position as Part-time.

    • Notify viable candidates possible position changes and send letters to candidates not selected to move forward whether full time or part time.

    • Appoint an interim for August 1st.

Selectmen Walsh asked if the full time position was an EMT/Fireman? Mr. Wesley Ham approached the Board to respond. The Board was in agreement with the Commission recommendations. The part time will not include benefits and/or medical. The new salary would be half of what is currently offered. The Commission will meet Monday to get their thoughts and a job description together; Selectmen Winchell will meet with the Town Administrator on Tuesday to draft a new posting.

B. Rec Director

Tabled – Rec Committee is currently meeting.

C. Loop Road

The Town Administrator presented the paperwork for review. Loop Road was inspected by the Road Committee. The work done by Scott Mooney was beautiful; there was only once issue with the culvert at the end of Loop Road on Milton Mills is blocked and that will be rectified by the State. The Road Committee recommended to approve the $1,300 reimbursement.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to reimburse Loop Road Neighborhood Works the $1,300 under Article 43; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No further discussion. All in favor. So moved.

Quick reminder on the Gravel Road Workshop on July 31st. The Town Administrator has handed out about 6 or 7 registration forms. The Town Administrator will reach out to Shapleigh. The workshop representative has not responded as to what is further needed yet.

D. ACO – Lebanon

The Animal Control Officer from Lebanon requested $13.50 per hour plus state rate for mileage for the 3 hours of work she performed in the service of Acton. The Board agreed. The Town Administrator will draft a letter to be sent.

E. D-6

Selectmen Winchell looked into the part that is needed; it is available. Mr. Winchell is concerned about the hauling of the D6 because of its condition and leakage without a building designated for the equipment. Selectmen Walsh wants it at the Fairgrounds to draw interest in helping financially with it's restoration. Selectmen Walsh still needs to touch base with the Fair.

F. Personnel Policy

The Town Administrator presented the approved Personnel Policy for the Board's signature; already approved at a former meeting.


A. Executive Session M.R.S.A. 405 6A

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to move into Executive Session M.R.S.A.405 6A at 7:11 pm; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No further discussion. All in favor. So moved.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to come out of Executive Session M.R.S.A. 405 6A at 7:55 pm; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No further discussion. All in favor. So moved.

B. Appointment

Selectmen Walsh read out the appointment of Dan Archambault as Fire-Rescue Commission Member until August 30, 2019.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to appoint Dan Archambault to the Fire-Rescue Commission; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No further discussion. All in favor. So moved.

C. Library Lights

The Electrician provided a quote to replace 10 LED lights in the library. After rebate, the cost would be $1,100. The Town Administrator recommends that the Board wait until mid-way through the fiscal year to determine if there was enough money in the budget for this. Selectmen Winchell suggested it be waiting upon until the Spring. Selectmen Walsh and Selectmen Stacey-Horn indicated it was dark in the library. Selectmen wanted to think about it and tabled until next week.

D. Forest/Conservation Openings

The Forrst Conservation Committee has two openings; one until June of 2020 and the other to June of 2022. The Town Administrator with the Boards support will advertise those open seats.

E. Resignation

The Board read out Perry Mee's letter of retirement. There may be a temporary fill in to step in; not to be enacted on until an official notice. Mr. Mee will be sadly missed as he has been with the Town for 12 years; the Board plans on bringing him closer to his retirement date to acknowledge his service.

F. Meet and Greet Date

The Town Administrator contacted the Sheriff’s Department for availability dates; July 31, August 7th and August 21st were the three Wednesday dates of availability. The Board selected August 7th.

The Town Administrator will schedule August 7th for the Meet and Greet followed by a light agenda that night for the meeting.

G. Brenda Charland – no longer present at the meeting.


  • Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board to ask why the last three Board of Selectmen meetings were no longer posted on the internet. Selectmen Walsh responded that he made a request that they be taken down due to a personnel issue.

  • Mrs. Lisa Long approached the Board to inform them she is the newly elected Chairman of the Rec Committee and had 4 people who wished to be appointed to the Rec Committee. They are: Norman and Rajchel Wilson, Abby Mastrie and John Bowtell. This makes 8 Committee members. Goal is 11 but would be happy with 9 members.

    Mrs. Long asked the Town Administrator for keys to the Gym. The Town Administrator told her she will give them to her after this meeting.

    Lastly, Mrs. Long informed the Board that the Rec Committee voted to table the Rec Director position for 3 months to see what as a Committee they can do on their own.

  • Joe Dioro, Lakeside Drive Road Association. Inquired about Article 43 funds as a group to clean out the basins. Response was that each Association would need to apply separately. The bill could be split 3 ways; but each association would apply separately. Application for funds can be done each year.

  • Leslie Berlan suggested that the $3,000 cap might be re-looked at for adjustment; the Board was comfortable with staying at a $3,000 cap. The Town Administrator will assist in helping get the word out to all associations.


  • There are 2 seats are open on the Forrest Committee's

  • Gravel Road Class is July 31st at 8:00 am; registration is at 7:00 am at the Town Hall.


Joyce Bakshi, Dennis Long, Rollin Waterhouse, Leslie Berlan, Joe Dioro, Lisa Long, Wesley Ham, Brenda Charland, Cindy Hart, William Langley, Robin Ham, Carl K., Ken Paul, Kriistina Robinson