Upcoming Agenda


July 31, 2019




  • Town Administrator informed the Board that she needs to update MMA on where position stands with Fire-Rescue Commission.

  • A resident brought to Town Administrator concerns related to new format suggesting the Executive Sessions be done at the end of the meeting so public can adjourn; length of time it takes to sign warrants. Board thinks new set up is working just fine and will proceed with this format.

  • Paving of East Shore Drive has been scheduled for August 1st; Road Commissioner asked that it be advertised.

  • Town Administrator is looking for someone to take a look at the generator as recommended every couple of months and listen to it when it is running. Selectmen Walsh will take on that responsibility.

  • Conduct for Officials policy is tabled until Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn is available to review.

  • There were two hundred and twenty two 30-day notices that were sent out.

  • An email was sent to Department and Committee heads to remind them to notify the Town Administrator of meeting dates so that they can be added on to the calendar.

  • Snow removal policy: Maine Municipal is suggesting a Snow Removal policy for the outside perimeter of the Sand & Salt Building. They haven't said a lot about it but sent an email that the Board consider; there is a loan and insurance related to the Building. Tabled until Board can meet with representative to get specifics.

  • There has been some telephone line issues since the new system has been put into place whereas they are not rolling from one line to another when line is busy. It is being looked into. Secondly. there was a fax line that which is no longer in use; after confirmation with code Enforcement, that line has been removed from the system.

  • Dog report: Dog licenses were due in December; late fees occurred in January and February, March brought the Animal Control Officer starting to knock on doors, and now summonses will be written. Board reviewed the list to see if they knew if anyone person had moved from the Town.

  • Dividend payments: The Treasurer reported that Acton got back $6,149.00 from the dividend from Maine Municipal. These dividends are derived from the Town paying into Worker's Comp all year and the interest received based on claims submitted comes back.

  • Wednesday, August 7th is the Board's Meet & Greet so there will e a light agenda for the Board of Selectmen's meeting and the Executive Session will be held at 6 pm.

  • There is a Road Training Class scheduled for August 15, 2019 at 4:15 pm in the Town Hall; both Districts will attend.

  • APAT: Mike Corey is looking for some people to film meetings and has drafted an advertisement to be released; the Town Administrator and the Board looked advertisement over. One suggestion from the Town Administrator was for the stipend amount to be included as it was a flat fee and a notation that they will train the right applicant.

  • The circus is coming to Acton; however no one has contacted Acton for a mass gathering permit.

  • IT asked what to do with the Fire Chief's email; the Town Administrator instead of turning it off, is having it forwarded to Mr. Langley.



Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to approve the agenda; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. No discussion All in favor. So moved.


Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to approve the minutes for July 24, 2019; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. No discussion All in favor. So moved.


A. Leslie Berlan, Road Committee Chair:

  • Updated the Board that the Road Gravel class was held today. There was 25 in attendance. The class went well. One of the Road Commissioners attended. The State is willing to conduct further classes; erosion is one of the classes to be scheduled and one of the Road Commissioner's is also interested as it will boost his required credits.

  • Mrs. Berlan asked about the employee training classes for clarification.

  • Stream Crossing grant was not received; fish passages were not shown as well protected as other grant applications.

  • Mrs. Berlan asked if the Town would pick up the payment for her to attend a grant stream crossing class in Portland in August; even if not, she will still attend the class. The town will review and approach the Board. Grants for West Shore and New Bridge are still to be submitted. The Board suggested the Road Committee to put a budget in place for the future training classes for members.

  • Mrs. Berlan reviewed the Engineering report and has comments, but the Board will wait until the entire committee reviews the report. Mrs. Berlan suggests a workshop would be a welcome venue. Selectmen Winchell also commented that Milton should review report and be included in workshop as they should have a part in funding the work as well. The Town Administrator will reach out and then update the Board next week.

B. Mr. William Langley, District 1:

Presented the numbers for two projects (plugged culvert and beaver dam) on his worksheet to the Board of what was coming up; a 15% contingency was included. This allows the Board to follow along. The Board was good with both projects.

C. Mr. Dave Langley, Interim Fire Department:

  • Mr. Langley reached out to Selectmen Winchell regarding moving forward as Interim Fire Chief. Selectmen Winchell will be in attendance of a meeting on Friday, August 9th to speak to the Officers on Fire Commission update. Operations are running smoothly; numbers will be available next week.

  • Mr. Langley has reached out to surrounding fire departments, made connections and is working on keeping communications open.


A. Fire-Rescue Commission / Fire Chief Position

The next Fire Commission meeting is August 1st at 6 pm.

B. D-6

The D-6 was not moved this weekend. Mr. David Winchell Sr. approached the Board to ask about who was working on the D-6. The idea is to get it going and moving it down to the fairgrounds. It will be covered. Board is aware that it is a sensitive piece of equipment. It still belongs to Acton. Mr. Winchell SR. would love to show it off around the town.  Selectmen Walsh will like to get pictures down. Plans are being made to clean it up for presentation.  Selectmen Walsh believes it can be presentable by the fair and will go see Mr. Winchell Sr. next week to formulate a plan.

C. Balch Lake Dam Gate

The gate is a mess. Someone ran into it at a high speed. The 6" post is good; need re-dug and straightened. Selectmen Winchell believes the gate should be put back up so that no one uses it as a boat launch. Newfield Chief was accommodating to help reset the pole. Cost will be estimated and Newfield Board approached to split labor and materials. If Newfield is not in accord, Acton will still pursue. If gate is built out further it may deter parking.

D. Library parking lot changes

Town Administrator presented a diagram to readjust the parking spots to give her two spots but they would be a little wider. The Librarian is asking that the libraries spot be marked as such.  Discussion ensued on line placement. Board decided to stay with their original plan. 

E. Letter to Secretary of State Liquor Board

The Town Administrator is resending letter to a different address. Board signed new letter.


A. Certificate of Appointment - Health Officer

Selectmen Dave Winchell made a motion to appoint  Vicki Erickson as Health Officer until June 30, 2020; Selectmen Walsh seconded.

B. Live Meetings versus Executive Sessions

Due to live feed issues and conversations while in Executive Sessions.  Meeting is not closed, so live feed lines and cameras will be open and recording.  This will eliminate and camera issues.


  • Arnold Murray, Tax Payer. Wants to get the Acton Private Group back together to help Acton Roads apply for grants. Discussion regarding how to bring Acton roads forward fairly. The Board and Road Committee needs to work together to revamp ordinance so that other Acton Roads can qualify. Mr. Murray kept insisting there was a conflict of interest and that 7th Street was done illegally. Selectmen Winchell reiterated that 7th Street did what was required of them to get approval. The attorney verified proceedings before it went to vote. Mr. Murray persisted that it was wrong and he had video; the Board concluded that they are making moves to make it better for all roads. If it is too restrictive, then the Ordinance must be revisited. Mr. Murray concluded that he just wanted to make sure all got a fair shake.

  • Susan Meehan approached the Board and asked if the auditor will be available for questions. The Town Administrator commented that the pre-audit was completed and the actual audit was taking place next week. There is no reason the auditor couldn't be available if the Board so wished. Selectmen Walsh indicated that would be fine.


  • Meet & Greet - Wednesday night, Town Hall

  • Blood Drive - August 8 Noon to 5 pm in honor of Irvin Pillsbury Sr.

  • Assessing workshop - August 14th at 1 pm

  • There are open seats on Cemetery and Recreation Department

  • Selectmen Walsh indicated that the Renaissance Fair last week was an interesting thing and the Jousting event was enjoyable. Reception of the event was so good that it might become an annual event.

  • Selectmen Walsh updated the public that at the Dam meeting, the original bid came down in cost but the engineering work costs went up. The vote was still to move forward with project. The Town Administrator confirmed that the Banner was ordered.  A reminder was stated that boaters are encouraged to get boats and docks out by October 1st; the lake will be down for 1 month.


William Langley, Dave Langley Sr., Dennis Long, Leslie Berlan, Susan Meehan, Brendan Meehan, Arnold Murray and Cindy Hart