Upcoming Agenda


August 14, 2019




  • Selectmen wished Dennis a happy birthday.

  • Dog Barking Ordinance – a few people have asked the Town Administrator about whether the town should put into place a dog barking ordinance. The town can be surveyed randomly at the window during tax time. It is something the BOS might want to think about. There is a State ordinance but they don't feel it is very stringent.

  • Policy for Elected Officials – BOS was to review; asked it be put off another week.

  • A drafted letter to Former District 1 Road Commissioner was read to the BOS; there were no changes and letter will be prepared to sign for meeting.

  • Code Enforcement Office is asking the Board's permission for some electrical work to be done with lighting and refrigerator plug in. The Town Administrator will seek bids and bring back to the Board. There is also some shelving to be installed which is already approved from the Fire Board.

  • John McClain (the grant class that Mrs. Berlan asked about) reached back that there was no fee for the class. Information was sent to the Road Committee. Anyone interested needs to contact Mr. McClain directly.

  • Deputy Fire Chief Rick Smith brought information about a boat and trailer to the Town Administrator to sell. All information is now available. There is a minimum price. Can be discussed during regular BOS meeting to decide whether the BOS want to sell or not.

  • The APAT Director asked whether he should produce the dead air during the Executive Session or the 20 minutes of actual meeting time. The BOS asked that the tape be reviewed and a complete copy be retained but the aired one can be reduced.

  • The State reported there was a confirmed rabies incident in Acton and gave the Town information that has been posted. The BOS asked where in the town this incident occurred. The Town Administrator will ask the State.

  • Photocopiers – There are two leases. The copier to be renewed is the 2nd floor. Concerns were reviewed. Lease amount looks to be the same amount but when the numbers come in the Town Administrator will bring them back to the table. Machine will be upgraded but display minimized to not look so complicated; training will also be provided.

  • The Town Administrator reviewed with the BOS the roles of a liaison; some liaisons are being requested to do more than initially outlined. Discussion of roles and expectations ensued. BOS decided that liaison should read minutes to keep informed but is not a full time/voting member. Liaison roles were reviewed to swap liaison roles and make a more balanced load of work; Selectmen Stacey-Horn will take on the school and Selectmen Walsh will take the Road Committee. Memo will be sent by Town Administrator to those departments affected.

  • Town Administrator gave the agenda to the BOS of Selectmen to review. Discussion ensued. One item was added to the Agenda – Social Media.


Selectmen signed the Warrants/Bills


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the amended agenda(swap B and G); Selectmen David Winchell seconded. No discussion All in favor. So moved.


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the minutes for August 7, 2019; Selectmen David Winchell seconded. All in favor. So moved.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to approve the minutes of July 31, 2019; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. No discussion Vote 2 in favor; 1 abstention. So moved.


  • Mr. William Langley, District 1 – Completed both projects (H Road and Acton Ridge); this week mowing of the side of the road was completed today. Robin and Tim have been out cutting brush and are going to chip all the brush they have been cutting the last few weeks. Today and next week we will be start working on New Dam Road project; the culvert on Mann Road; and District 2 hired us to do mowing on his side too. Both sides are all done. Selectmen Walsh was pleased to see both sides working together.

  • Dave Langley, Interim Fire Chief. Reported to the Board that the Fire Department took ownership of new air packs; 17 packs, 34 bottles and 23 batteries. August 27th the company will be coming down to do training on them. No one will use until training has been conducted. In the process of logging serials numbers as these are very expensive pieces of equipment. Insurance policy is being reviewed for replacement. Thank you!

    This coming Monday, Captain Ham and Captain Lambert is our annual post testing. Our equipment will be tested and certified. If there are problem, equipment will be pulled out of service. Duty crew will be in town during this testing period. Selectmen Winchell asked about the past reference equipment issues and whether a plan has been put into place. Mr. Langley will be addressing that issue as soon as he has the numbers. Consideration of rolling funding in with shortfall of hiring new Fire Chief and Paramedic; the sooner we have the numbers the better. 3 trucks are currently beyond meeting the standards and we are working on those prices.


A. Fire-Rescue Commission / Fire Chief Position

Draft looks good; there are 2 minor changes to reflect personnel policy. Does anyone have it electronically? Sharon Jackson. Once done, advertising can start. Mr. Winchell also spoke to the Chief, the Assistant, and the Captains. This group would like to see a Paramedic hired. At some point, the Commission after going through all the numbers, there is a shortfall between 10 to 14, 000 dollars. Mr. Winchell made a suggestion to get repair numbers and the hire on numbers from Michele and go from there.

Hiring process is to advertise, receive candidate, and then put candidates through interviews and agility tests. Candidates stay on a list for 1 year. There is not a current list. We should start the process now. The Town Administrator can prepare the advertisement and move forward; will provide a proof by the end of the week. Base numbers for pay will be researched. To be revisited next week.

B. Fire Chief Job Description

Discussed above. Job description will be drafted and reviewed. To be revisited next week.

C. Balch Gate

Town Administrator asked how did the Fire Chief get involved. Who from Newfield contact you? There is a draw hydrant on the other side of the gate; both towns take share the duties to keep clear. There is a little spot behind the gate where people put canoes in. All that needs to be done is to pull the post up and straighten it and District 1 is willing to weld on it. The most is, if we have to buy a piece of steel to weld onto the gate, it will be $300. Newfield will not be involved; Acton will take care of it. Can be done with Maintenance budget.

D. Parking Lot

The Town Administrator will invite individual with concern to come and discuss with the Board next week.

E. Library Lights

To be discussed next week with same person as the parking lot.

F. Library Parking – Same as Item D.

G. D-6

Running out of time for D-6 to get down to the fair this year. Once the dust settles, it will be moved to the Town Shed. Remove from agenda.


A. Tax Commitment

The Town Administrator reviewed the tax commitment rate with the BOS. Town and School budgets were flat lined; County raised. However, when all numbers are plugged in, $12.05 is the recommended tax rate (where the tax rate is now – no increase); goal is to keep tax rate steady. Town Administrator continued review explaining undesignated funds, revenues and write-offs.

Pleased to present a no increase tax rate of $12.05 based on the new buildings, the newest assessment, all the hard work of everybody and of course Warrant & Finance, and the voters of keeping that municipal and county, school, everything kind of flat lined. The BOS is welcome to review it, but the sooner you commit

The talk is that homestead legislation may drive homestead up next year from 20,000 to 25,000 but it has not happened yet.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to set the tax rate at $12.05 and sign the certificate of assessment; Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. No discussion. All in favor. Signed.

Selectmen Walsh stated this is a culmination of everything this Board has done, what Warrant & Fiance has done this past year to work hard to keep the numbers down and run the town in a responsible way. Most of all the tax payers that come to Town meeting and look at the numbers and go through the process. Cudo's to you.

Numbers will be transferred to the tax billing tomorrow and be online immediately; please no calls until mid-September.

B. Next Week's Meeting

The Town Administrator asked whether the BOS would like to meet next Monday night instead of Wednesday. The BOS decided to have no meeting next week. They will come in Tuesday or Wednesday to sign the bills. The BOS were asked to walk in the Acton Fair parade at 10 am on Saturday.

C. GIS Agreement

The GIS Maps online agreement was presented to the Board for signatures; price did not go up. I tem is budgeted.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the GIS agreement for $2400; Selectmen David Winchell seconded. All in favor. Agreement signed.

D. Prior District 1 Letter

Town Administrator presented letter to get back equipment from Former District 1 Road Commissioner.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to send letter to Former District 1 Road Commissioner; Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded. All in favor. So moved.

E. Social Media

Selectmen Walsh indicated there is a Social Media frenzy worldwide. Lately the Acton's page (not run by the Town of the Acton) has false information out there. Please take it with a grain of salt. slander is not acceptable and please don't feed into the frenzy. There is a lot of good information but that little segment that keeps things riled up is exhausting. Selectmen Winchell commented that it is a great site but attacks to Road Commissioners and Fire Chief is being conducted by someone who doesn't even live in the Town. If anyone has a question, please contact your Selectmen or anyone in the Town.

This site is not for attacks. If you are a tax payer and you have an issue, please call us. We accept complaints; acceptable methods for lodging complaints is to call or write the Town Hall. If you are on a Board, Committee or are an elected official please do not respond unless you are defending yourself. Do not feed into it. The site initially was started for a good reason.

F. Executive Session 405 6 A 1

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to go into Executive Session 405 6 A 1 at 7:30; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. All in favor. So moved.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to come out of Executive Session 405 6 A 1 at 7:35; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. All in favor. So moved.

Authorize a payment to the Interim Fire Chief to receive the same salary a received the last time he was Interim Fire Chief.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to pay Mr. Langley the same salary as received the last time he was Interim Fire Chief; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. All in favor. So moved.


Mr. William Langley asked if there will be a lock box on Balch gate fr access; response by the BOS was yes. A copy will be placed in the Vault.


  • Open seats on Boards/Committees:

    • Cemetery Committee – 1 seat

    • Recreation Committee – 1 seat

  • Acton Farm Dinner Event, Sunday, August 18th to benefit the Cashin family.

  • Videographers Wanted – if interested, please send a resume to APAT at the Town Hall.


William Langley, Dennis Long, David Langley, Robin Ham, Rollin Waterhouse