Upcoming Agenda


August 28, 2019




Two freedom of information requests are being worked on:

Young's Ridge Road
Application has been accepted by the Planning Board but nothing else has moved it forward. There has been a request for copies of the file and maps. Due to the amount of data to be copied, the Town Administrator requires a deposit before the work can be done, per policy.. Initially the group asked for yield plans, town engineer and verification compliance reports, current proposed plans, DEP findings, owner response to Southern Maine Regional Planning and findings, perk test results, etc. The group designated a point of contact. The Town Administrator spoke with that person and it was decided to copy the entire file. This group is concerned about the subdivision and they know the Planning Board will eventually have public hearings and will be able to be heard in that way.

Wentworth Pines and Cattle Street
The second half of the day was spent going through a lot of emails from an individual who has concerns. The Town Administrator has been forwarding these emails to the liaison and the Board as needed for review due to the content and nature of the language used in the emails and geared towards the Town Administrator. If he does not be polite, the Town Administrator will not deal with him. It is at a point whereas this person will need to come in and review the information because there is a folder which is 4 to 5 inches think with information. and the individual does not want to place a deposit or pay the coping fees. According to the freedom of information act he does have that right to inspect. The Town Administrator is work on scheduling that meeting. as this said individual is not permitted in the Town Hall without notifying the Town Administrator first because of past behaviors in the building.

Selectmen Walsh indicated that he and the Town Administrator had spoken earlier this week and there was some language this individual used that was unacceptable. The Board of Selectmen asked if they needed to be present during this individuals and the Town Administrator responded she was okay with it. The Selectmen reminded her to not take any of it and if he started to thank him and end the conversation. The Town Administrator will also schedule when Deputy Sevigny is on duty.

The Town Administrator further commented that the situation is over a private road and that the staff in the Town Hall are familiar with the history and doesn't know what was done or planned to do during that time. The individual also has assessing concerns as well; in fact his concerns seem to be here, there and everywhere.

The Treasurer provided the Town Administrator information to share with the Board regarding best practice auditing that she wanted the Selectmen to review about practices and auditing when changing auditing firms. It is good information.

The rabies incident that happened a few weeks back, the Selectmen asked the Town Administrator to find out where the incident took place. According to the State the incident took place on 33rd Street where a fox attacked a dog and the owner was scratched in the process. The fox was killed. The fox tested positive for rabies. The State also reminded the Town Administrator that even though this happened on 33rd Street, these animal traveled far distances.

Carl Davis of Three Rivers Land Trust will be speaking to the Board tonight regarding an upcoming grant, it's continuation of a project already underway and the reimbursements that they will receive.

Elected policy was put off for a couple of weeks as the Board was going to proof. If there are no changes, the Town Administrator will prepare for signatures next week.

Tape on August 6, 2019 - The Town Administrator emailed the Selectmen the request to remove the dead air from the tape and it was agreed to do so and thus it was done. The Town also provided to the Selectmen with the notes of any conversation or comments which was heard during that space of time.

There has been a lot of praise from the Town's people over the fact that the Selectmen have kept the tax rate at the same rate as last year. The tax bills are with the printing company and the Town Administrator hopes to have them out by the middle of September.

The Town Administrator scheduled an Executive Session for September 4, 2019 per the request of the Selectmen. The individual involved has been notified.

Auditor concerns:

Ambulance Building verification of billing:
The auditor is looking for contracts, the $44,000 and outstanding billings.

There is a list of items and a request of by whose authority were they completed. There has been no response to the Town Administrator's email and it was resent today. If there is no response forthcoming, the Town Administrator will resend on Friday and copy legal. Medical billing would like to meet with the Selectmen; they want these outstanding bills collected.

Article 43
The auditor was concerned with the Article 43 applications and funding. She wanted to know who was checking and verifying information marked on the applications? She did a web search, she was unable to verify the information. The State may or may not have updated their site.

Also regarding Great Lakes and ponds qualifications and procedures, there is a need to determine of applications need statues. There is a concern that the Road Committee that offers approval are also the majority of the members on the private roads and associations who are applying for the funds.

The gym is not funded by taxes in the current year and it does not look to be sustainable based on the current enrollment. How will the gym be funded through the winter (especially with heating bills). How will the members be refunded since they paid through June 30, 2020. A plan needs to be figured out.

The auditor will pull together a list to formally go before the Board.

Dog Barking Ordinance

The Town Administrator asked the Selectmen if they had any thoughts on the dog barking ordinance. This is not something the Selectmen want to move forward on at this time.

Library Lights and Shelves

The Town Administrator knew she was to provide a quote for lighting and shelves for the library but has not had the time to gather that information.

Fire Boat & Trailer

The Town Administrator is working on the Fire Boat and trailer and it will go out to bid soon. Selectmen Winchell has been signed up for the October 8, 2019 class as requested.



Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the agenda as written; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. All in favor. Motion passed.


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn asked that the minutes be tabled until next week.


Mr. Carl Davis - Three Rivers Land Trust
Mr. Davis came before the Board to provide some history and where the Three Rivers Land Trust was on their trail project.

Acquisition was made last fall.

Project work this summer included setting 6" of gravel on the whole 3/4's of a mile area. It was compacted using a vibratory roller; the Town approved sign was put into place and the trail is now open to the public. It is not quite ADA compliant.

For ADA compliance, the Three Rivers Land Trust asked Mr. Doug Beck, Administrator of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant to come down and review the trail. The Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant initially funded most of the trail work already completed and some of the acquisition. Mr. Beck walked that trail and suggested that the Three River's Land Trust hire a professional company that does ADA compliant trails to bid on the project. He gave three names in recommendation. Of the three names, only one responded with favorable results. One did not respond and the third was unable to do the work due to time constraints.

The Kennebec Trail Company came down and looked at the trail and provided an estimate of $43, 348. This estimate surmised we still needed to finish a layer of gravel (usually a mixture of stone dust and smaller stone) to make the surface hard for wheelchair accessibility. This would entail putting down 4 to 6" over a landscape cloth for the 5' wide area. There is also two areas on the trail that definitely need some more work. One is an area of ledge which is too steep and was not done properly. The second, further up the trail needed worked on for a different reason. It too is too steep and will require a section of shale to be put into place so that people can use it. Another switchback will also be needed to make it ADA compliant. That's a section 800' x 5' wide. Kennebec Trail Company is proposing angular stone, rip rap, 3 to 6" on both sides of the bench where it is necessary and targeted drainage.

Obviously there has been quite a bit of rain this summer and there are some points on the trail that will need some work done on the drainage. Crib work and back fill elevating the climbing turn that are set where the ledges are.

Doug Beck stated when he was here, that the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant (which is a federal grant) indicates that in order to apply, some of the trail must be ADA compliant. But, he would like this trail to be completely ADA compliant because the idea it to get to the top of the summit. If you only get half way, you are not really getting the benefit of the views and offerings of the trail. He would like to see the project finished. He further commented that the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant would be willing and encouraged us to apply for further grant monies.

A review of the financials shows:

There is $6,000 left from a previous grant.

Subtracted from the $43,000 you roughly need $36 - 37,000.

The grant will support 50% of that; we need to match the other 50%.

To support the 50% match, Three Rivers Land Trust would seek funding from Maine Outdoor Heritage (monies that come from the lottery which is earmarked for conservation)

Discussion ensued on other grant and funding possibilities (i.e., Rachel Carlson and Maine Outdoor Heritage), so, there is money in the pool and the Trust would like to apply them. They proposed a letter for the Selectmen to sign in support of that grant for $18,000. Reminding all that this would hinge upon whether they would be able to obtain the grants.

The only other request of the Board is to grant the Trust some of Mrs. Roux time to help the Trust apply the paperwork to receive the reimbursements.

The Board was more than happy to sign proposed letter and held no concerns.

Road Commissioner - Dist 1 - Mr. William Langley

Mr. Langley came before the Board to request a Special Town Meeting for more funds to finish paving on the H Road. and his justification for doing so. Mr. Langley provided a matrix of what was needed to make up the difference for paving. A lengthy discussion ensued reviewing the following:

Mr. Langley met will all 3 Selectmen to voice his concerns of what he's done and the money he will need.

Reclaiming costs pulled out of paving and applied to general maintenance;

Accounts available and what items could be applied to which accounts;

Mr. Langley's time line of things he needed to do before winter and what was then needed to be done in the springtime;

Mr. Langley's feeling that a large amount of money should not be needed to be taken out of his account; he'd rather see the Town appropriate the $50,000 and finish that piece of road. If he had to wait for the spring, he would ask for a bigger lump sum. He also understood that winter is unpredictable and that is why Mr. Langley wanted to keep his money available, then whatever is not used can be further used in the Springtime.

Selectmen Winchell kept reminding Mr. Langley that the Board just kept the tax rate at the same rate as last year and with other Town money needs, there was not a lot of money floating out there. The Town Administrator stated the Town budgeted for up to $400,000 to use as undesignated funds based on the assessment increase and the only amount moved was $275,000 which leaves $125,000 which was not moved and Mr. Langley did sit down with the Treasurer as well and she did not think paving should come out of that because it wasn't really clear or transparent on what the voters thought they were spending on paving. Selectmen Winchell stated a budget vote on one line item was one thing, but there was nothing dictating what was paving. There's nothing in the general maintenance that says he can't us his money for this.

Mr. Langley had given the Treasurer another breakdown sheet on what he planned on doing for the rest of the summer. Selectmen Winchell asked what was in the Summer Maintenance Account - $70,000? Mr. Winchell reminded Mr. to spend that, he would be working really hard.

Throughout the discussion, Selectmen Winchell kept reminding Mr. Langley that the last town meeting was only 1.5 months previous and that it was not intelligent to have another one so soon.

Selectmen Winchell also asked Mr. Langley if there was another project that could be done that he could afford? Mr. Langley spoke about Hawk Road, but that he still really wanted to do his main roads before starting his side roads. He did not want to go backwards. Mr. Langley indicated that he could also prep Acton Ridge this year, place culverts and grind that piece of road. Mr. Langley further stated he was not overlaying roads anymore. He'd be happy to bring the Selectmen up there to see, but there us 5 to 6" of hot top on the road in front of his house and he is not doing that. He is grinding his roads from now on. Mr. Winchell stated, then if that is the case, wait until spring to see what you have left over.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn stated that if Mr. Langley is going to need money, the conversation should be had with New Bridge Road and District 2 Road Commissioner, regarding any needs he may have.

Selectmen Ed Walsh agreed with Selectmen's Winchell constant reminder that they just had a Town meeting 1.5 months prior and if they were going to go to a Special Town meeting it should be for something like Sand this winter. He also suggested H Road be put off until spring.

Update closed with the Selectmen recapping that they knew there were major projects coming up and there were circumstances that didn't permit Mr. Langley for seeking a proper budget through the Town Meeting. They also knew that winter was unpredictable and were not sure what was going to happen in regards to sand & salt. Hawk Road where Mr. Langley wants to do a turnaround should be reviewed for placement of town line, as a turnaround there may not be on town property. The culvert out by the road needs replaced and there is a little bit of shoulder work that can be done. Mr. Langley will call Bruce again for prices. The Board tabled the discussion for a week to think about Mr. Langley's request.

Gate at Salt Shed

Mr. Langley indicated there has been a problem with someone dumping brush there and Deputy Sevigny will be notified who is doing it and speak to individual. The Town Administrator asked Mr. Langley provide her the name before the Deputy is called.

Mr. Langley also met with H.J. Stone to extend the gate for $400. Mr. Letourneau and Mr. Langley went back and forth on how to handle this; took over this fix as he wanted to start using dump site and not see anyone get hurt. Once the gate is fixed it will be locked and the Town will get a master key; Mr. Letourneau will be also given a key.

The fan in the building has made the electric bill triple. The building has been sweating even with the fan on. The door has been left open. Mr. Langley suggests put a timer on it. The door just needs to be left open with something across the door to keep others out.


Fire-Rescue Commission / Fire Chief Position

Selectmen Winchell asked the Town Administrator to email the Commission members on hours of availability for a meeting. The Paramedic job description was received and will be advertised by the end of the week. The Town Administrator will send Selectmen Winchell an electronic copy.

The Fire Chief description is complete and approved.

Library Parking lot and lights.

The Library Board of Trustees came to speak with the Board regarding the parking lot. The Library Board prefers to take half of the space off and redistribute the excess to the other two spots to make them wider. It can help with lifting children out of the car. Then regarding the elderly, it is good to have the extra space for walking apparatuses. If one car parks over the line it encroaches on the next spot down the line and then encroaches on the handicap spot. The Selectmen determined to eliminate the parking spot completely and widen the other two spots to legal width space parking sizes. Mr. Langley will start at the handicap spot and work his way to towards the bad parking spot widening the spots to 9' and eliminating the bad spot. Seal coating the lines and repaint the lines.

The lights, right now there is 45% capacity for lights the rest are old. The library has tried everything. There is a quote; it is about $1200 after receiving rebates. Mrs. Bakshi updated the Board on the usage of the library and how critical it was to have these lights. The Electrician reviewed the project and recommended that it be changed over. This was done during budget season and not able to get on the warrant. It can be taken care out of the building maintenance fund.

Lincoln School Committee

Mr. Neal approached the Town Administrator to reactivate this project to put a committee together and help save the school. Looking for volunteers. Town Administrator will put on Facebook and the Website.

Scott Mooney, Equipment

Mr. Mooney spoke with Selectmen Winchell and explained why the equipment wasn't back. He indicated that he would have it ready to be picked up. He would lift it into Mr. Langley's truck. Mr. Mooney also indicated he had some culverts up there and this would be a good time for Mr. Langley take a look and see what was there. Was upset about the letter but it will be returned.

Balch Gate

Mr. Langley indicated the gate has been severely damaged and will need replaced. Mr. Langley asked H.J. Stone to provide a quote on a new gate; when that time comes, the posts will be redone as well. Selectmen David Winchell asked if a chain could be run across and posted with no trespassing signs as a temporary measure until quote is presented. Mr. Langley also indicated that there is a 6 ft. gap and did the Selectmen want him to put a rock in the gap. No, the ATVs use it. As long as a truck or car can't get through. Will revisit when price is available. The Town will also require a key when the lock is put on it.


Cash Discount Runs

Medical reimbursement reached out to Town Administrator with regards to an individual who used the Fire and Rescue services and asked if there was a cash discount if paid within a certain period of time. Generally it is 10% if paid within so many days. The Town Administrator will draft a policy and bring it to the Board next week.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Jenny reached out to the Town Administrator that she would not be able to do this year and is seeking someone to take it over. The Rec department? Anyone from the public? Please consider it and get back to the Board. Discussion ensued about trees and placement.

Copy Release


Goat Hill Letter

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to sign the ADA support letter for Goat Hill; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. all in favor. Letter signed.

Rec Committee

The Rec Committee is looking to delegate certain individuals for certain duties. They asked that the Board reconsider the policy in lieu of their circumstances. The Treasurer stays home and the Chair works a 12 hour shift. It would be easier for the Treasurer to handle the financials. Selectmen Winchell commented that this was designed to have one point of contact whereas the Chairman was the Director and the one person who would speak with the Board. Purchases have to be approved. The process for ordering is to have the committee approve. Then the Chairman has to contact the Town Administrator indicating what needs to be ordered. The Town Administrator makes sure the money is available to use. Then the item is ordered. The bill has to be signed off on before the bill is paid. If it is a credit card there is a different process. By policy there is only $25 in that account and we need to transfer the required money into the account. A debit card authorization form has to be completed by the Chair, given to the Treasurer with both the Town Administrator and chair's signatures. If it is invoices, it is simpler to be paid, the invoice is just supposed to be signed and submitted.

The Committee has divided up the duties to 3 different people. The Board can only support 1 point of contact. The Rec needs to decide who that will be and make them the Chair. Discussion ensued about what the Selectmen required and then moved into a discussion of keys. Locks were cut off to be replaced. The Rec committee voted to have 4 sets of keys - one for each of the leaders and one for the town. The Selectmen can authorize (under special circumstances) authorization to a back up member if the chairman is not available. The Vice Chair doesn't like to be dead in the water when she doesn't know what to do.

The liaison spoke, if there are any questions to please email them ahead of time so that she too can get answers.


This item was handled earlier with discussion of fan.


Mary Grant Committee - Selectmen Walsh read out 2 appointments for the Mary Grant Committee: Tammy and Daniel Krampetz.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to appoint Tammy and Daniel Krampetz to the Mary Grant Committee. All in favor. So moved.




There are open seats on the Cemetery Committee, the Recreation Committee and as a Videographers for APAT.

Bean Supper, Saturday, September 14th at the Acton Congregational Church next to the Town Hall. 4:30 - 6:30 pm; served family style. Cost is $8.00 per adult; children 6 - 12 are $4.00 and under 6 is free.


Carl Davis, William Langley, Leslie Berlan, Cindy Hart, Dennis Long, Robin Ham, Rollin Waterhouse, Carol K., Lisa Long, Joyce Bakshi, Lori Clarke, and C. J. Gardner.