Upcoming Agenda


September 4, 2019



Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn expressed condolences to Tom Cashin and family on the loss of Marie Cashin.


a. Tax Bill Company. Bills are ready to be reviewed by the Selectmen.

b. Auditor Findings and Remarks. (Gym, Article 43, Ambulance Billing, Review the Bank

Requisitions, and Xerox Contract at the Fire Department)

Reminder: The Town Administrator Update time is the only time the Town Administrator can speak one-on-one with the Selectmen to notify, present or discuss items which come up during the course of business which they should be informed of. That said, there was a rebuttal email sent out from the Chair of the Road Committee (addressed to only some of the Road Committee Members, the Selectmen, the Town Administrator and others not even on the Road Committee) regarding the information that was presented by the Town Administrator to the Selectmen from the auditor. The Town Administrator read a section from the Chair's email:

I find it disturbing that since the road committee is tasked with this duty that we were not contacted by any of the selectmen, the town administrator or the auditor with these questions. I would hope the above individuals are not allowing personal bias and dislike for the road committee and the individuals who serve on it. The road committee has spent countless hours working for the betterment of the town and are gearing up for the next round of grants. There should not be political infighting.

The Town Administrator shared her frustration with communications like this from an Elected Officials, when she was only doing her job by passing along the concerns of the Auditor.

c. Hopper Road. A resident brought forth concerns regarding Hopper Road; this will be turned over to the Road Commissioner and Legal to look at it.

d. Dog Bite. There was a dog bite at Iron Tails during an outside event. The dog resides in Shapleigh and the dog sitter brought it to this event in Acton. Once the skin is broken it is considered a bite. The bite happened on Saturday or Sunday but the Animal Control Officer was not notified until Tuesday; Town Administrator worked with the Animal Control Officer and the State regarding jurisdiction and quarantining. Both ACO's are still sorting it out.

e. Billing Update. Town Administrator is working with the new billing company, Higgins, the Treasurer and Legal to trying to figure out where and what the justification is of writing off the ones that were written off. In some instances the insurance companies might have contracts on the amount that gets written off; others not so much. Statues of how long you have to bill is also in question – 6 years for collection, bill within 3 months, etc. So, determination of what can be turned over to the new billing company is being worked on. Currently there is $9,000 in collections and $44,000 in write-offs.

f. Dam Pricing. Sanford, Shapleigh and Acton are working on coming up with the funding for the dam project. Initially the dam costs were to be split as Sanford paying 50%, Shapleigh paying 25% and Acton paying 25%. On top of that there seems to be an excessive $100,000 to be taken out via a loan and split three ways. There can be conversations at these meetings and that is great information, however, there is no total price yet for the project. Initially it was at $316,000 but the project went back out to bid because some of the work had already been done and only 1 person had bid on it.

The City of Sanford sent Acton a copy of the loan that they signed for the $100,000 and they wanted the first payments. Acton has asked the townspeople to appropriate the money and expend it but not enter into a contract and this is looking at a 5 year contract. Acton also doesn't have a total price; a complete package price. So, even though the town appropriated $75,000 (some coming out of undesignated, some coming out of the dam maintenance account); not knowing what the bottom line is even though Sanford is supposedly covering Acton's and Shapleigh's first $5,000, makes this difficult. The email was received August 26th but the payment was due August 1st. We are awaiting additional information from Sanford.

g. Triple E. The Town Administrator received a memo stating there was a horse in York County that contracted this mosquito infected disease and was put down. As this was a confirmed case, the towns are being notified as this disease can also affect humans.

h. Loop Road. Loop Road applied for funds under Article 43 and the Treasurer has been trying to get a hold of them because she has their check. The one email point of contact has not responded and there is no telephone number on the paperwork. Selectmen Winchell indicated he had the Treasurer, Mr. Swan's telephone contact number; the Town Administrator will reach out.



Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the agenda as written; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. All in favor. Motion passed.


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the minutes of August 14, 2019; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. All in favor. Motion passed.

Selectmen David Winchell Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to table the minutes of August 28, 2019; seconded by Kimberly Stacey-Horn All in favor. Motion passed.


William Langley, District 1 Road Commissioner updated the Board that the week of the fair the Mann Road project was not done due to heavy rains; West Shore Drive shoulder work was done instead. Mann Road was picked up last week; culvert was replaced and ditching completed. All is seated and the only work left to do is to pave the cross ditch. Brush was cut by the dump; cleaning out backside of the dump by the fence. Going to try and pull out large rock where ice builds up. This week there has been ditching done on the H Road. Mr. Langley presented work plan to Selectmen Stacey-Horn and a copy will be made for Selectmen Walsh; was already reviewed with Selectmen Winchell.

Mr. Joe Letourneau, District 2 Road Commissioner updated the Board that East Shore Drive was prepped to be paved; there was shim and overlaying done as well as graveling the driveways. Signage around town was worked on to replace missing street signs, speed limit and children crossing signs; more signs were put on East Shore as well. Miscellaneous cold patch work and brush cutting was also done. The wide patch seams were put in and the cement abutment looks really good now. Selectmen Winchell agreed.

Mr. Letourneau is waiting to hear back from Mainline fencing for guardrail plates. Selectmen Winchell asked Mr. Letourneau if he was given a time frame for when Mainline was going to do the work. Mr. Letourneau responded he had called twice and last week spoke to Rocky who in turn was going to call or email Mr. Letourneau. As of now, that has not happened yet. Timing didn't sound to be that far out but no solid time was given. Selectmen Winchell asked if the barricades were still in place. Response was yes.

Mr. Letourneau has been in contact with FR Carroll about the schedule for paving New Bridge Road, and indicated it will be done before winter.


A. Parking Lot

The Town Administrator updated the Board that Mr. Langley did as the board requested and brought someone in to give an official legal measurement on the parking spaces. These spaces legally must be 9-12 feet; handicap has to be 15-18 feet (an additional 6 feet added to a regular spot). The bad news is: the entire parking lot is illegal, measurement wise. The Town Administrator asked the Selectmen if they wanted to wait and use the original idea of marking off that one parking space by the library for the rest of winter to cover the town for liability and deal with the whole issue in the Spring when it can be budgeted for? Mr. Langley will cross out the one spot and place a no parking sign in that location next week.

B. Prior Dist 1 Equipment

Selectmen Winchell spoke with the former Road Commissioner and he had not had the equipment unbolted for removal from his truck as of yet. Selectmen Winchell will call him and line up what day the unbolting work will be done. Mr. Langley spoke up to state he too was going to call as intentions were that everything was going to be done today and he could pick up the equipment tomorrow. However, if he doesn't hear from him tonight, he will call in the morning, and at that time go over and pick up the equipment. Mr. Langley stated if that was happening, then he would place it back into the Selectmen's hands. The Town Administrator asked what next steps were if equipment wasn't received by Friday. After discussion, it was decided that if equipment as not received by Friday it would go back onto next week's agenda to be addressed.

C. H Road Paving

Mr. Langley decided to pull his decision to have a Special Town meeting and now he is going to wait until the Springtime to proceed.


A. Sand Salt Bid

The Town Administrator presented a draft to the Board after meeting with Mr. Langley who emailed it to Mr. Letourneau. A couple of minor changes, example, where it said, "up to 3,000 yards", Mr. Langley wanted to say for $3,000 yard; was still waiting for Mr. Letourneau's comments. Selectmen Winchell indicated it was always done before to put in "up to" a certain amount of yardage to cover yourself. That language gives flexibility and you're not limiting yourself. Mr. Letourneau agrees that 3,000 yards is a hard number to get depending on what is being hauled. The up to is good; suggested the bid be changed to "up to 4,000 yards". The town administrator will make the changes and start getting the bids out and advertising. The Selectmen agreed.

B. Roof on Maintenance Shed

Mr. Letourneau spoke with Mr. Joel Hilton (Steel Contractor out of North Berwick) back in May when Mr. Letourneau was trying to get a budget together. Review indicated that the screws had backed out of the galvanized roof (or thin aluminum) and there are holes that have rotted through. Mr. Hilton said he can get some over sized (like rubber) flat (like fender washers) and then just caulk it. It would be a temporary fix, but if we went to replace that whole roof, we're going to have to replace the insulation, because the insulation is all wet.. Selectmen Winchell asked if it was the whole roof. Mr. Letourneau responded it is the front corners, but how much did it go back. Selectmen Winchell stated it did go back because the roof goes up it; all that was leaking was that one corner. Mr. Letourneau agreed, the roof pitches away from the door but if water got down in there (ran down between the roof and the....). Selectmen Winchell asked Mr. Letourneau if there was any way he could check that. Mr. Letourneau responded that some of the insulation has pulled away to where it is sagging because it made a pocket and it just ripped down. So, there really is no way to know. Mr. Letourneau was going to have Joel Pierce come and look at it and see what he recommends; if the town can get by for another couple to three years, by doing the caulking (it is not a heated building). Nothing can be done to the electrical panel until the roof is fixed because it is leaking in both corners now. Selectmen Winchell recommended Mr. Letourneau get pricing from precision and with only $6,000 budgeted we will use it and then go from there.

C. Copier Lease

Copier Lease for Code Enforcement Office: The Town administrator presented lease for signature.

Selectmen Winchell made a motion to approve the new agreement for the copier for the Code Office from Budget Technology; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. All in favor. So moved and signed.

D. Truck/Boat Trailer Bid

The Town Administrator presented both bids to the Selectmen to see; bids were read out.

E. Fire Department Budget

The Town Administrator had the Treasurer run some numbers based on October 14th as a start date for the new Paramedic and Fire Chief. Based on the hourly rates that were discussed, there will be a shortfall of $4,260.23. What the Town Administrator needs is for the Selectmen to review in the next few weeks the Fire Department budget to come up with the shortfall amount. Selectmen Winchell indicated that this shortfall may not be so much as it will probably be a later start date especially for the Fire Chief. Posting will be made tomorrow to draw applicants. The Town Administrator agreed it can certainly be adjusted, she just needed something to go by.


Dennis Long asked the Board for clarification on the Selectmen's policy for spending money, was it right, you need to get 3 quotes for anything over $1,000. The Town Administrator indicated it needs to go out to sealed bid after $5,000. Amounts over $1,000 needs to seek out 3 written quotes. Selectmen Winchell asked it be put on the agenda for next week for review and discussion.

Susan Meehan asked if her suggestion a few weeks back for the auditor to speak with the tax payers would be reconsidered as there are questions. The Town Administrator indicated that the Auditor was asked and notified but the audit is not done yet. The Auditor did comment that she would want the questions in advance.

Susan Meehan asked about New Bridge Road. Response was it was just discussed and is going to be paved before winter.

Rollin Waterhouse asked if a work plan for New Bridge Road was going to be submitted for the public to review. Selectmen Winchell invited Mr. Letourneau up to respond to Mr. Waterhouse's question. Mr. Letourneau responded what needs to be changed will be changed but he did not think the big one needed to be changed and based on that it was not going to be done. Selectmen Winchell state due to State guidelines, it will need to be changed because it is supposed to be embedded. depending on when FR Carroll says they can come in and pave; shimming and overlaying will be done and if it needs to be changed it will be changed.

Mr. Waterhouse stated he did not think that shim and overlay would suffice for New Bridge Road.

Mr. Letourneau stated that if he grinds New Bridge and pave it, it will leave him no money for Hopper Road. Hopper Road something has to be done before winter. There is not enough money to do things the right way. Selectmen Winchell agreed, due to the lack of truck traffic because of bridge restrictions, there was no need to dump the extra money into grinding that road. If you go in and patch it up and put a heavy shim to that, you would be fine. Considered as a secondary road (unlike Young's Ridge), if that is what you as Road Commissioner feel you can do, then just give us your plan on paper to be approved.

F. Executive Session 405 6 A

Selectmen Kimberley-Stacey-Horn made a motion to go into Executive Session 405 6 A; seconded by Selectmen Winchell. All in favor.

Selectmen Winchell made a motion to come out of Executive Session; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. All in favor.


  • Open seats on Boards/Committees:

Cemetery Committee – 1 seat

Recreation Committee – 1 seat

  • Videographers Wanted – if interested, please send a resume to APAT at the Town Hall.

  • Bean Supper

  • Kite Flying at Romac Orchards


Brendan Meehan, Susan Meehan, Tucker Pearson, Joe Letourneau, William Langley, Dennis Long, Carol K., Robin Ham, Rollin Waterhouse, and Greg Vermette.