Upcoming Agenda


September 18, 2019




Last week it was commented on the lighting outside. The electrician was called. It was just a bulb and it has bee replaced. Both lights over the doors have been replaced. The bill is around $186.00. Recommend a communique be sent to all department heads to keep a look out for these type safety points and let the Town Administrator right away. While the electrician was here, lights in the CEO office was also replaced. The library light kits came in and they were installed. Another outlet was put in to plug the downstairs to run the refrigerator.

York County Commissioner Year in review report was received and given to the Selectmen to review.

Email was received from the Department of Motor Vehicles of some law updates. One item of note was increase in Municipal Agent fees; $3 to $5 for renewals and $4 to 6 for registrations. Laws regarding transfer fees and increase on duplicate registrations from $3 to $6. Effective December 1st the maximum gross weight for specialty plates has been increased from 10,000 to 26,000. The rest of the changes didn't apply to this office.

Keys were given to Brian in Maintenance for the Rec fields. A copy is being made but currently the Town Administrator's copy is out.

Acton/Wakefield Watershed is inviting the Selectmen to join them at Tumbledown Cafe on Thursday, September 26th at 5:00 pm for their Annual Meeting. They are going to reflect on the past year and what's in store for the new year as a new gentleman takes over for Mr. Shirer who apparently will be stepping out. Refreshments will be available.

Flu shots. Visiting nurses is not responding. At this time we are going to answer they are not being offered here.

Planning Board/Code Enforcement wanted to have the Planning Board meetings upstairs until they got through some meetings with the large crowds that they have. Instead of breaking and going down, the Board has stated they are to finish their meetings up here because the people in the room are wanting to stay until they are over and to move the camera down, we've offered to set it up live. Selectmen Winchell commented by doing it all upstairs everything remains transparent. The Planning Board is fine with that. Prior to this Young's Ridge Road being on the agenda, the Town Administrator had already allowed the room to go to the Girl Scouts from 5 to 7 every Thursday because the calendar was cleared when verified.

Mrs. Roux has spoken with the Girl Scout Leader and she has shifted the time a little bit to more like 5:30 to 6:45. The Planning Board Chair indicated that she still has some concerns. The Girl Scout Leader knows that cable can come in as early as 6:30 to set up and that half hour should be plenty of time. Other concern is that participants arrive early but that is unnecessary. Discussion to change date and time is a possibility as well as a site location change.

During the Planning Board meeting, there was reference of the Town's Attorney from an attorney speaking at that meeting. It was stated that some things under the Freedom of Information were not being done correctly, the Town Administrator asked the Selectmen to watch the meeting. A follow up of that, has nothing to do with the Planning Board, Attorney Joe Linkowski sent an email to said attorney cc'ing the Town Administrator. Email essentially said that he had no personal involvement in this matter. He had not been asked by the Planning Board to provide a legal opinion on any issues regarding the Martell Subdivision and if asked, would only do so if the Board of Selectmen authorized the same. If the situation changes and he is authorized to engage with her, then he would be in touch. This lady attorney sent back to Attorney Lenkowski a lengthy email that had a ton of questions in it. Attorney Lenkowski response to that was also cc'd to the Code Enforcement Officer. The Town Administrator expects that the Planning Board will see this communiques but since the Selectmen were mentioned, it is her job to let them know. As of now, Attorney Lenkowski is not nor will he communicate with anybody until the Board of Selectmen authorize. This also includes the Planning Board.

York County Emergency Management Agency is holding an open house on September 20, 2019 from 9:00 - 4:00 pm, location is Jordon Springs Road in Alfred. There will be door prizes. The Acting Fire Chief has also been invited.)

The Town Administrator on 2 separate occasions was asked by persons interested in the part-time Fire Chief position if they had to reapply if they applied to the first round. Her answer was yes as this was a new position with new parameters. Job descriptions were sent out to those who from the first round who the committee deemed as qualifying candidates for this new position. The Town Administrator also noted that there have been new resume's received as well.

Mr. Eric LaBelle sent an email, which the Town Administrator received a copy that stated that grants for Stream Crossing Public Infrastructure Improvements were now accepting applications until November 12, 2019. The Town's application was sent to the Board of Selectmen, the Roads and the Road Committee to review.

The Town Administrator stated kudos for the Planning Board for appearing every time their slot came up on the Board of Selectmen's Committee Update calendar.



Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.




A. Planning Board

Mr. Gavin Maloney of the Planning Board updated the Board that the Planning Board completed the following:

  1. A Site Plan to establish a warehouse storage, dock show room on Route 109.

  2. Approved a modification of an existing approved Conditional Use permit allowing the property owner to convert an existing barn to host small indoor events. Location is off Blueberry Hill Road.

  3. Planning Board members have been reviewing an application for a proposed 22 lot subdivision located on Young's Ridge Road.

  4. A site walk was completed on August 1, 2019 with Shoreline Consultant Mike Morris. New sketch plans were submitted for the Board and consultant's recommendations. The application has been accepted. The Planning Board is awaiting further information from Southern Maine & Regional Planning & Development & DEP before scheduling a public hearing.

  5. Approved 3 Best Practical Locations and one of them the Planning Board was able to move back from the water significantly.

  6. Reviewed sketch plans and information for a mineral extraction application by C.A. Plan on West Shore Drive. completed a site walk of the premises and notified the abutters. No one showed up from the public. It is a straight forward site.

  7. A second mineral extraction application and parking lot expansion submitted by York County Agricultural Association located off of 13th Street was reviewed. These two projects are working in conjunction with the fair grounds and are a good idea overall to get people off of Route 109 during events. So far, it will not be an overnight parking lot. The Panning Board is hoping to ask for temporary lighting so that there are no light poles year round. The lighting however will keep people safe at night during events.

  8. Reviewed a Conditional Use application for a proposed event facility on Hopper Road. Applicants have submitted information to the Planning Board in both November of last year and February of this year and are returning to continue the process.

  9. Planning Board workshops are going to resume September 25, 2019 and will be help alternate weeks from Planning Board meetings. They will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at Noon. Planning Board meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7 pm. The public is invited to attend. Workshops for the Planning Board members are not mandatory so one never knows who will be available. However, it is a good time to look further into information not necessary to worked on during Planning Board meetings. The Town Administrator reminded that workshop meeting do not make any decisions or hold any votes.

Mr. Joe Letourneau, District 2 Road Commissioner came forward to update the Board on his projects. Mr. Letourneau is proposing to use Quick Books for presenting his project's scope of work, details, and costs for the Selectmen's review. Discussion ensued on consistency of both Road commissioners providing comparable paperwork. The Town Administrator reminded the Board and the Road Commissioners that these projects needed to be discussed and minutes approved before the Treasurer could pay out. Projects discussed were:

New Bridge. Culverts were marked out. Ditching was minimal. Some erosion control around the beginning of the culverts was necessary. Minimal brush cutting. Tree removal will take 2 days at $1,400 per day. Then when crane is available it can be brought in which will be separate from this cost projection invoice. Selectmen Winchell asked the Road Commissioner, "this is just so the road can be paved?" Response was yes.

County Road and Goding Road - 3 culverts to be replaced and brush cutting.

Discussion ensued on how to best present all components of the projects, noting that dates were critical and needed to be provided. Mr. Letourneau stated that New Bridge was next week and then once New Bridge is underway, he can go back and choose scheduling dates for the other projects.

The Selectmen granted permission to start the work on New Bridge Road, the tree removal, County Road & Goding Road culverts and the brush cutting. These minutes will be printed and place on file with project sheets so that the Treasurer can pay.

Last week Mr. Letourneau indicated he finished some erosion control on East Shore Drive and orchard Road was swept. The guardrail on Hopper Road bridge was done by MaineLine and some signage and arrows were put in place. The Town Administrator noted for Mr. Letourneau information that an invoice was received from MaineLine for $3,000 and was placed in his box to sign. Mr. Letourneau stated he received same invoice directly from the company and had forwarded it to the Treasurer. The Selectmen pulled from their warrants to have Mr. Letourneau sign.

The Town Administrator noted the salt letter was expected soon and the sand bid was out until next week.

William Langley, Road Commissioner District 1 updated the Board the following:

  1. Finished the Garvin Road project. Ditching was done and seated. Both cross ditches were paved and the cross ditch on the Mann Road was done as well.

  2. Brush cutting was done on H Road last week and chipped out on Friday.

  3. Talked with H.J. Stone fencing. Hopefully by the end of the week they are going down to fence the dam.

Mr. Langley next presented the Board with a new ditching project on H Road to Goat Hill and Transfer Station entrance. Discussion ensued about extending the 20 foot culvert at the bottom area that goes into the dump thick. Removing the large rock so the ice does not build up. Path has already been cut out. Erosion mats are used flat in the ditch. Selectmen okay'd the project.

Sanford Dispatch has changed all of the Road Commissioners contact information to Mr. Langley's information with his father being backup.


A. Hopper Road Damage

Town Administrator notified the Selectmen the incident happened on August 20, 2019 and was looking for direction from the Board on how to proceed. The Selectmen asked that the claim be sent to MMA to review because the original complaint was addressed within 24 hours in May and they did not want to set a bad precedent whereas anyone can make a claim.

B. Sanford Dam Billing

The Town Administrator will remove from the agenda until further information is received.




Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board to compliment both Road Commissioners with the excellent job they have been doing and how they are operating even though much criticism surrounds their actions.


  • Open seats on Boards/Committees:

  • Cemetery Committee – 1 seat

  • Lincoln School

  • Capital Improvement Committee

    • Conservation Forestry - Mr. Gavin Maloney informed the Board there were open seats on the Conservation Forestry Commission that were not filled at Town Meeting.

  • Videographers are wanted.

  • Bids Currently Open - sand, truck, boat & trailer

  • FF/Paramedic and Fire Chief Positions Open


Gavin Maloney, Dennis Long, Joe Letourneau, William Langley, Tucker Pearson, and

Rollin Waterhouse.