Upcoming Agenda


November 20, 2019

5:00 pm



  • The Town Administrator reported to the Board that her department had a staff meeting and all went well. Selectmen Winchell led the meeting and everyone was given an opportunity to speak, express concerns or discuss topics relating to their roles.

  • Related to the staff meeting, it was brought to the Town Administrator and the Board’s attention that with regards to extended holiday hours, the Town’s policy states,

    Employees may be excused from work due to reasons outside of their control as determined by the Board of Selectmen and/or Town Administrator, such as snow days, extended holiday breaks, or building maintenance issues. Employees will receive their regular compensation for such closings, only if the closing occurs during their normally scheduled work hours. This shall pertain to early closures and full day closures.”

    With that being defined in the Town policy, the Board of Selectmen will honor that policy and pay hourly employees for both the Thanksgiving and December extended holidays if the day off occurs during the staff members normally scheduled work hours. Then, moving forward, the Board of Selectmen will review this policy and determine if there are any changes to be made.

  • The Town has received a new MMA representative. This new representative has presented an Action plan and has scheduled December 12, 2019 an opportunity to review with the Board of Selectmen, Town, Fire Department, and Transfer Station Department Heads.

  • The Treasurer reported that the cost for this year’s Worker Comp was $60,000. Based on the Town adherence to policies, protocols, attendance of classes, safety and surveys, the Town was sent dividend check of $4,589. This helps offset some of the Worker’s Comp costs.

  • Staff bathroom sink. The Town Administrator asked the Selectmen to take a look at the sink in the Staff bathroom. It is barely attached to the wall. It needs to be either remounted or replaced. Once it is reviewed, the Town Administrator will address as the Board deems fit.

  • A very generous resident has donated a small snow blower to the Town. This is an item that can be given to someone in need. If anyone knows of anyone, please feel free to discuss with the Town Administrator. If there are no recipients, it will be utilized by the Town’s handyman.

  • Animal Control Officer Interviews. The Town has received two applicants for the Animal Control Officer’s position. There is still time to apply as the deadline is Friday. Once closed, the Town Administrator and Selectmen Dave Winchell will schedule and hold interviews. The goal is to interview Monday and Tuesday before the holiday and then have the hired candidate start on the Monday following the holiday.



    A motion was made by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.


    A motion was made by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn to approve the minutes of November 13, 2019 as written; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.


  • Dennis Long approached the Board to related that he had been asked by the W&F committee members to ask the following question. “Can Mr. Long have access to MMA?” Selectmen Ed Walsh and Town Administrator both answered. “Yes” to access to the MMA website which is full of great resources, articles, and training sources.” “No to legal. All questions for legal response must go through the Town Administrator who is happy to comply.”

    Mr. Long’s next item was to state that there was nothing in the W&F warrant to reflect that the W&F Committee could not have a meeting with Department Heads regarding Capital Improvements as so informed. The Town Administrator read out the W&F duties portion of the Warrant recapping the 5 responsibilities of the W&F Committee. No where in that list of duties did it permit such a meeting, especially with no warrant to act upon. Mr. Long responded that the meeting with Capital Improvements was for proposed Warrant Articles as the Fire Department as an example usually is prepared and knows what they want for capital improvements in the next year. The Town Administrator stated the warrant is a Board of Selectmen warrant and they can choose what they want on their warrant and whether to include an article or not. Mr. Long then presented the Town Administrator with a written question that he wished to be given to legal for an opinion.

    Lastly, Mr. Long stated that following the warrant, he has scheduled the next W & F meeting for December 16, 2019 at 6:15 pm to discuss W&F policies. The Town Administrator asked Mr. Long to see her after the meeting to put it on the calendar.

  • Leslie Berlan after being away for some time, approached the Board to go over a couple items:

    • She thanked the Town Administrator for facilitating the grant submittal. She was very excited and looked forward to hearing the outcome.

    • She next asked if HEB was spoken to? Response was no.

    • The next Road Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 26, 2019 to review the 3 Article 43 applications. Selectmen David Winchell asked the Road Committee to please go out to road sites and review before that meeting so recommendations could be made and presented to the Board on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. Mrs. Berlan stated the Road Committee was expediting that effort.

    • Next, Mrs. Berlan want to impart on the Board her thoughts regarding Article 43. She stated that when speaking with different parts of the State DEP, there are a varying of opinions on how to conduct and proceed with Article 43 applications. She asked that when the Town forwarded their protocols and drafted application that they would also include a set of DEP guidelines to be taken into consideration during review.

      Selectmen David Winchell reiterated that the Board was working on staying within the law and may have to even go up a State level to make sure what is developed stays within the laws. Also, they may even need to get legal opinion from the State District Attorney. Mr. Winchell further claimed that the Board wants to get it right. Acton is the first Town to take on such an endeavor and is setting precedences and protocols that other Towns will probably use wen they follow suit. The Board’s goal is to develop a set of guidelines and checks to be used to keep the process of all application consistent.

      Mrs. Berlan indicated that the Road Committee was at the Board’s disposal to do the research.


A. Article 43 Applications – Tabled.

    B. Policies to Sign

The Town Administrator presented the final draft of the Daily Deposit Procedure policy and the Computer Use Policy to the Board of Selectmen to approve and sign.

  1. Daily Deposit Procedure policy:

The changes the Treasurer made to the Daily Deposit Procedure policy were:

  • Number of times the Treasurer will go to the bank: Minimum of 2 times per week

  • Bank name change to Partner's Bank

  • The length of time for holding deposited checks was changed to a minimum of 60

day and maximum of 90 days.

A motion was made by Dave Winchell to accept and sign the Daily Deposit policy as written; seconded by Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No Discussion. Approved.

  1. Computer Use Policy

There were some minor housekeeping changes:

  • Where ever it states Office Manager in the policy, the word was changed to Town Administrator; except one incident where it was changed to Board of Selectmen.

  • The social media line of text was removed.

  • Additional text added was, "No password will be changed without the Town Administrator's approval".

A motion was made by Dave Winchell to accept and sign the Computer Use policy as written; seconded by Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No Discussion. Approved.

C. Town Report Letters

The Town Administrator is still missing the following letters:

  • Two of the Politician letters

  • The Board of Selectmen - in progress

  • Sherriff's Department

  • Fire Department

  • Road Commissioners

  • Acton Shapleigh Youth Corp.

D. Auditor Questions

The Auditor is expected to be here on December 4, 2019 to answer questions presented by the Town. So far, no questions have been received in writing as requested. Discussion ensued on whether to cancel the Auditor's visit or not. Selectmen Walsh responded that it would be good to have the Auditor here to explain what was done and the process for doing it. However, there will be no questions taken from the floor so if anyone wants to ask the auditor questions, they must get them in before Friday.


A. Policies, 1st Reading

The Town Administrator presented the following policies to the Board of Selectmen for review.

  • Freedom of Information policy is still being reviewed by the Attorney.

  • Debit Card policy which is also being reviewed by the Treasurer

  • Demolition Debris Permit policy - This policy was originally written on a recommendation received by the Assessor. It was suggested that Mr. Mann, Transfer Station Department Head also review as the fees may need to go up.

B. Resignation

The Town Administrator announced the resignation of the Deputy Clerk who is taking up a new position in Alfred, Maine as Town Clerk. Please wish her well in her new endeavors.

C. Well at Sports Fields

Selectmen Walsh spoke regarding the Recreational Sports Field. The well has been completed except for the electrical work. The Town Administrator will inform the Recreation Committee Chair on how to contact Brian before the electrical box is opened. This new system is self contained down inside the well, including the tank, so there should be no freezing issues. However, before the electrical box is opened, one needs to know what one is doing in order to proceed.  Selectmen Walsh believes there will be no trouble filling the ice rink as it was pushing 30 gallons per minute and was cut back to 16 gallons per minute. Selectmen Walsh congratulated the committee and contractors on doing a great job. He was very impressed.


  1. Dennis Long

    1. Mr. Long informed the Board that he felt that the work which has been done by both Road Commissioners is very commendable. Mr. Letourneau has paved East Shore Drive; fixed Horn's Pond issues; shimmed the harbor; fixed the bridge and replaced the guardrails, etc.

    1. Secondly, Mr. Long wanted to tell the Board that he was VERY proud of his granddaughter who has been hired by the Town of Acton as a Videographer. He wanted to personally thank the Selectmen for the opportunity as not many exist in Acton for the teens.  Mr. Long also noted that his granddaughter was on the Junior Fire Department too.

  1. Jeff Donahue approached the Board to comment on Article 43. Mr. Donahue expressed where he thought the Town and Road Committee were out of Compliance. Mr. Donahue cited examples relating to Non-profits and 3103 statues. was out of compliance with regards to rules and regulations for Non-profits


  • Videographers Needed - $50.00 stipend per meeting

  • Town Hall Closed Nov 28 & Nov 29 for Thanksgiving

  • Tree Lightening Nov 30


Joyce Bakshi, Cindy Hart, Leslie Berlan, Dennis Long, Rollin Waterhouse, Tucker Pearson, Robin Ham, and Jeff Donahue.