Upcoming Agenda


December 4, 2019

6:00 pm



· The Auditor’s meeting has been cancelled; the Auditor will have a reschedule date to the Town Administrator by next Wednesday, December 11th so that it can be appropriately advertised. This new date will be after the holidays and the meeting (at her request) will start at 6 pm based on the extensiveness of the items to be discussed; allowing each question to receive due justice. Ron, the owner of R.H.R. Smith has been asked to join the Auditor for this session. A resident ask if the questions were going to be made public and if they could be posted on the Town’s website.

Discussion ensued between the Selectmen and Town Administrator. It was determined to not put the questions on the website, but if anyone comes into the office and requests a copy, one would be provided to them.

· The Town Administrator confirmed with Selectmen David Winchell that they were doing interviews on Monday, December 9, 2019. Selectmen David Winchell responded, “Yes”. He had to reschedule because of weather. The Town Administrator notified Selectmen David Winchell that one candidate withdrew and they only had two interviews to conduct.

· The Town Administrator indicated that due to the holiday and snow occurrences that no one has really had a chance to look at the information provided. She will table this item one week. A collections company needs to be picked so that this item can move forward. Discussions with the Fire Chief pointed out that one company will go back a little further back with a lesser fee, whereas the other company will go further back but the fee is higher. The companies are the Thomas Agency and First Financial Resources (33% versus 30%). Both are used by the billing company however, on gets a better response from the public. The Town Administrator noted the Fire Chief did make a recommendation and asked the Board to look at the information this week for next week’s meeting.

· The Town Administrator updated the Board that the following reports were missing for the Town Report:

o Board of Selectmen

o Dedication – would appreciate help from the Board to gather information on the decided individual (s).

· The Town Administrator updated the Board that HEB was willing to sit down and review any of the Town’s concerns over their report and find the best path forward short term and long term. As HEB stands by their work, this review meeting will be at no cost for the Town. Does the Board still want a meeting, a conference call or are you all set? The Board decided conservation would be a great place to start. The Town Administrator will set up a meeting for Monday December 9th at 4:30 pm.

· The Town Administrator informed the Board that is was decided in order to best assist the downstairs office with the maps online, to request O’Donnells & Associates to start sending the Town’s information to Cartographics twice a year instead of once per year. The maps online updates from June to December have just been submitted by O’Donnell’s to Cartographics, so hopefully this new process will help downstairs a little better.

· Mr. Bob Mann, Transfer Station requested new Transfer Station Stickers for next year; the Town Administrator has ordered. The color will probably be blue.

· The Town Administrator met with Census representative regarding the need to hire census takers in the area. He asked permission to do a 15 minute presentation at the next Board meeting. The new rate of pay for Census Takers is $17.50/hour.

· The Town Administrator announced that the staff Christmas party will be December 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm; hopefully the Selectmen can join the staff.

· The Fire Chief has completed the Gym occupancy. The limit is 34 people.

· The Town Administrator updated the Board that Maine Municipal will be here on Thursday, December 12, 2019 to review the Fire Department and Transfer Station to go over the concerns from last time; the Town building and gym will also be reviewed.

· Selectmen Ed Walsh asked if the furnace work had been completed. The Town Administrator reported she still had the check, but will follow up on this item.

· The Town Administrator reported that of the two Town open positions, she has received a lot of interest in the cleaning position. For the Deputy position, the Town Administrator has a person who is not interested in the Deputy’s job, but is willing to come in for a few weeks to help her out on Tuesdays and Fridays until the position is filled. This individual has a little bit of municipal experience and strong accounting skills; she is also bonded and background checked. As a temporary, she will be put on the payroll as a Town employee.

The Deputy position posting may be extended out into the New Year. Benefits is what brings candidates into apply for positions. The Town has changes the policy to allow for 35 hours for health benefits; this current position is not eligible. Hourly rate wise, the Town is comparable to surrounding Towns. Shapleigh has the same deputy that took Mrs. Roux’s position when she left there in 2006 (that’s 13 years), she’s at 19 or $20 per hour. Our last assistant was four years in and her rates was $17.50. The benefits do take a while to become comparable but they are comparable long-term employees. It is a trainable position; you just need somebody with strong office skills and really strong communication skills.

We will find someone; we are on a four year cycle in Acton and are very proud and well represented in York County. It was asked, and we did have a conversation with our assistant to see if there was anything we could do to keep her, and could not reach an agreement, the title is a huge step up. Our Town Administrator is a great instructor and her tutelage shows throughout York County.



Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No Discussion. All in favor.


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept the minutes of November 27, 2019; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.




A. Article 43 - The Ridge

The Town Administrator indicated that the Road Committee recommended 0-5-1 on the Ridge’s Article 43 application. The contact person was called and asked if he could provide a copy of the completed watershed survey to the Board of Selectmen because that’s what the Road Committee was pointing out that was missing. He said, “No”, he had gotten it via word of mouth from DEP. Time was offered to see if he wanted to come up and find one and he responded he did not know where or how he was going to get that. Unfortunately based on that information, the Board was probably going to rescind their vote and because they did not qualify based on that. He said, “Okay”.

Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to rescind their yes decision of October 23, 2019 for the Ridge application under Article 43; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No Discussion. All in favor.

B. Policies

The Town Administrator notified the Board that there were no policies to review tonight. The Town’s Attorney has made a few changes to the Freedom of Information policy based on some statue changes and there has been no time to incorporate into the policy document yet; the Demolition policy is still being worked on with Code Enforcement and the Transfer Station; lastly, the Drug Testing policy was also given to the Attorney to review. Now that the Town is no longer with Lexus Nexus we can revise the drug policy. The Town of Shapleigh has a policy which is quite smaller and meets all DOT regulations; it is a lot easier to read and understand, so the Attorney is going to rewrite one for the Board.

C. Goat Hill Bids

The Town Administrator spoke with Mr. Carl Davis and did receive both bids. Mr. Davis asked for another week to review. It will be placed on the agenda for next week. Like the Board, Mr. Davis was trying to mathematically figure out the scope because there was one that was a flat fee of $109,000. Mr. Davis wants to talk with Mr. Doug Back at the State that is overseeing this item before he offers his recommendation.

D. Ambulance Billing



A. Gym Meeting

The Town Administrator updated the Board that there were a couple of more signups and the numbers were run again. The Town might be in a little better shape. The Treasurer does not want to commit to a month and a date because it is unknown what the propane/oil bills are going to do. We are on automatic delivery, depending on what is used, creates the bill. However, it looks like

the Board is going to be able to keep the gym open a little longer depending on the weather. If the weather continues, we maybe alright into January, even February based on what we have to return when the gym closes.

Nevertheless, the Board has seen the posts to save the gym and those residents would like to meet with the Selectmen. The Town Administrator believes it is a good idea and hopefully there will be a few more oil bills under our belts and we would be able to explain to the group what the process is. The Town Administrator further noted, she had met with Peter Baxter for 1.5 hours on Monday or Tuesday morning and pulled up clip; nothing on him, but he didn’t understand the process of what had transpired from warrant & finance’s recommendation to town floor and all that was involved and done to just vote.

The group has some other ideas as far as grants and other suggestions to keep it going, but the Town Administrator hates to see them get too involved in all this until the Board makes a decision on are we going to have somebody to do all of this insurance piece of it. Do we know the building is safe? Are we going to keep it going with that; more information needs gathered related to that subject.

Selectmen David Winchell noted there needs to be a meeting with Mr. Ken Paul, Code Enforcement because from what the insurance company says, there really quite a bit of work to be done. The Town Administrator plans on revisiting gym discussion with the MMA insurance representative on December 12, 2019 as some comments were recommendations and do not necessarily need to be done. The plan is to figure out which are actually mandated to be completed.

Selectmen David Winchell indicated he sees all the “Save the gym” posts and even has a friend that loves the place, however, fiscally, it has not sustained itself coupled with the insurance impacts and building checks, he doesn’t see a very good future in keeping the gym open. With all the Facebook presence, there has only been two additional people who have come forward and signed up. His expectations were 30 or 40 people rolling in to sign up.

Code Enforcement has some issues with the building of which they are aware. There is a lot of information to put together; the Town Administrator asked what she can help gather. Also, there are other people willing to step up and help. Some of these individuals are qualified in gym equipment fitness and will help handle new memberships and orientations as requested; the Town Administrator just hates to get to that point if the building is not safe.

The Town Administrator will ask Code Enforcement to make a recommendation. Do we need to involve an engineer? Selectmen David Winchell stated we should start with Code Enforcement and Fire Chief to make recommendations. Moreover his concern was financially budgeting for the gym and no one signing up.

Discussions continued back and forth regarding all aspect of what is involved. What is being done and what can be done. The payback of money who those who have signed up through June and donations of those will not participate in the pay back. Shifting of responsibilities away from Town; moving the equipment to the Fire Department. If building is safe, using the building as a meeting place. All these options require a plan and a budget.

The Town Administrator will bring the condition of the building back to the Board next week and set up a group meeting for December 18, 2019 at 6:30 pm. The best outcome would for it to be funded and stayed open as is.




l Town Hall Closing @ 12noon Dec 24, Closed Dec 25 and Dec 26

l Transfer Station Closed Dec 25

l Our thoughts go out to the Mrazik family on the passing of Dale Marzik. The Marzik family are great contributors to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors project from behind the scenes.


Robin Ham. Joyce Bakshi, Dennis Long, Rollin Waterhouse, Jim Charmors (Tattle Street)