Upcoming Agenda


December 11, 2019

6:00 pm



· The Town Administrator requested Saturday, December 21st off as she has a prior commitment that day she made months before her prior assistant left. The Selectmen granted request. This does not affect the Code Enforcement office.

· The Auditor has given the Town Administrator a meeting reschedule date of January 13 or January 23, 2020. After discussion, 23rd was chosen, time will be 6 pm.

· The Planning Board has two open spots and two names which have come forward. The Town Administrator would like to share these names with the Board in an Executive Session and then the Board can act upon them next week.

· The Town Administrator is having difficulty in getting Appointees sworn in from September. Letters have been sent out. Committee Chairs have been notified. Town Administrator will follow up with legal on rescinding rights.

· Animal Control interviews have been conducted; item is on the agenda to discuss.

· MMA is due to come out tomorrow at 10:30am to follow up on Fire Department and Transfer.

· The staff Christmas party will be December 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm.

· There are a few Recreational Committee loose ends. Petty Cash receipts from the last sport need to be turned in, also we are unsure of the status of the Electrician.

· Discussion regarding camera ensured, Board authorized moving forward for staff safety, contract to come.

· The Town Administrator and Selectmen David Winchell had a telephone conference with HEB on Monday. Selectmen Winchell filled the Board in on the details of said call. Selectmen Winchell spoke with the Engineer who clarified a few things for him, which he shared with the Board; including the 3 options. Discussion of Milton came about, the Town Administrator will arrange for both Town's Selectmen to meet in February.

· The Town Administrator recapped the meeting she had with Selectman David Winchell, Code Enforcement and Fire Chief regarding the Gym building on Monday in preparation of MMA insurance coming to review. All are waiting for MMA to come and do their thing and report back.



Selectmen David Winchell made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor. Selectmen Ed Walsh absent.



Dennis Long approached the Board to remind all that there was a Warrant & Finance meeting on Monday at 6:15 pm. Next he thanked the Town Administrator for putting his question forward to MMA and working to get his questions answered.


A. Goat Hill Bid

Carl Davis has done research on the bids presented for Goat Hill and wanted to report back to the Board of Selectmen. The Land and Water Conservation Fund required that this project go out to bid, the Town received 2 bids.

  • Green Shadow Landscaping out of the North Berwick area put forth a bid for $190, 010.
  • Kennebec Trail Company was the second bid. It appears to show that there is 3,200 feet of trail at $9.00 per foot for the basic trail work which equals $28,800. However, there is a section of the trail which is not compliant (nor anywhere close to being compliant). That piece is 1,000 feet of new trail. The estimate provided for that piece is $800 to $1000. Mr. Davis feels safer to go with $1,000. What that is going to be is another long switchback created. This is $14.00 per foot equaling $14,000. Taking the basic at $28,800 and the ADA compliant at $14,000 you get a project total of $ 42,800. The ADA compliant bid for the entire project, the 3,200 feet equals out to $35,200 and the 1,000 feet of new trail for $18,000 that total would be $53,200.

    No complete decision was made tonight. Action points to be done are:

· Mr. Davis will talk to Kennebec Trail Company for a more detailed (itemized) bid;

· Mr. Davis will speak to Mr. Back regarding the grant;

· The Town Administrator will send a letter to the other company informing them they are not in the running.

B. Policies

· Demolition Debris Policy
The Town Administrator is still holding off on this policy review as she has scheduled a workshop between the Selectmen, Code Enforcement Office and the Transfer Station to review.

· The request for public records under Maine’s Freedom of Access has been completed. There are quite a few changes per Maine State statutes, so instead of just having the Board sign this on tonight, the Town Administrator is going to have the Board review these changes from Bourque & Clegg. The changes are all statute based so they’re not something that we really have a lot of flexibility in.
The first reading of policies tonight are: the Dishonor Check policy and the new Drug policy. The Treasurer has already made some minor changes to the Dishonor Check policy but if the Board could take a look at it that would be great.

A. Census 2020 Presentation

Mr. Sterling Roop, Specialist with the Census Bureau presented to the Board information on the Census Bureau and the surveys they run. The 2020 census is a once in a decade opportunity for the community to make sure everybody gets counted because that’s what is going to impact funding and political voice for the next decade. He went on to indicate, if you think about a child who doesn’t get counted when they’re four, we are missing out on school funding until they’re in school, so it's is really important that we are all engage in the census. Recruiting is trying to hire over 14,000 people in the state and fewer than 2,000 people in York County to help with the census enumeration. He stated these jobs pay $17.50 per hour and $0.58 per mile for mileage reimbursement. The jobs are flexible, ranging from 10 to 40 hours and the training starts February and March. The work runs until July. Mr. Roop believes it is a great opportunity for a side job and a great way to help the community because at the end of the day, if we get an accurate count the community and Acton is going to get an accurate political voice and the right amount of money.

B. Budget Printer

The Town Administrator asked the Board to sign off on a new printer for printing the motor vehicle paperwork; the backup printer no longer works. There is money available in the budget line.

Selectmen David Winchell asked after the Code Enforcements copier/printer. The Code Office is not happy with their copier/printer, it is not a good fit. The Town Administrator has asked it be swapped out for another and is working on that. To be continued.

C. ACO Appointment
Selectman Winchell and Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn met with both applicants. Selectman David Winchell made a motion to appoint Jim Driscoll in accordance with Title 30 A M.R.S.A. 2602 as Animal Control Officer until June 30, 2020; seconded by Selectman Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No Discussion. All in favor.

D. Harris Agreement

The Town Administrator reported to the Board that 2 years ago the Town was informed by Harris that they were converting Trio over to SQL. This was budgeted for, and was just a matter of time.
With the prospect of hiring someone in the Deputy position, the Town Administrator believes now was a good time to do this. Date to be scheduled with Harris for installation.


Jeff Donahue approached the Board regarding Article 43 because he had a couple of concerns; these related to what the Town Administrator had sent to him and what was on the Article 43 applications received. Mr. Donahue's first concern was Lakeside Drive. He believes that because their bylaws do not conform to the private ways act they don't comply with the statute or qualify for the funds.

Mr. Donahue's second concern was with Langley Shores Drive, he indicated there was no approval date. After review, Town Administrator indicated she would provide him with the date. Next concern of Mr. Donahue was Loop Road. Mr. Donahue again, said he would like to contest it. Regarding, Wilkins Road Mr. Donahue pointed out his concerns were that they are not a nonprofit.

The Board of Selectmen reminded Mr. Donahue that they are currently not accepting any applications for funds pertaining to Article 43 and that they are currently working on the form, to make it more transparent.

Discussion ensued between Selectmen Winchell and Mr. Donahue regarding Tattle Street and Mr. Donahue's inability to vote. Winchell asked him if he paid his dues and reminded him this was a civil matter.

Mr. Donahue continued with concerns regarding Langley Shores' and people not having the right to vote. Donahue went on to proclaim they are not a legal road association. Selectmen Winchell said no-one has come to the Town with these concerns, and reminded Donahue that he doesn't live on that road.

Selectmen Winchell again, reminded Donahue that this is why we are trying to make this Article 43 application clearer. Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn also stated that Acton is the first one in the State to do it too. Town Administrator: Actually, can I just get through a couple of things with him just so I know where I am.

The Town Administrator reviewed all recent emails from Mr. Donahue and asked if there was anything he was still waiting for from her office. She reminded him that she offered to review the petition for it's required verbiage if he would like. After further discussion, he indicated there was nothing else and he was all set.

Selectmen David Winchell asked Donahue what he was petitioning for, Donahue stated, he was petitioning for a road ordinance to not put straight salt or any Chloride base chemical in the Shoreland District, the Resource Protection District and to be 300 feet from water.

Next, Mr. Donahue turned the conversation to Wentworth Pines and asked questions regarding that. The Town Administrator reminded Donahue that his folder was pulled several months ago and sat on a counter waiting for him to come review, which never happened. Mr. Donahue indicated he couldn't afford the copies and the Town Administrator stated he had the right to simply view the documents, and didn't have to purchase them.

Closing discussions reverted back to Article 43 between Donahue and Selectmen Winchell. Selectmen Winchell ended the debated and asked Donahue to contact the Selectmen directly with any further concerns.

Rollin Waterhouse asked if the Fire Department heat was done yet. Town Administrator replied, no, it is not. Selectmen David Winchell stated he would give Mr. Senecal a call in the morning.

Mr. Waterhouse asked if the Board had changed their mind on the Capital Improvement Committee idea? Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn indicated she would like to see it get started around the first of the year. Mr. Waterhouse commented that if this was the case, the Board needs to sit down and decide what the Committee is going to be responsible for so we don't just say okay we have a committee now and they don't have a purpose. The Selectmen agreed.


A. Owls Luncheon Dec 17

B. Town Hall Closing at 12noon Xmas Eve, Closed Dec 25 & Dec 26

C. Transfer Station Closed Dec 25

D. Town Hall and Transfer Station Closed Wed Jan 1, 2020


Carl Davis, Jeff Donahue, Dennis Long, Robin Ham, Rollin Waterhouse and William Langley.