Upcoming Agenda

October 14, 2020




· The office is swimming in taxes and has gotten out over 600 absentee ballots. The Town Administrator commended her staff for the long hours they have been putting in.  Taxes are due tomorrow, October 15, 2020.

· The new District 2 Road Commissioner has been sworn in and has met with the Liaison, Deputy Sheriff, Fire Chief, and Code Enforcement; the only one left on the list is District 1 Road Commissioner.  The new Road Commissioner has completed his drug screening. The former Road Commissioner's spouse came in today and turned in keys, radios, etc. so that will be swapped over in the next couple of days.  A Meet & Greet has been scheduled for tomorrow at 6 pm with a set up similar to what is done for Board meetings. COVID protocols will be in place. This event has been advertised and posted.

· The issue with the generator has been resolved. The generator was programmed to test every other week instead of weekly. It has been set back to weekly.

· The Pandemic policy will be tabled for another week as some new information has come in and it will need to be adjusted.

· The RFP for the Tanker Truck loan deadline is October 28, 2020. The Treasurer has sent out bid packages to surrounding banks and it is being advertised as it normally would be.

· An FYI, Saco River Corridor Commission has received an application from Machaela Whalen at 0 Raccoon Road (Map 103 Lot 26) for a garage. It's been posted in the hallway.

· In dealing with Attorney Morin, it is known that the deeds to give the Town land were inadvertently filed from the Martel Estates. Even though this is not a legal deed because the Town did not accept it, the Board will still need to sign the deeds to give the land back. or at the least, have a paper trail on record at the registry. So, there will be some paperwork to sign once the attorney completes his review.

· The individual who has done the yearly tree lighting ceremony has decided to step down this year for personal reasons. The Town Administrator is reaching out to the Recreation Committee to set something COVID safe up for the community.

· The Neighbors Helping Neighbors fundraising event for the Richards was very successful; amount raised was over $20,000.  The next fundraiser is now for the Robichauds on H Road and there will be a 2 week round up collection event at the Town Window. Mr. Robichaud has stage four brain cancer and is out of work. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program will see what can be done to help them out.


Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda as written; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.




A. Citizens Petition

An email was sent to the petitioner to inform him of the Board's vote. As requested, the Town Administrator contacted MMA for answers regarding the question on who decides a signature is stale and how COVID plays into that, and if the Board has voted to put it in the next Town meeting can a Notary still be called.  There has been no feed back yet.

B. Abatements

Last week some abatements were tabled due to concerns of land value changes; these abatements are now ready to complete. The Assessor responded that the value difference was due to removal of site improvements.

Martel Estate $1370.65 tax abatement

Sandra J. Martel $ 815.29 tax abatement

A motion was made by Ed Walsh to approve abatements FOR THE Martel Estate and Sandra J. Martel property as recorded; seconded by David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.


A. Doyle - Mooring Request
The Doyle's approached the Board to describe a situation whereas their property and right to their water access is being impeded by others. They shared their opinion, opinions of abutting residents and comments of those mooring where they shouldn't be. They also shared the State mandates for lake properties and pictures of how the moorings impacted their in and out access. The Doyle's asked the Board to support putting into place a mooring ordinance on the next Town meeting. An ordinance is needed in order for the Town police to enforce; otherwise there is nothing they can do to stop the impediments. Moorings are being dropped anywhere they want and not always with permission or rights.

The Board will review and consider. A suggestion was made for the Harbor Master to set up a mooring field. Another suggestion made by Selectmen David Winchell was for the Doyle's to create a petition, collect signatures and then bring it back before the Board. The Town Administrator indicated she can assist the Doyle's with the correct paperwork and for them to see her next week.

B. Mowry - Bridge Request – Speaker not present.

C. Open Truck Bids
The Town Administrator opened the Truck Bids for the Board and read out the bid amounts:
Streeter & Sons $5,650.00
Dalton $6,275.00
S & S Excavators $5,370.00
Shawn McCloud $8,666.66
Apple Valley, Ken Smith $7,800.00
Isiah Knox $6,876.52

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to award Shawn McCloud the tanker truck for the bid amount of $8,666.66 upon receiving payment and signed confirmation within six (6) days; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. All in favor.

 D. Public Comment

· Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board to comment on the acts of disrespect he believes is being exhibited to those who approach the microphone. He further complimented the Chairman Kimberly Stacey-Horn for trying to keep order. Mr. Dennis Long wanted to remind all that when one approaches the Board they are speaking to the Chairman and that everything goes through the Chairman. Mr. Dennis Long continued that he believed all could benefit from a workshop on this subject so that the board would look more professional.

· Mr. Mike Long approached the Board to inform them that he has been reviewing all the past Board tapes and the D6's location was bothering him. Mr. mike Long asked what the Board was doing with the D6? Selectmen Ed Walsh indicated that the Board would still like to see it reside at the Acton Fairgrounds which was in motion before COVID hit and the Fair Grounds did not open for the season. discussion ensued with comments such as maybe there should be some thoughts put into the cost to build a roof to cover the D6 until it can go to the fairgrounds.  It is a special interest piece and would be a great addition to the fair. Selectmen David Winchell indicated that it should be put back into the Town shed.

E. Executive Session - Personnel 405 6 A 1

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to move into Executive Session at 6:44 pm pursuant of
Title 1 405 6 A Personnel Matter; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to come out of Executive Session Title 1 405 6 A Personnel matter at 6:54 pm; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell. No discussion. All in favor.

A motion was made by Selectmen Dave Winchell to increase the Town Administrator's Assistant's rate of pay from $15.00 to $16.00 per hour; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. All in favor. So moved.

F. York County Water & Soil (YCWS)

York County Soil and Water Representative, Mindee Goodrum approached the Board to update them that the District has been awarded a grant to help with the watershed on Square Pond. It is a 60/40 match. The YCSW is looking for the Town's support for the install utilizing 2021/2022 DEP/EPA grant.

Mindee Goodrum continued to cite that Willow and H Roads were a part of the project to replace under sized culverts and ditch work. Selectmen David Winchell suggested that the Road Commissioners be involved in the projects and then they can come to the Board regarding expenses and budget. Noting that the monies can utilized during project planning and split between 2021 and 2022. The Road Commissioner can discuss and then come back to the Board with recommendations.

G. Open Sand Bids

There was one sand bid received and it was from the same contractor as was awarded last years bid (Landscapers Depot). The bid price was $9.45 last year. This year’s bid was $10.05; this figure is still mid range of what was bid by the highest bidder last year.

District 1 Road Commissioner Will Langley had no concerns; District 2 Road Commissioner Adam Doliber will be given an opportunity to look at the materials proffered by the supplier out of courtesy. Tabled until next week.

H. Article 43 Application
A new Article 43 application was received for Hawk Road. The amount on the application was $1,744. The Road Committee has received the application to review; a meeting has been scheduled for October 26, 2020 and then they will let the Board know their recommendations. This item will be placed on the agenda following that meeting.


9. PUBLIC COMMENT: See above.


· Meet & Greet, Road Commissioner District 2, Adam Doliber, October 15, 2020 at 6 pm.

· Mary Grant Pumpkin Carving event,

· Tax deadline is October 15, 2020



Dennis Long, Frank Almeida, Ruth Almedia-Doyle, Dick Neal, Mike Long, Rollin Waterhouse, Robin Ham, Will Langley, Kaitlyn Long, Virginia Doeber, Joyce Bakshi, Mindee Goodrum and Cheryl Drisko

A motion to adjourn was made by Selectmen David Winchell at 7:05; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. All in favor.