Upcoming Agenda

February 3, 2021




·     Budgets – All budgets were received on time. At this point the numbers are reflecting a $1 million dollar increase. A workshop between the Board, Town Administrator and Treasurer was proposed for Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 5 pm with an alternate snow date set for Thursday, February 25, 2021; this will allow the Board to understand budgets before meeting jointly with all Department Heads.

· Ordinances – The deadline to submit an ordinance count is Friday, February 5, 2021.

· Town Meeting via Secret Ballot – The choice of whether to handle the Annual Town Meeting via open town meeting or secret ballot will need to be decided upon 45 days prior to the election date; the Town Administrator recommended the Board decide by the 2nd week of March to meet all timing protocols.

· Transfer Station and Masks – The Town Administrator noted that the legal opinion the Board sought was received and is later on the agenda.

This is an exhausting situation and the Town leadership is doing everything they can to maintain the Governor’s Executive Orders. The Town Administrator and Board will continue to enlist the Sherriff’s Office for support and was also recommended to call the Governor’s Office.

On another note, the Transfer Station has been visited by another individual in a Black Truck with no license plates, registration or Transfer Sticker. This individual has both refused to wear a mask or leave without discarding his trash; he has bypassed the Department Head and staff and has discarded his trash at the Transfer Station anyways. The Town Administrator asked what the Board wanted done.

Selectmen Ed Walsh asked if anyone at the Transfer Station had a camera on their telephone to snap a picture to help identify said individual, otherwise another possibility is to go through the trash after he places in the bin for identification. The Sherriff’s Department can also Facebook the pictures and reach out to the community to help identify.

· ZBA Zoom Meetings – The Town Administrator reported to the Board that the APAT Director was on board to assist with the ZBA zoom hearings and meetings on February 16 and 27, 2021.

· Foreclosure Day – Today was the Town’s foreclosure day and at the conclusion of the day, there were 3 or 4 properties which will become the Town’s property. The next step in the process is to have the Board release letters of redemption which will be drafted next week.  The Board however needs to decide whether to grant 60 or 90 days to the recipients to pay all 3 years of taxes plus administrative fees to regain ownership. The Town Administrator recommended the Board use March 30, 2021 as that deadline so that on March 31, 2021 quit claim deeds could be signed to beat the April 1, 2021 tax ownership deadline.  Further based on legal’s recommendation, the Town Administrator proposed the administration fee for the 3 years be $250. The Board agreed.

·     Library Use of Hall – The Town Library has been conducting adulating classes which have been on hiatus during COVID shutdowns.  The Library is seeking the Boards permission to resume these monthly classes in the Town Hall.  Each class would be less than 10 people in attendance and the Library representative will follow all COVID protocols and clean up after each event.  The Board agreed to allow these events to occur in the Town Hall.

·     Capital Improvement Committee - The Town Administrator informed the Board that there was an individual  who has expressed interest in becoming the sixth member of the committee.  Regarding the number of committee members being an even number, this is not a voting committee. Selectmen Winchell indicated he wanted the person to come forward at a public meeting and make the request.  Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn will reach out to the interested party.

·    Town Report - The 2019/2020 Town Report is here, however, due to an error at the printers, a blank page has been inserted in the middle of the report.  This error is just a blank page, no information was lost. These books are under lock and key awaiting dedication. The Town Administrator will reach out to recipient and if announcement format is acceptable, will release the reports next week. 

· Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) - The ZBA has received a third notice of appeal.  The Town Administrator met with the ZBA Chair and Land Use Secretary to review meeting protocols and logistics.  Mathematically the Town cannot have the amount of people expected in one room; Zoom is the logical choice to accommodate meeting. 

After reviewing meeting subjects, expected turnout and logistics with the Town’s procedural attorney, the Chair has a firm set of guidelines laid out.  There was no option to legally table the meetings until all could gather. The ZBA hearings and committee meetings will be scheduled as follows:

o Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 1:00 pm - Chandonnet

o Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 3:00 pm – Delsesto/Culver

o Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 12:00 pm – Great East Lake Improvement Association/Gahan.

The presiding attorney, Joseph Lenknowski and the Temporary Code Enforcement Officer are working together to facilitate the Town's side. There will be a practice Zoom session on Friday for those who have never Zoomed.

· Sherriff’s Logs - The Town Administrator shared the Sherriff’s January 2021 Call logs received citing some of the notable happenings in Acton and Shapleigh.

·     Current Wage Schedule - The Town Administrator presented a Current Wage Schedule to the Board for their review and reference during budget discussions.

·     Personnel Policy – In reviewing the Personnel policy and benefits related to hours worked per week, the Town Administrator asked the Board’s permission to move the Land Use Secretary from 35 hours per week to full time (40 hours per week) effect this week.  The Board had no issue.

3.         WARRANTS/BILLS - Signed


Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell Jr. No discussion. All in favor.


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the minutes of January 27, 2021; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell Jr. No discussion. 2 in favor; 1 abstained (Walsh).


7.         OLD BUSINESS

A.    Committee Information Request Process -
The Town Administrator reminded everyone of the process in place for Committees to request information from. The Board heard this issue last week and tabled until Selectmen Ed Walsh could be a part of the discussions. 

Mr. Dennis Long approached the Board to be part of the discussions and explaining the Warrant & Finance’s interpretation of the directions.

There were discussions pertaining to the conduct of the Warrant & Finance meeting members reflected through the tape and how it was personally taken, how the Warrant & Finance meetings are run, the need for the Town Administrator to coordinate information and communication and historically how this process came about based on all committees.

Selectmen David Winchell Jr. stated it is recommended for committee chairs to continue speaking with their liaisons because everyone should be on the same page, however, requests need to be brought to the Town Administrator because when more than one person floods requests, not everyone gets all the information available.

Selectmen Ed Walsh reiterated the process steps. The Town Administrator noted that these steps make for a cleaner process. A happy medium between meetings is for the chair to go to the Town Administrator with requests and then the Town Administrator will then transmit information to all parties.

Outcome was to lift part of the policy requiring the Warrant & Finance Committee (only) to have a committee vote before coming to Town Administrator with information requests.  The Chair can contact the Town Administrator via telephone or email; but all requests must go through the Chair to the Town   Administrator.

On a side note, the Town Administrator invited Mr. Long will sit down together and review the Warrant & Finance meeting and clear the air on personal affronts.

B.    HEB Zoom Meeting -
The Road Committee requested a meeting with HEB. HEB agreed but would like more details on subject of said meeting in order to prepare for the meeting.  Items indicated by the Board were costs laid out, in affordability, and review proposals to see if there are opportunities for reduction in costs.

C.    Canal Bridge Meeting -
The Town Administrator spoke to Wakefield’s representative and was looking to set the requested meeting up for Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 6 pm via Zoom with the Full Board on both sides and Pamela Robinson.  Will notify all when confirmed.

D.    Proposed Warrant Articles / Fog lights / crack sealing -
The Town Administrator recapped the information discussed last week regarding warrant articles being brought forward by the Road Committee or Road Commissioners for fog lights and crack sealing; a place holder has been set in the warrant. 

After discussions, it appeared that the Road Commissioners were not ready to have these articles put forward. The Road Committee can bring to the Road Commissioners but it is best the Road Commissioners bring forward. The Board indicated they would rather see the Road Commissioners include   costs in their budgets. 

The Town Administrator suggested when meeting with the Treasurer during the budget workshop it be an item that can be discussed.

E.     Drug Testing Policy –

The Town Administrator presented to the Board the marked up version of the Drug Testing policy received back from the Town’s Attorney. The Board was asked to take home for review and be ready to sign next week.

F.     Legal Opinion Masks –

Attorney Ken Marras responded to the Town’s request for a legal opinion on masks with a detailed 18 page document. There is a lot of good information contained within for the Board to review.  The Town Administrator will forward to individual debating issue.

8.         NEW BUSINESS

A. COVID Vaccinations for Municipal Workers -
The Town Administrator received an email indicating that vaccinations may be forth coming and available to Municipal employees. If any board member is interested they should let her know to be added to the list.

B.  Executive Session - Personnel 405 6 A. - 11

Selectmen David Winchell Jr. made a motion to go into Executive Session pursuant of M.R.S.A. 405 6 A 1 Personnel matter at 7:15 pm; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh.  No discussion. All in favor.

Selectmen David Winchell Jr. made a motion to come out of Executive Session pursuant of M.R.S.A. 405 6 A 1 Personnel matter at 7:27 pm; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.

After returning from the Executive Session the Board announced that they had made a decision regarding the hiring of the Code Enforcement Officer and will announce it next week, after the other candidates was notified.

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to hire applicant “X” for the position of Code Enforcement Officer; seconded by Selectmen David Winchell Jr. No discussion. All in favor.

The Town Administrator will contact all applicants.

9.         PUBLIC COMMENT - None


· Selectmen Ed Walsh made a comment on how good the roads were.

· The Town Administrator wished the Treasurer Happy Birthday on Friday.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey Horn, Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen David Winchell Jr. and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.

12.       ATTENDANCE

            Dennis Long, Joyce Bakshi, Rollin Waterhouse, Joe Ruma and Cheryl Drisko.

Selectmen David Winchell Jr. made a motion to adjourn at 7:30 pm; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh.  No discussion. All in favor.