Upcoming Agenda

September 29, 2021




Selectmen David Winchell Jr. opened the public hearing at 6 pm. The Town Administrator presented the General Assistance 2022 Maximums and the changes which incurred from last year to this year. Overall maximums based on HUD and Food maximums based on DHHS Food Stamp program increased; Housing maximums decreased based on State of Maine Housing. Added this year were allowances for burial and cremation; all else stayed the same. This public meets States requirements; need to adopt numbers as they stand. If there is a need and someone qualifies, reimbursements are rated at 50%. There are not many in Acton that qualify for State general assistance due to the financial requirement levels; but thankfully, the Town has programs like Neighbors Helping Neighbors who can assist those in need. 

Selectmen David Winchell Jr. asked for public comment; there was none.  Public Hearing closed at 6:08 pm.


· West Shore Drive – The meeting to include the Army Corp of Engineers regarding West Shore Drive culvert was scheduled for September 30, 2021 at 8 am.

· Emergency Work Notification – Road Commissioner District 1, William Langley Thursday sent in an email indicating the need to perform emergency work on September 16 and 17, 2021 regarding a washout and shoulder work due to the heavy rains experienced on Garvin Road and West Shore Drive. Ordinance requirements were met.

· ZBA – Superior Court of the State of Maine upheld the Zoning Board of Appeals decision on the Chandonnet/Pearson case; the Board should see the last of the bills from Derwood Parkinson.

· Holiday Closures – October 11, 2021, Indigenous Day (formerly Columbus Day) is a holiday listed in the policy; the Transfer Station will be closed. Any Town Hall employees scheduled to work will also be off that day.

· Maine Municipal Grant - $1,330.73 grant was received by the Fire Department for Ed MacDonald Safety Enhancement and Scholarship grant allowing the Chief to provide financial assistance. He can buy everything from helmets to new gear. This is the second year in a row for which the Chief has gotten this award. Good work Fire Chief Rick!

· Saco River – As abutters to 356 Raccoon Road, Saco River has notified the Board of an application submitted for a driveway.

· Zoning Board of Appeal Abutter Public Hearing Notice – Property owner of 252- 006 is seeking a variance on one of the setbacks near the road.

· Tax Bills – Tax bills are out. The town has received many payments; however, there have been 50 to 75 tax bills which have come back. The Town does not have the authority to change addresses unless requested by the property owner. So, if you have not received your tax bill by now, please contact the office. A list is being compiled of all those that have been received back. So, if you haven’t gotten it, there is a reason and we may have it, so please reach out. 

· RSMS Training – On Tuesday, September 28, 2021 the Road Commissioners, the BOS Liaison Kim Stacey-Horn, the Town Administrative Assistant and Road Committee Chair sat through a 3 hour training class on RSMS at the Town Hall. Information on how to put things into the RSMS system was gathered and notes were taken. A game plan has been developed on data entry. Best steps were laid out about how to get the information into the system; Leslie has all the hard copies of information already gathered from the last go around. It worked out that the data hadn’t been entered because there were certain things they wanted done first. So, the plan is for Cheryl to slowly get some of that information into the system and revisit it after that is completed to move on to reporting. 

· 911 Sign Fundraisers – The Town Administrator along with the Fire Chief and one of his staff have come up with a promotion (fundraiser) to help make address signs more consistent and predominantly visible for the Fire Department to accurately pinpoint when responding. Permaline has provided examples of vertical and horizontal signs which can be offered; for a signle sided sign, the fundraiser price is $18.00/sign which covers the cost of the sign, shipping & handling, $2.00 for Neighbors Helping Neighbors and $2.00 for a Fire Department donation.  Discussion ensued regarding placement of signs and posts.  The Town Administrator will look into the costs of a two-sided sign.

· Committee Openings – The following committee have openings: Rec. Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), Conservation/Forest, and as of tonight, the Road Committee.

· Office Closure Request – The Town Administrator asked the Board permission to close the offices on October 9, 2021; the Board agreed.

3.         WARRANTS/BILLS - Signed


Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.


Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the September 15, 2021 minutes; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.


A.        District 1 Update

Will Langley, Road Commissioner District 1 approached the Board to give an update on the work he had been doing on Acton Ridge and completing driveways; side road paving, etc.

Mr. Langley also reported that the Army Corp representative will be attending the meeting on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 8 am.

            B.        District 2 Scope of Work

Adam Doliber, Road Commissioner District 2 presented his scope of upcoming work for the Board to review.  All was in order per the ordinance and the Board accepted what was presented.

            C.        Road Committee Article 43 Recommendation

Leslie Berlan approached the Board to update them on the Road Committee’s meeting and Article 43 recommendations. Wilkins Road was not yet ready for the Board to accept their application as they were not formally set up as a Road Association nor was their application complete. Paperwork examples were given to Mr. Farmer; letter from DEP was also missing.  The Road Committee is happy to help the group; Selectmen Ed Walsh thanked the committee for educating the resident.

Tattle Street submitted a 58 page application asking for $1,446.00; all documents were in order. Project is an extension of what was done. The Road Committee recommends the Board accept and approve this application. Discussion ensued regarding the amount being asked for.  Outcome was that the quote was for the complete project and the first half was already granted; Mr. Winn approached the Board to confirm.

Mrs. Berlan stated the RSMS training was very good and that she took a lot of good information away. Updates will be needed and a review of hard copies will be done to see if anything is missing.

Mrs. Berlan also indicated that regarding the West Shore Drive culvert meeting with the Army Corp of Engineer, an email was sent out to interested parties who indicated they wanted notification.  Permitting requirements will be known once meeting is conducted.  Not sure if DEP will be in attendance, but they are not a part of the primary permitting.

7.         OLD BUSINESS

A.        Transfer Station Superintendent
The Town Administrator reported that she received approval from two of the Select Board members to run an ad for the T/S Superintendent position; said application was read aloud. One application has been received so far. Selectmen Ed Walsh commented that he was not a part of that approval as he was out of Town. Selectmen Walsh further commented that he has not been involved from the beginning and would be abstaining from any and all discussions on this topic as he has a very close connection to one of the applicants. Selectmen David Winchell Jr. indicated the Board did this as there has been no interest as the position formerly stood.  Discussion ensued regarding the posting.     

            B.        Article 43 - Tattle St Funds

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to approve $1446.00 in Article 43 funds to Tattle Street; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.

8.         NEW BUSINESS

            A.        Sand Bids

Sealed Sand Bids were sent to six different places and posted in all the conventional places; the town received two responses.  Sealed bids were opened:

            Landscapers Depot - $10.00/yard delivered.

Seth McCoy Trucking & Excavation - $10.25/yard delivered (up to 3,000 yards). An invoice was included along with a lab soil analysis.

Discussion followed. Road Commissioners had good luck last year with Landscapers Depot.  The Town Administrator passed over to the Road Commissioners to review, look at product and make a recommendation next week.

            B.        Windows

Selectmen Ed Walsh and the Town Administrator met with the low bidder to replace 37 windows at the Town Hall. Selectmen Ed Walsh reported that when you get a low number, you think there might be something wrong; Selectmen Walsh found nothing wrong. Contractor has done other municipal work. Windows come from Massachusetts. Price is installation cost and grid work will match current windows.  Contractor was asked for an updated price since an increase of $22.00 per window happened during the review.  The Board decided to motion with a price flux contingency worked into the final award.  Availability on windows is 3 weeks max; warranties are in place and replacements are achievable within a short timeframe.  When asked about Anderson Windows, the contractor did not recommend Andersons, these were a better replacement window.  Selectmen Ed Walsh recommended a motion include a 10% escalator. It will take about 3 days to have the windows done; end of October, 1st of November was estimated on when the work will be done.

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to award A Best Windows the window replacement contract quoted at $18, 463 plus or minus 10% (not to exceed 10%); seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.

Discussion ensued on other work to be done at the Town Hall regarding siding, stairs, etc.

            C.        Adopt 2022 GA Maximums

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to adopt the 2022 General Assistance maximums; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.

D.        Resignation
The Town Administrator presented the resignation on Matthew Winchell from the Road Committee elected position due to personal reasons.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept the resignation of Matthew Winchell from the Road Committee granted at Town Elections; Selectmen Ed Walsh seconded. No discussion. All in favor.

            E.         Abatements

The Town Administrator presented two abatements to the Board for consideration and approval.  There will be a few more along with matching Supplements next week once the Assessor has completed his review.

The Tax abatements were:

· Map and Lot 142-001, Hersey Enterprises, LLC. Abatement was because the building was removed prior to April 1; it was proven through building permits to be correct. This was a decrease in $5,000 in valuation and the owner will receive $60.25 in tax abatement.

· Map and Lot 138-018, Wooster Family whereas they were inadvertently being assessed on 0.6 acres which was proven by survey to actually be 0.09 acres.  This was a $6,247 decrease giving them $75.28 in tax abatement.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to grant the abatement on M/L 138-018 for the amount of $75.28 in tax dollars; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to grant the abatement on M/L 142-001 for the amount of $60.25 in tax dollars; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.


· Dennis Long approached the Board to ask if the heating system work was completed.  Response was yes. Mr. Long asked about the fresh air intake location as he did not see one. The Board responded with the location in the election hall. Mr. Long commented this was incorrect.  Discussion ensued. The Town Administrator will clarify with Mr. Senecal.

· Rollin Waterhouse approached the Board regarding the Town approved an article back in June regarding the Fire Department replacing the generator. $25,000 was approved for the purchase and installation; as far as Mr. Waterhouse knew, there was never sent anything out for bids. Mr. Waterhouse asked the Board according to the $25,000 meeting the Town’s purchasing policy, requirement, and the work is already in progress. How was that possible?  Selectmen David Winchell Jr., responded that when this question came up the last time, two quotes were received; one was Mr. Normand and he could not recall the other. The Town Administrator commented that this was during the budgeting season. Mr. Waterhouse commented he saw two quotes: one for Electric Solutions in New Hampshire and Mr. Normand. The Board agreed. Mr. Waterhouse continued that one was for $26,900 and Mr. Normand’s was for $25,500. Mr. Waterhouse asked, again, when was the bid awarded? Why had the work already started?

Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded at Town Meeting when Mr. Smith stood up and explained who was being used, the cost, timeline and everything else pertinent to the project; this was pretty much when a decision was made. That number was voted in to cover that cost, so the money is there, the work is… Mr. Waterhouse spoke that the money was not going to be enough. Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded when the work was done it will be seen.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. commented that he knew Mr. Waterhouse had probably gone to the site and has been watching every hour the workers are working, but asked him to listen to what he was saying. The Board had put in this much money for the generator. The work that is going on other than that may be coming out of their general operating budget. Mr. Waterhouse responded that he doubted it. Discussion ensued.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. spoke to Mr. Waterhouse that before he made any assumptions on public television regarding nefarious action, he should get his facts straight. Selectmen Winchell Jr. continued that he believed that there was money available. Mr. Waterhouse stated he loved the way that Selectmen Winchell Jr. interrupted him; Selectmen Winchell Jr.’s response was that as Chairman of the Board he could do that as he was running this meeting and that Mr. Waterhouse was standing there because the Board permitted it. The Board did not have to have a public comment option.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. continued to state that Mr. Waterhouse was making accusations of something nefarious, which he highly doubted was. Mr. Waterhouse continued stating the bid was never awarded, but the Board has a purchasing policy that they just modified two weeks ago.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. stated the generator was ordered right after the Town Meeting. Mr. Waterhouse asked, how can you order something when you haven’t even had a bid? Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded that they did. The Board had gotten two bids.

Mr. Waterhouse asked when the bids were opened, which was normal policy, for example the Board opened Sand bids. Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded that that piece of the process was bypassed, the Selectmen were allowed to do that as it was their policy. It was the Board’s right as they were the creators of the policy and they have done this many times before when necessary, due to the circumstances.

The problem is that Mr. Waterhouse does not understand that there was a year out on that generator. The generator had to be ordered and the Board agreed to that  because the current generator malfunctioned twice and was not working. The Board had to do what they had to do. Mr. Waterhouse was welcome to complain all he wanted, but the Board approved that, Town meeting approved that.  

Selectmen Winchell Jr. further noted that when this goes over budget and the money is all of the sudden not coming from wherever, then Mr. Waterhouse was welcome to come ask the Board about it.  Then the Board will have an answer. But, until the project is done, don’t assume that it is going over budget.

Mr. Waterhouse claimed that he was not making assumptions. Initially, Mr. Langley was going to do the excavation and remove it. The generator that was behind the fire station was not there anymore, it was gone already. Selectmen Winchell Jr. commented, yes that was because it wasn’t working. Mr. Waterhouse further remarked that the generator was Town property and wanted to know where it went. He stated he knew where it went; it went on the back of Robin Ham’s trailer and he should be asked where it was.

Next, Mr. Waterhouse commented that Mr. Langley was going to donate his time and equipment to do that work over there; it’s not being donated now. The scope of work has changed. Selectmen Winchell Jr. explained that he had inquired the other day why one Road Commissioner was up there and not the one that awarded the work. Selectmen Winchell Jr. was under the assumption that that was being donated now, however, if things have changed, and it is not going to be donated for some reason, then there is a big problem because the Board has to approve those changes. The reason it was not initially approved was because the work was being donated. Mr. Waterhouse retorted the work was being donated but was not any longer.

Selectmen Ed Walsh spoke and indicated that when someone comes to the Board and tells them that these conditions have changed, then the Board will take it but it is hearsay coming from Mr. Waterhouse. Discussion ensued.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. asked Mr. Waterhouse if Mr. Langley directly told him this information. Mr. Waterhouse responded, not Mr. Langley, his father. Selectmen Winchell Jr. rebutted that as far as he knew, the Road Commissioner was supposed to be doing the work over there. Mr. Waterhouse replied the Road Commissioner was there, he witnessed it all; he knows. 

In the background, Mr. Will Langley speaks telling Mr. Waterhouse to sit down. Selectmen Winchell Jr. tries to bring outbursts into order.  All are reminded of their language. Again from the audience Mr. Will Langley tries to rebuttal Mr. Waterhouse’s statements indicating that the scope of work changed due to the length and connections and that the next time something happens he has to pass a call out and that Mr. Waterhouse not need to worry about it.  Selectmen Winchell Jr. continued to try and bring order to the outbursts; language use was again reminded and a choice to leave the subject alone was suggested because certain people come before the Board with their assumptions, with their lack of knowledge, and they want to stir the pot.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. indicated that yes he would be interested in knowing where the old generator went; that was a question that would come. He was not really worried about something that was not working anymore, but obviously there is value to it. It was decided by the Board to let the Fire Chief make that decision, which he did, and stand by that; it was at Town Meeting. It was commented that unfortunately there are these people whom when they are on the committees, they have to overlook everything and don’t understand that when the money is voted in, which it was, Town allowed it, and as Selectmen also allowed them to make that decision. Then, at the same time, that Department Head had a budget that he was allowed to use. Now if it was being donated, which the Board hoped was still the case, because of this thought, the Board had a big problem. Why this was not brought before the Board, the Board did not know. What was known was that Selectmen Winchell Jr. did have questions as he wanted to make sure that somebody wasn’t stepping on somebody else’s toes; Board agreed with summation.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. indicated he appreciated what was being done over at the Fire Station. Another outburst carried from Mr. Langley’s vicinity. Selectmen Winchell, Jr. commented, No, the Board appreciated it; just because somebody else doesn’t, it doesn’t mean the Board doesn’t.

Mr. Waterhouse had yelled out for Selectmen Winchell Jr. not to put words in his mouth.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. told Mr. Waterhouse to shush. Mr. Waterhouse asked Selectmen Winchell Jr. what he was going to do. Throw him out? Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded that he would. Selectmen Winchell Jr. also told Mr. Waterhouse that he could ask him to leave. Mr. Waterhouse said Selectmen Winchell Jr. could ask but that he didn’t have to agree with it and would not go.

Selectmen David Winchell Jr. told Mr. Waterhouse if he wanted to speak he had to come to the podium but he has already had his time.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. spoke to indicate that the Board would have to have a conversation; speaking to Mr. Langley, Selectmen Winchell Jr. confirmed that Mr. Langley was not donating the time, but that his father was donating the time. Mr. Langley responded that he did not know what was said between his father and the Fire Chief; the Board could contact his father directly.

The Town Administrator for the voter’s sake recapped the issue and outcomes stating that:

· The Board, when going through the budget process, considered that the bid process. Was it as clean as the policy states? Probably not in regards to that, but the Board got two bids and went through the whole budget season.

· When the Townspeople approved it, the Fire Chief asked on the spot, stating the receipt of the generator was 8 to 12 weeks out, had already failed twice, and as this was EMA, this was for Fire & Rescue, asked if he could order the generator from the low bidder.

· Should the Board have come to a public meeting and state these were the two bids received and yes, they were going to give their okay? For transparency sake, absolutely.

· The discussion happened at Town Meeting, the Board knew they were going with the low bidder (the Town’s electrician), it was the right number and the assumption at that point, as the Department Head had asked for permission, it was given to him and it was ordered and everyone moved on.  Did the Board follow up at the next Selectmen’s meeting? No. Should we have? Yes. That piece was done and it was handled clean.

· Regarding the work being done at the Fire Station, the Town Administrator indicated she had spoken with the Fire Chief and both Road Commissioners (Will Langley and Adam Doliber) about what was going on over there.

o There is extra work going on over there and while the digging was happening they are trying to tie the two buildings together for a fire and alarm. This is being done because currently if something happens at the other building, there is no alarm over there because of the wiring underground.

o When it is indicated that the scope of work has changed, that’s the piece of it; it is not tied to the generator bid. There are funds available in the operating budget for maintenance to cover these other items.

o Neither the Fire Chief nor the either of the Langley’s have committed to the Board what is going to be donated and what is not going to be donated.

o The Fire Chief ordered this. When he ordered this, he already had a plan in place. The Fire Chief is running a Fire & Rescue Department; this generator has to be working. Months prior, in January, February and March, when the bids were being sought out, the Fire Chief lined up excavation work to make sure that the pad was poured and the work to be done was ready to go when needed.

o The Board signed the policy on June 2, 2021. The work being discussed was already lined up.

In summary, Fire & Rescue, is there any other place where we need a generator? The Fire Chief did due diligence; in January, February and March bids were received, the Board didn’t formally accept one like they should have. The excavator was lined up prior to this policy. The conversation between the Town Administrator and Mr. Langley yesterday was after the fact (the same conversation was held with the Fire Chief), if he and his father because they are members of the department continue to donate work and that’s something the Board has this agreement upon, then we’ll relook at that list of Town-owned properties and we’ll shift one to Road Commissioner Doliber, so that the list stays fair. However, this is a conversation for down the road.  Everybody knows the policy and procedure, it was a timing piece; it had nothing to do with anything else. There was no negligence on behalf of the Board, it might not have been as transparent as it could have been, but it certainly was not on the Fire Chief either. All the Fire Chief did was line everybody up and the Langley’s have stepped forward to help. Mr. Doliber understands this, everybody’s good and we know the policy going forward. There should not be made more of it than it is; it is being handled.

Selectmen Ed Walsh indicated the Board was lucky they were getting a generator because right now expected dates are even further out. The Town Administrator agreed; the electrician has come through to get that in and if it wasn’t for the Fire Chief staying on these people and knowing somebody like the Langley’s, we would all be in trouble; it was months.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. reflected that he remembered being at Town meeting and when there was an amendment on the floor, someone wanted to drop the price down to $20,000 and put a kibosh to the generator and now we are worried about whether there will be enough money?

Dennis Long approached the podium. Selectmen Winchell Jr. reminded Mr. Long that he had already spoken and the Board was going to get off the subject, so he was welcome to sit back down.  Mr. Long iterated that Selectmen Winchell Jr. made a comment about him and he should be able to speak upon that. Selectmen Winchell Jr. asked if Mr. Long’s name was even mentioned by him. Mr. Long and Selectmen Winchell Jr. were both speaking at the same time. Mr. Long tried to repeat that if a comment was made about him he should be allowed to make comment on that; Selectmen Winchell Jr. kept asking Mr. Long to sit down.

Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded, no, I did not…did I say your name Dennis? Did I say your name? I’m running this meeting and you’ve already spoken. Mr. Long stated there was no way, shape or form of his putting the kibosh on that generator. Selectmen Winchell Jr. responded that he was not lying. Mr. Long went to the $20,000 mark at Town Meeting when there was only $25,000 dollars for the generator. Selectmen Winchell Jr. further stated that every time Mr. Long comes to the podium, the Board turns around and looks at what is said as a lie; everything Mr. Long comes up Mr. Long turns everybody’s words around. Look back at the Town Meeting; it confirms that Mr. Long made a motion to drop the funds to $20,000. What would that have done when the generator was $25,000? You can’t buy it if you don’t have the money.

· Mr. Robin Ham approached the Board as he felt it was important to make the following comments: This town has gone downhill considerably for many years. Everyone used to work together and know what each other was doing and everything else. Mr. Ham further commented that he was very sick at the nit picking that goes on because somebody doesn’t like somebody on the Board or somebody doesn’t like that the Town has good help; this has been gone through with the Administrator back a few years ago, not to put him on the spot, but we have good people doing good jobs and they get thrown under the bus all the time; that is ridiculous. There is a building that was donated to the Fire Department to do training on and the department can’t train there because people are going to have a conniption fit because it’s going to do something. Mr. Ham reiterated that he was tired. It was the same thing with Canal Bridge; there were people who went to the person that was doing the Town a big favor by saving this Town hundreds of thousands of dollars to do something and that person gets thrown under the bus. Mr. Ham stated this has got to stop. This Town was not made this way; it was made by good people, David Winchell, John Winslow, Me, David too, Roger Yeaton, and the Lasky’s, those were good people. Now, there are people that want to back stab everybody in the back and cost the Town money.

Getting back to the donated house for training, the Fire Department can’t burn it to get real life training situations because there are people in Town that say you can’t do that; because of this, Firefighters are sent  to Waterboro, which charges thousands of dollars for training, when it is available right here in Town, donated to the Fire Department. It is ridiculous what this Town is doing to each other; it is not neighborly and it is not right. Mr. Ham thanked the Board. (Applause ensued.)

  Selectmen Winchell Jr. called the public comment section closed.

F.         Executive Session 405 6 A -1

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to go into Executive Session pursuant of 405 6 A-1 personnel issue at 7:07 pm; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.

Selectmen Ed Walsh made a motion to come out of Executive Session pursuant of 405 6 A-1 personnel issue at 7:42 pm; seconded by Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn. No discussion. All in favor.


            10/04/2021 - Conservation/Forest 7:00pm 

            10/06/2021 - Board of Selectmen 6:00pm 

            10/07/2021 - Planning Board 6:00pm

            10/12/2021 - Road Committee 6:00pm

            10/13/2021 - Board of Selectmen 6:00pm 

            10/18/2021 - Rec. Committee 5:30pm 

            10/20/2021 - Board of Selectmen 6:00pm  

            10/21/2021 - Planning Board 6:00pm 

            10/25/2021 - Zoning Board of Appeals 6:00pm 

            10/27/2021 - Board of Selectmen 6:00pm  


Selectmen David Winchell Jr., Selectmen Ed Walsh, Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn and Town Administrator Jennifer Roux.

12.       ATTENDANCE

Adele Scritchfield, Ken Winn, Tom McGurty, Dennis Long, Joyce Bakshi, Leslie Berlan, Rollin Waterhouse, Robin Ham, Adam Doliber, Will Langley, Katelyn Long and Cheryl Drisko.

Selectmen Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to adjourn at 7:43 pm; seconded by Selectmen Ed Walsh. No discussion. All in favor.