Upcoming Agenda

December 29, 2021





Mileage rate increased to .585/mile. In line with State rates.

Site walk for land use permit at 55 Red Gate Lane, Saturday, January 8, 2022

Discussion regarding office hours for the Board of Selectmen / 1st & Last Thursday 4pm - 6pm and 2nd & 3rd Wednesday 9am - 11am

Fire Chief sent an email stating that a Medical Director is now required for the Level of the Ambulance

The Auditors have sent an Engagement Letter for the upcoming year of service. The Treasurer will attend the next meeting to address the pos and cons. The fiscal year begins on June 30th. Mr. McGurty would like to meet with the Auditor, Ron Smith.

The new windows are in and the work is completed. The used windows have been left behind, and those who wanted them should pick them up before Monday, January 3, 2022, dump run to the Transfer Station.

The Sheriff reports that there are two applicants for deputies. The salary wages need to be compared to the past salary. There should be a meeting with the Board of Selectmen and the Sherriff.


The Warrants and Bills were signed by the Board of Selectmen.


The agenda of the Meeting of December 29, 2021 was approved.


The minutes of the last meeting were tabled.


Leslie Berlin Reported that Will Langley met with the engineer regarding the culvert on West Shore Drive. He reported that no plans have been received yet. She reported that everything should be done by the book as this is a high profile project. The Department of Inland Fisheries, The Road Committee, The Residents of West Shore Drive are all involved. Dianno would answer concerns regarding access to the Lake. The Department of Inland Fisheries does not want to decrease the size of the culvert, in fact they would like it to increase. The Department of Environmental Protection would like the culvert done in kind. The Army Corp of Engineers met with Colin and would like the culvert done exactly the way it is,to issue a permit, and they would like to meet with the Road Committee. The recommendations should be followed to avoid fines and having to redo the culvert to their specifications. The Land Use Attorney should review the plans. The Road committee received a grant . They would like to contact Inland Fisheries to avoid any omissions and errors.The Board of Selectmen should meet with the residents to explain the regulations of the three agencies involved and realize that each agency wants different things.

Leslie Berlin also presented that the RSMS data entry should begin. The data entry should be done by someone who knows the road and stop signs. Leslie and/or Kim volunteered to do the data entry and have it ready for spring. As for a deadline, it should start after the New Year and be completed by March 1, 2022. Will felt that a date should be set to get the work done. It would include the information and condition of the roads. Perhaps the date to start would be January 6, 2022 and the data could be updated weekly as needed. The training was intense.

Will Langley updated that he needs to get the guardrail to fix the H Road railing. He contacted the company for a price and he would install it himself as they don't have the time or manpower to send someone out at this time.


A. Policies

Policies were tabled due to Selectmen Winchell missing at this meeting.

The Covid Policy from the State needed to be signed and could be approved at the next meeting.


A. Engagement Letter - Drummon Woodsum

Tom McGurty made a motion to sign the Engagement letter. The motion was seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn. Motion carried, all in favor.

B. Executive Session 405 6.E - Legal Consultation

Tom McGurty made a motion to convene to Executive Session, persuent to 405 6.E. The Motion was seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn. The Board went into Executive Session. The Board came out of Executive session at 7:10pm. No decision made.

C. Resignation

Jaimie Paquin has submitted her resignation from the Recreation Committee, as the position is not a good fit.

A motion was made by Tom McGurty to accept the resignation, and was seconded by Ms. Stacey-Horn; motion carried, all in favor.

D. Warrant & Finance Committee Appointments

The Town Administrator shared the two names interested in the Warrant and Finance Committee. A motion was made to appoint to Margarita Borgal is appointed to a term of June 30, 2023; and Romaro Lopez to a term to end June 30, 2022.

E. Transfer Station Superintendent 

A motion was made to appoint Candidate A as the Transfer Station Superintendent by Tom McGurty, and Seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn. Motion carried, all in favor. Name to be announced next week if candidate accepts.


Joyce Baski from the Capital Improvement Committee stated that two volunteers were needed on the Committee, not one - the Town Administrator indicated she would update the website.

Ray Lopez asked why Executive Session was held in the middle of the meeting. The Town Administrator explained that the Town was paying counsel to be present at this particular executive session, therefore it was put at the beginning of the agenda. The Board tries to hold them at the end, so that public doesn't have to stay otherwise.


Thursday, Dec 30 Planning Board 6:00pm

Wednesday, Jan 5 Capital Improvement Committee 4:30pm

Wednesday, Jan 5 Board of Selectmen 6:00pm

Thursday, Jan 6 Planning Board 6:00pm

Saturday, Jan 8 Site Walk - 55 Red Gate Lane 10:00am

Monday, Jan 10 Conservation Committee 7:00pm

Tuesday, Jan 11 Recreational Committee 6:00pm

Wednesday, Jan 12 Board of Selectmen 6:00pm

Wednesday, Jan 19 Board of Selectmen 6:00pm

Thursday, Jan 20 Planning Board 6:00pm

Monday, Jan 24 Warrant and Finance 6:00pm

Wednesday, Jan 26 Board of Selectmen 6:00pm


12.     ATTENDANCE - Adam Doliber, Joe Ruma, Will Langley, Robin Ham, Deborah Lopez, Ramiro Lopez, Joyce Baski, Leslie Berlin, Rollin Waterhouse, Dennis Long

Motion to Adjourn the Meeting was made by Tom McGurty and was seconded by Kim Stacey-Horn.

Meeting adjourned.