Upcoming Agenda

September 7, 2022



2.      WARRANTS/BILLS: Signed

3.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: David Winchell Jr. made a motion to approve the agenda, Kimberly Stacy–Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

4.      MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Kimberly Stacy-Horn made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 17, 2022 meeting, David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.


As last Chair of the Select Board, David Winchell Jr. needs to submit the letter of the Select Board for the Town Report.

The Town Administrator reports that several committees have submitted letters for the Town Report. Tom McGurty replied that the Town Report could contain the letters but the format should include :



Future Goals

The Town Administrator stated there could be a one week extension, but all committee members should sign the report.

The Town Administrator asked permission of the Board to close the Town Office on September 22, 2022 to attend an election information workshop.

The Cleaning Person for the Town Offices has resigned and an RFP has been posted for the position.

The Sheriff’s report included a dangerous weapon apprehension, an apprehension for violation of a protective order, a report of a burglary with no charge as it was a civil matter, a CPS report, an ATV crash with a life flight transport, a question regarding the mobile speed limit sign function, and the Deputy reported that he had no complaints offered regarding truck traffic.

Mike Corey reported to the Town Administrator had some laptops and Mac Books that were not being used and they were available to Town employees.


Rec Director :

Samantha Singleton asked if there was any update on the parking lot permit. Kimberly reported that she had been in contact with Scarborough and there was a backup for months. Samantha stated that spring sports start in May and she hopes the parking lot will be ready by then.

She reported that she is investigating obtaining a 14 x 20 shed from Maplestone for the cost of materials. The Select Board asked her to check with Jason to be certain that the building could be set up on blocks with a ramp as planned.

She would like to have the following programs scheduled with the Select Board’s approval






Cookie decorating



Knit/ crochet

Group rates for activities

Nutrition class

Soccer Tournament

CPR Class

The Select Board would like the Rec Director to focus on recreation activities and to avoid activities that other Town resources provide. Also the Town can fund materials and the Rec should not be having multiple fund raisers for equipment and general support.

The Select Board was asked to approve the gymnastics event as the classes would be in November and December.

Kimberly Stacy-Horn made a motion to approve the gymnastics rec program for November and December 2022. David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

Other activities that the Rec will participate in would be:

The Tree lighting on December 3, 2022.

A donation box at the Town Office for used Sports equipment

Joining the Mary Grant Committee for the Annual Pumpkin Carving Day.

The Rec Director asked the Select Board if there should be a charge for non Acton residents to participate in programs. The Board recommended that she ask the committee to vote on such an issue.

The Rec Director asked the Board if the late fee for sign up for activities could be taken off the signup sheet. The Board agreed.

Ray Lopez asked what is the liability regarding these Rec events. The Town Administrator stated that each child’s application has a liability release for all sports.

Robin Ham, Transfer Station Superintendent:

Robin reported that there is a clothing and shoes container at the Transfer Station at no charge to the Town. The donations are used by the Veterans. The Town Administrator stated he needed to provide the name of the company and a copy of their liability insurance.



Warrant & Finance Committee: no meeting

Transfer Station: Met with Robin and discussed capital projects and will work with Will Langley

Fire Department: Progress is being made on the Fire Chief search

Capital Improvement: no meeting


Recreational Committee: Heard from Samantha Singleton

School: Has started

APAT: Trying to remedy glitches in the recent tape

Cemetery Committee: Met with Steve Perillo, Chair


Roads & Road Committee: Bridge update

Code Enforcement and Land Use: No meeting

Mary Grant Committee: met with Dan Krampetz regarding the Picnic, September 10, 2022

Conservation / Forest Committee: Met regarding issues related to job description


A. New Bridge Road ROW: The Town Administrator reported that the letter was sent out by July 22, 2022 and has not been signed or returned. A new letter will be sent out stating that if there is no response, the Town would assume they were not interested and a directive will be issued to remove the fence.

B. Water Bids: The bids are still being reviewed by the resource person and will be ready next week.

C. Sand Bids: Landscapers Depot has been chosen to provide the sand.

David Winchell Jr. made a motion to accept the bid of Landscape Depot to provide winter sand at $10.00 a yard delivered. Kimberly Stacy-Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

D. Tax Rate: The Town Administrator reviewed the Tax rate calculations with the Select Board, including the inputs from the assessor, auditor, and treasurer. The flat line tax rate is $11.95.

David Winchell Jr. made a motion to set the tax rate at 11.95. Kimberly Stacy–Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

West Shore Drive Culvert: The Road Committee will meet on September 19, 2022. Leslie Berlan has invited the Square Pond Association to the meeting. The Select Board stated that there should not be any comment from any observers and that only the Road Committee should discuss the plans.

On September 21, 2022, the Board would hear from the Road Committee.

On September 28, 2022, the engineer, Maureen would come from Ransoms for the Public Hearing to be held at 6:00 p.m. For the Public Hearing, questions should be submitted by September 21, 2022.

David Winchell Jr. will contact Leslie Berlan regarding the Road Committee meeting.

Bernard Broder recommended the meeting be held at 6 p.m.

Will Langley stated that the public will ask questions.

Order for November Election / Set Public Hearing Date:

The issues to be discussed are:

The form of voting residents prefer, non-binding

Change the Select Board from three to five members

The school account to add LED Lighting at the school. They would receive a $42,000 rebate in matching grants to switch the lights.

Bernard Broder questioned the wording of a non-binding referendum. David Winchell Jr. stated that it is a poll to change the vote. As a legal position, MMA stated that it should be non-binding, because if the issue failed, it could not be changed. The Select Board will support what the voters want.

On another issue, Bernard Broder stated that Mr. Lopez codified the conflict of interest. He stated that he did not draft the moratorium referendum, but he did speak publically about it. The Town’s attorney drafted the moratorium.

Dennis Long stated that the Warrant and Finance Committee did not vote on any matter except officer elections. The Committee is poised to work with the Town Administrator to sign orders for the public hearings.

Ray Lopez asked why the secret ballot is only a referendum poll. The Town Administrator explained that the Town of Acton had already accepting that form of voting. The poll is designed to give the Board input as to what direction to follow.

The Public hearing would be scheduled for October 5, 2022, as it pertains to the School lighting, the petitioners of the Select Board, and the non binding referendum.

Kimberly Stacy-Horn made a motion to sign the order as presented. David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.


A. Assessor's Return: The Town acknowledges the County tax and agrees to pay it.

Kimberly Stacy-Horn made a motion to accept the county tax. David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

B. Deputy Sheriff Contract:

After the joint Shapleigh- Acton meeting regarding the Sheriff Department, The Town Administrators revised the contract per the Board’s request. The Board agreed with the proposed changes, it will next be sent to legal.

C. Freedom of Information Request:

Lee Robator requested any and all public records of engineer’s reports to repair and/ or replace the bridge on West Shore Drive. He requests any and all documents regarding this matter, as promptly as possible. The request was dated September 5, 2022. The Town Administrator stated this was an extensive job. The Town must provide some time as free hours, but can charge after that time has run out.

D. Executive Session 405 6.A.-1; Personnel

E. Fire Chief Commission


Ray Lopez spoke regarding the Rec Department. He felt that the activities planned could include activities for the older citizens as well as the young children; Kimberly Stacy-Horn stated that they wanted to build a base with the volunteers and get the sports programs running. Ray asked if perhaps a survey could be sent out to see what, if any activities older residents would like to participate in. David Winchell Jr stated that the Rec needed to run like a well oiled machine, and then they could add on.

Joyce Bakshi stated that she was a former Library trustee and there were many overlaps in activities planned.

Kimberly Stacy-Horn made a motion to go into Executive Session. David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

Kimberly Stacy-Horn made a motion to come out of Executive Session. David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

The Fire Chief Search Commission had two nominations of persons on the fire department previously.

David Winchell Jr. made a motion to nominate Ed Walsh to the Commission. Kimberly Stacy–Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

The Commission will then appoint another member of the Search Commission at the first meeting.


A. Sand / Salt Shed Roof - Work To Be Done on October 12, 2022

David Winchell Jr. made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kimberly Stacy–Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried, 3-0.

12.  ANNOUNCEMENTS: On Website

13.     MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom McGurty, David Winchell Jr., Kimberly Stacy-Horn

14.     ATTENDANCE: Bernard Broder, J. Ruma, Will Langley, Robin Ham, Dennis Long, Joyce Bakshi, R. Waterhouse, Deborah Lopez, Ray Lopez, Daniel Norwood.