Upcoming Agenda



DECEMBER 18, 2008



2. APROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

3. APROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Minutes of December 4 meeting and emergency meeting on December 12 were accepted as written.

4. WARRANT: Approved and signed.


            (a) ASSESSING: Nancy reported that abatement requests as recommended by Joe Lessard have been signed. Mike commended the agent on the thoroughness of his research and recommendations to the selectmen. Roger Roy stated he was impressed by the work of the agent, also.

(b) Mike Conway's resignation: Mike read his resignation as selectman, to become effective March 6, 2009, and noted how much he had enjoyed working with all at Town Hall.  On a motion by Tony, his resignation was voted not be accepted. Selectmen asked Mike to stay at least until June and then give his decision to resign consideration at that time. Mike agreed to stay at least to June.


            (A) Appoint Registrar of Voters effective January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010:   Selectmen appointed Jennifer Roux as Registrar of Voters.

            (B) Resignation of Treasurer: Nancy read Vicki Ridlon's resignation as Treasurer effective    January 3, 2009. On a motion by Mike her resignation was accepted with regret. Selectmen will appoint an interim treasurer next week.

             (C) Berton Rogers requests discuss generators: Discussion of installation of the generator at school was held. Berton has volunteered to help. Dennis Long stated that EMA Director Tom Gore should be overseeing this operation. There may be FEMA money available also. Plans were in place 4 years ago to do this and pay for it from the Capital Improvement Fund. Richard Michaud from the School Committee said he would get a meeting set up.

            Nancy noted that the Fire Department and Road Commissioners  had done a good job during the recent ice storm with power outage. She had contacted EMA Director Gore to see if a state of emergency needed to be declared by the selectmen and he said an emergency shelter had been set up at the Memorial Gym in Sanford. The Acton Elementary School is an approved shelter but must be manned by Red Cross trained personnel. 

            The sand available to the public at the Transfer Station was discussed. Because the Transfer Station was closed, it was not accessible. Mike said they probably should have had a fireman there to let people in. Nancy said that precautions are necessary to make sure no one goes into the Transfer Station area.  This problem will need more discussion.

            7.   Adjournment:Adjourned at 8:00 pm

8.      Members Present: Nancy Ruma, Mike Conway, Tony Cogliandro

9.      Others Present: Roger Roy, Dick Neal, Debbie and Mike Rix, Celia Thibodeau, Jean Achilles,  Alan Peterson, Patti Dutil, Pam McAlinden, Chip Venell, Vicki Ridlon, Judie Shain, Jeanette Bearse, Sherri Smith, Kark Hodgdon, Dennis Long, Berton Rogers, Lorraine Yeaton