Upcoming Agenda

October 26, 2022



The Town Administrator reviewed the updated guidelines set by the State and how they affected York County. No public comment or questions were had. Public hearing closed.


2.      WARRANTS/BILLS: Signed

3.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA: David Winchell, Jr.  made a motion to approve the agenda, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

4.      MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: David Winchell, Jr. made a motion to approve the agenda, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.


· On November 8, 2022, the Town Clerk’s office will be closed for business unrelated to the election. There are more than 300 absentee ballots to cure, and they will be counted during the election hours. The office will have a delayed opening on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 as well.

· AAA will sponsor a free program called “Keep the Keys,’ for Seniors. It is free and open to Shapleigh and Acton residents. It will be held on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 1 pm at the Acton Town Hall.

· During the Town wide reevaluations, 3 buildings were found that did not have any building permits, the Assessor is following up.

· The Salt Shed roof materials were delivered and the work will commence after the rain ceases.

· The Town Administrator was contacted by a realtor regarding the Town’s plans for the old fitness center building. The Select Board declined action at this time.

· There has been trash found on the H Road. Signs will be posted at the Transfer Station to remind citizen’s to secure their loads.

· The Warrant and Finance Committee will meet on November 15. They have requested all expense disbursements for the first four months of the fiscal year, expense summaries through October and wages for all employees for the first four months, including the rate of pay, records from the new Treasurer and the audit. The Town Administrator stated that the audit may not be complete by November 15, 2022.

· On Thanksgiving, Neighbors Helping Neighbors will be having a dinner at the Town Hall. The dinner will be served at 1 pm, with appetizers served before. In addition, there will also be the traditional Thanksgiving Baskets to be distributed to 10 to 15 others.


· Will Langley reported that 1800 yards of winter sand has been received. There also has been grinding done on County Road, Goding Road, and Young’s Ridge Road in anticipation of paving. West Shore Drive will be the next road to be ground.

· Leslie Berlan, Road Committee Chair, spoke about the West Shore Drive plan. Her recommendation is for the citizen’s to watch the video. The Road Committee unanimously voted, 6-0, to accept the box culvert with the open bottom plan, but not an exact design to allow for changes. The Road Committee stated that they recommend a project manager be hired for this project by the Select Board. She also stated that she was upset that she spoke with Colin Green, from the Army Corps of Engineers, who was told not to speak with The Road Committee or the Road Commissioners about the project. Tom McGurty replied that Colin related to the Select Board that he felt like he was frustrated and felt like he was being pulled in different directions. The Road Committee’s work on this project is done, and the communication should now be with the Select Board.

· Will Langley reported that he has not had any conversation with anyone at the Army Corps of Engineers since the plans were presented. Dan Krampus reported that the Mary Grant Pumpkin Fest was a great success. There were over eighty participants. Tom McGurty stated that it was a wonderful community event.


Tom: Transfer Station: Ongoing conversation with Robin Ham

Fire Department: Search Committee meetings

Kim: No new report

David: Mary Grant Committee: A great time was had by all who attended the festivities

Conservation / Forest Committee: Met with Mr. Bodkin regarding the job description process


A. West Shore Drive Culvert - Road Committee Recommendation / Next Steps:

· There was a public hearing attended by the Army Corps of Engineers. David Winchell, Jr. reported that there were choices presented that included:

1. Replace the culvert in kind

2. Replace the culvert with an open bottom

3. Inland fisheries recommendation to replace in kind without the gabion baskets which would be within the budget and time plan and there is no plan to redo the road, and using the GPS to put the culvert back where it needs to be. This would be the best and least expensive route. Kimberly Stacey-Horn at first, agreed with the open bottom plan and to replace in kind but then was concerned about using a different culvert, and now agrees to the replace in kind plan. David Winchell, Jr. stated that the replacement in kind is acceptable to permit by rule. Kimberley Stacey- Horn stated that there would be no taking of land; David Winchell Jr stated that the best option was Option A in kind.

David Winchell, Jr. made a motion to approve Option A in kind, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion.

Public Comment:

Scott Matthews, an abutter to the bridge, questioned whether the life expectancy was better using concrete or galvanized metal.

--------------- stated that aluminum lasted longer than galvanized metal.

The question arose about the grant for West Shore Drive with the State. The grant was not available for use with the open bottom culvert.

However, Hopper Road Bridge needs repair and the Grant writer would be contacted to check out the viability of the grant for that.

Motion carried 2-0; Tom McGurty abstained from the vote.

To move forward with West Shore Drive:

· An engineer needs to be engaged with the Town’s decision

· The plan needs to be redesigned without the Gabion baskets

· Contractors must be solicited for bids

B. Town Hall Water Bid:

The Town Hall was inspected by a contractor to design a water treatment system. An update will be given at the next meeting.

C. Facility Assessment R.F.P.

A Facility RFP needs to cover the scope of work to be considered on a level higher than a home inspector. David Winchell, Jr. stated that an engineer should be retained to review the list of projects the Town is considering. He recommended contacting other municipalities to find a list including the hourly rate, qualifications, and the scope of work completed with satisfaction. Sealed bid invitations will be sent and advertising will be placed. Tom McGurty will perform a web search for a list of companies. Joyce Bakshi will also provide a list of companies that have worked in local towns. The bid deadline is November 15, 2022.

D. Website R.F.P.:

Daniel Krampetz stated that it would take three weeks or a month to obtain bids to re-do the website.


A. Speed Trailer: The Speed trailer was purchased with a grant five to eight years ago. The sign has lost its blue tooth connection. The Sheriff’s Department inspected it and is not able to determine what is going on with it. The Town Administrator will get prices on new ones and see if any companies repair them.

B. Fire Chief Appointment:

Rick Smith was called to the podium and thanked for his work and appreciation was expressed for his work as Fire Chief. He said he was going to remain part of the Department and was available to contact.

The Search Committee unanimously recommended Wayne Ham. During the interview process, he was stated to be a leader, competent and much respected.

Tom McGurty recommended that the Select Board accept the appointment of Wayne Ham as Fire Chief.

Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to accept the appointment of Wayne Ham on November 1, 2022, until November 1, 2023. David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

C. Salt Prices 2022-2023:

Will Langley and Adam Doliber presented that Morton would not give an estimate regarding the salt bid, as they have no salt available in the northeast. Granite State bid $95.00 per ton, delivered. Last year’s price was $65/ton.

Will stated that he obtained 1000 tons in the spring, there is some left. David Winchell Jr.

asked Will to check where Shapleigh was getting their salt from.

D. Abatements & Supplements:

The Town Administrator read the Town Abatements.

Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the abatements as read, David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

The Town Administrator read the Supplemental Tax Bills.

David Winchell, Jr. made a motion to approve the supplements as read, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

The extension of 30 days was extended to those who have not received their tax bills for payment.

E. General Assistance Adoption:

David Winchell, Jr. made a motion to approve the adoption of the revisions, Kimberly Stacey-Horn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

F. Executive Session MRSA 405 - 6 A - 1 – Personnel

Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to go into Executive Session, David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to come out of Executive Session, David Winchell Jr. seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.


Ed Wood, a West Shore Drive abutter, asked if the Grant for West Shore Drive might apply because West Shore Drive is a dead end, could it be classified as a life safety issue? He also stated that he wanted to thank the plowing folks for their hard work and thank the committees for their hard work.

The Select Board stated they would bring that up to the grant writer.


A. Sand / Salt Roof Replacement - 10/31/2022


October 30, 2022 Recreational Committee 9:00am

13.    MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom McGurty, David Winchell, Jr., Kimberly Stacey-Horn

14.     ATTENDANCE: Ray Lopez, Deb Lopez, Joyce Bakshi, Dennis Long, Carol Long

Dan Krampetz, Robin Ham, Rick Smith, Wayne Ham, Joe Ruma, Adam Doliber, Nancy Deans, William Deans, Scott Matherws, Ed Wood