Upcoming Agenda


December 21, 2022



2.      WARRANTS/BILLS: Signed

3.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the Agenda. David Winchell Jr., seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.

4.      MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Kimberly Stacey-Horn made a motion to approve the Minutes of December 7, 2022 and December 14, 2022. David Winchell Jr., seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried 3-0.


The Town Administrator spoke with the Town of Milton regarding the Milton Bridge project. The meeting would be to determine the responsibility of payment for the repair of the bridge. A report stated that the State of New Hampshire would be responsible for 80% of the payment and the Towns would assume the other 20%. There may be some stimulus money available to help fund the repair. The process may take 3 to 4 years and the time frame would align with the need for the repair. An agenda for the meeting would include a study available for NH from 2019 and from Maine in 2020. According to history the Town has funded work on the bridge. Mr. Joe Letourneau worked on the last interstate bridge repair project. The question is, is NH responsible for the dams on waterways and Maine responsible for bridges? The focal point of the meeting should be is there money out there from both states and what is the Federal responsibility and could the towns tap into that money?

Thank you letters received from Maine PBS, the VNA, Caring Unlimited, Kids Grow Free, the American Red Cross.


Robin Ham, Transfer Station Superintendent issued an apology and explanation of why the Transfer Station was closed on Friday, December 23, 2022. There was a power outage due to treacherous weather. The Town Administrator added that she and the Road Commissioners made the decisions to close the facilities for the safety of the citizens of the town. No apology was necessary.


Tom - Warrant & Finance Committee: Tom reported that he and The Town Administrator made an informational presentation to the committee regarding a salary surveys request made by the committee. Tom also reported that he met with Wayne Ham, Fire Chief regarding budget and operational issues, proposed changes in the department and budget development.

Kim - Recreational Committee, School, APAT, Cemetery Committee: no update

David - Roads & Road Committee, Code Enforcement and Land Use, Mary Grant Committee, Conservation / Forest Committee: no update


A. Facility Assessment R.F.P.: The budget for this assessment was $10,000. A bid from TRC came in at $19, 250.

A bid from Bureau VERITAS was received for $10,000. An assessment of the bid is needed, and a presentation should be made by the bidder.

9.         NEW BUSINESS

A. Website R.F.P. The deadline is December 21, 2022. Numerous bids were received. Tom requested a spreadsheet summary for ease of comparison. Dan Krampetz stated he would prepare a summary of each proposal and create a visual portfolio of work done so that a comparison could be made.

B. Budget Timelines - School & Town: The school will start its budget prep on January 12, 2023. The election would be held on May 2, 2023 for 12 hours so that would increase the parents ability to participate. The Warrant would need to be signed by the Select Board, there would be a public hearing scheduled, absentee ballots would be provided, and a written referendum would be held. The schedule for 2023 would be similar to 2022, with the State election, the second Tuesday in June, predicating that the Town Meeting /election would fall on Father’s Day weekend. The question remains if the time lines could be aligned with the school or not, to move the Town Meeting away from Father’s Day weekend. The Select Board would like to meet with the School Board to have a conversation regarding a change from a referendum to the Town Meeting style of meeting or have a joint meeting. Tom McGurty would like to converse to find out why this doesn’t work for them to get their budget passed. David Winchell Jr., stated that perhaps just a one week change in time would work to get the meeting away from Father’s Day weekend. Tom replied that perhaps having the meeting earlier, as in May, would provide the opportunity to combine the Town and School votes together and have a town meeting that may draw out more people to attend. In order to make the best decision, the Select Board needs to listen to the School Board to hear their needs and understand what they are and maybe find a common ground. The School Board will be invited to the next Select Board meeting. The Town Administrator stated that a change of the budget season for the Town to the same budget season as the school may be needed.

Dennis Long commented that the Select Board could get the budget stared earlier because the warrant and Finance committee needs a 6 week time frame for their recommendations.


David Winchell Jr., wanted to acknowledge the Road Commissioners on a job well done during the recent storm.


A. West Shore Drive Culvert

B. Civil Engineer R.F.P. 01/18/2023: The RFP should request including hourly rates and references, which the Town Administrator assured that they did.


December 28, 2022 Select Board 6:00pm

13.    MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom McGurty, David Winchell, Jr., Kimberly Stacey-Horn.

14.     ATTENDANCE: Dennis Long