Upcoming Agenda



FEBRUARY 5, 2009


2. APROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of 6(D).

3. APROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST  MEETING: Approved with the following addition to 6.(E): voted to remove Richard Neal from the position of 911 Addressing Officer and from the Mary Grant Committee.

4. SIGNING WARRANTS: Approved and signed.


(a) MARCH 5TH, PUBLIC HEARING LOCATION: The location for the public hearing has been changed to the school.

(b) REMAINDER OF DEPARTMENT HEADS (09-10 Budgets): Tony reiterated what he had requested last week – that they will try not to spend all of this year's appropriation and reduce their new budget by 3%. Road commissioner Scott Mooney was present. Tony asked Scott to relate this information to Bernard Yeaton.


            (A) FIRE CHIEF RESIGNATION: Mike read the resignation of Fire Chief Harold Smith. On a motion by Tony, it was accepted with deep regret.

            (B) PETITIONS: Mike read a statement stating the Selectmen wish to acknowledge  receipt  of  the three petitions presented on January 22 and 30, 2009. They are working diligently to determine the legality of each petition and will prepare a statement and render a decision as to when and if they will be move forward next Thursday, February 12, 2009.  

            (C) YORK COUNTY COMMUNITYACTION RIDER A: Selectmen signed a rider for the Department of             Health and Human Services certifying that the Town of Acton provided $1,300 in funds as matchable pubic funds of $2,325 for transportation for residents.

            (D)Tony announced that Flagwavers had donated a Maine Flag to the Fire Department. and asked Lorraine to send them a note of thanks.

Tony noted that he hopes to have an article on the Special Town Meeting Warrant for the generator installation. He asked Richard Michaud to try to get the cost for testing the generators to the selectmen by next Thursday.

Karl stated he made a request for information on Feb. 2 and Nancy gave him incorrect information. Mike said they would go the  treasurer's office after the meeting to check the figures.

Berton Rogers asked several questions about the generator. Mike said that CEO Paul or the Fire Department Chief would be more knowledgeable than he. Mike suggested that Bert and Richard Michaud work together.

7.   ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm

8.      MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro and Mike Conway.

9.      OTHERS PRESENT: Jim Crowley, Steven and Debra Casey, Petey Smith, Dennis Long, John Moore, Scott and Holly Mooney, Patti and Desserae Dutil, Joyce Winchell, Pam McAlinden, Roger Roy, Lois and Richard Michaud, Karl Hodgdon, Vicki Ridlon, Dick Neal, Larissa Crockett,Berton Rogers, Anna Williams, Keith Davis, Lorraine Yeaton

10.   MEETINGS: Monday, February 9, preliminary hearing at Acton School