January 21, 2020
Other Notices

Meeting Minutes

Warrant & Finance Committee

January 21, 2020 6:00 pm

Members Present: Rollin Waterhouse, Dennis Long, Virginia Shea, David Winchell Sr, Tom Gore, Tucker Pearson, Arnold Murray, Carol Komezubumwe

Members Absent: None

Others in Attendance: None

1. Call to Order/Salute Flag

2. Approval of Minutes (postponed)

3. Warrant Article 2: Approve article as written (Rollin/Virginia 4-2)

Tom & Dennis opposed – Tom offered clarification that it is not the content of the article that he is opposed to, it is the fact that the meeting that notified BOS that the account was going to be overrun took place in August 2019, and we are just now discussing/voting on the issue. Nobody from town hall was able to attend meeting to answer questions.

Overall consensus was that the WF has an obligation to the Town Meeting to understand the reasoning for the article, and with unclear details it is hard to vote.

4. Warrant Article 3: Approve article as written (Rollin/Tom 6-0)

5. Capital Improvement Committee: (request from BOS) Warrant & Finance Committee shall not be participating members of Capital Improvement Committee (Rollin/David 6-0)

6. School Budget Vote: (request from School Committee)

WF Committee requests the Warrant with School Committee recommendations 7 days prior to having to make their recommendations.

School Budget Timeline shows SC recommendations 3/12, warrant due to BOS on 3/24,


7. Meeting Notifications:
Current procedure being followed – Chair asks Town Administrator to send email to all WF members to notify/remind of upcoming meeting.
Chair then follows up with a phone call reminder to each member.

Chair asked each member if they wanted a reminder phone call or not – All members said YES it has been very helpful (and shows in the attendance of our meetings)

8. Department Liasion Reports:

Tabled until next regular meeting due to time restrictions for meeting room.

Next Meeting: January 27th, 2020 6:00pm