October 26, 2009
Other Notices


OCTOBER 26, 2009



A.        ROLL CALL


            Members present were:            Debi Rix – Chairman                                                               

                                                            John Moore

                                                            Roger Roy

                                                            Elias Thomas


            Members absent were:  Karl Hodgdon – Vice Chairman

James Crowley




September 28, 2009 – A Motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of September 28, 2009 as submitted.  Thomas/Roy – Unanimous.




1.         Vacancy on Road Committee - Mr. Roy advised that there currently is a vacancy on the Road Committee and since he is the representative from this Committee to the Highway Department, he submitted his name for consideration.


2.         Winter Highway Department Road Figures – Mr. Roy advised that the budget for the winter highway work has been cut by $40,000 which was done between June and September, 2009.  He mentioned that he hasn’t been notified of Highway Department Meetings even though he has requested that that occur.  He said there may be an overrun in the Highway Department budget this winter.  He advised that normally the cold patch has been delivered, but Road Commissioner Scott Mooney made 17 trips to get it when in the past, it was delivered by the contractor.  He suggested that this Committee be aware of that action so that if Road Commissioner David Winchell provides him with the information he has requested, it can be compared to Mr. Mooney’s figures.  He mentioned that Mr. Mooney is receiving his hourly wage along with the charges for his truck while he was doing that.  He advised that the Board of Selectmen are aware of the situation and are simply filing the information as it can be used in the spring.

Mr. Moore explained it was his understanding that the Highway Department was cut because there are no plans to do any paving this year.  He mentioned that Mr. Mooney’s term expires on July 1, 2010, therefore, the Town might be going to one Road Commissioner if that proposal is placed on the Warrant for the June, 2010 Annual Town Meeting.  He stated then the Board of Selectmen can appoint only one Road Commissioner.


Mr. Roy reminded Mr. Moore that the Board of Selectmen can only appoint a Road Commissioner if it is made an appointed position like the Town Clerk and Town Treasurer.  He mentioned he has heard there will be a vote in April, 2010, but isn’t sure whether that would be the time to place that proposal on the Warrant.


            Ms Rix pointed out if that proposal is placed on the June, 2010 Annual Town Meeting Warrant and it passes, that would mean it won’t go into effect until 2011.


Mr. Thomas suggested that the Town could budget for two Road Commissioners and then include an Article on the Warrant to reduce the two to one Road Commissioner for the following year.


Mr. Moore mentioned that presently there is one Road Commissioner who will have two years remaining on his term in June, 2010 because he was voted in this past June.  He felt that the Article for the June, 2010 Annual Town Meeting should ask for one appointed Road Commissioner and to extend Mr. Mooney’s term, which will expire in June, 2010, an additional year.

To Mr. Roy’s comment that this situation is the reason he would like to serve on the Road Committee, Mr. Moore pointed out that would mean two Members of this Committee would be on the Road Committee. 


To Ms Rix’s question whether the Committee wished to develop an Article concerning reducing the number of Road Commissioner’s to one, Mr. Roy felt that the group should wait to see what occurs. 


After Mr. Roy’s comments regarding the problems that occurred with the bids of the sand, Mr. Thomas said, in his opinion, all contracts should have a Performance Bond component and he felt that was something this Committee could require.




Inviting Former Town Officials to Address the CommitteeTo Ms Rix’s question whether the group would like to invite some former town officials to address the Committee in the future, no one voiced any objection.



It was noted that the next Meeting will be on Monday, November 23, 2009, at at the school.


G.        ADJOURNMENT - The Meeting was adjourned at .


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                    ANNA M. WILLIAMS,

                                                                                    Recording Secretary