July 08, 2019
Other Notices

Warrant & Finance Committee Meeting Minutes Monday, July 8, 2019 6:00pm 

Members Present: Rollin Waterhouse, Dennis Long, Virginia O’Shea, Carol Komezubumwe, Tom Gore, Arnold Murray, David Winchell Sr., Tucker Pearson 

Members Absent: None 

Approval of Minutes: No minutes to approve 

New Business: 

Election of Officers 

Chair: Dennis (Arnie/Tom 6-0) Vice Chair: Arnie (Rollin/Tom 6-0) Secretary: Carol (Rollin/Tom 6-0) 


Fire: Tom Municipal Gov’t: Rollin & Dennis School: Virginia & Rollin Rec: Carol Transfer Station: Arnie Roads: David & Dennis Forestry/Conservation: Tucker Planning: Dennis & Tucker Cemetery: Rollin 

Other New Business 

1. Tom raised concerns regarding legal opinions. MMA bylaws state all municipal officials have access/right to seek MMA opinions. He would like the WF committee to have MMA access, possibly through the chair. 

2. Tom raised concerns of the legality of the Town Meeting accepting 7th Street without all aspects of the Road Ordinance being met. Specifically, the ordinance calls for the town to be given a deed to the road, easements and indemnification were not met. Carol reported that she was in attendance at the BOS workshop last week and Kim reported citizens had brought similar concerns to her attention and the Town Administrator is pulling together the legal correspondence regarding 7th Street for the BOS to review. Carol suggested to table Tom’s concerns until after the BOS has completed their review. 

Upcoming dates: None 

Motion to Adjourn: Rollin/Tom 6-0